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Samsung Ice Maker Keeps Freezing Up: Ways To Stop It

A new Samsung freezer must have cost you a fortune. The ice maker keeps freezing. Definitely you don’t want this nuisance as you have to depend on your refrigerator every day. 

Why does your Samsung ice maker keep freezing up?

When the Samsung ice maker freezes up, inspect the icebox and look for potential leakage. Ice bucket gasket problems or drain malfunction can also be a reason. Check if the drain warmer is working properly. Keep the temperature in the freezer in check. Check the water pipe and defrost if needed.

Wish to know the problems in detail? Don’t worry! We got you covered. Then keep reading till the end!

Why Does Your Ice Maker Keep Freezing

Don’t be concerned! Every household relies on their refrigerators. This is a very frequent problem. 

You need refrigerators to preserve food fresh so you don’t have to go to the shop all the time. But with this problem running it will slow down your routine.

The first thing you can do is to check for evidence of a leak. 

In the refrigerator door, there must be a dispenser jug. Keep the door open to see the outflow of dispensers on the refrigerator’s surface. If you observe water flowing from the opposite side, your ice machine may have a leakage.

But sometimes you get false alerts. Like you may hear sounds of water leaking but no leakage visible. This happens if the waters leaked inside.

If your ice tray continues to freeze, you can utilize the Frost Defrosting Mode to solve it. If the ice tray maker’s chamber regularly freezes up, this is a useful solution.

Now let’s look into some solutions:

Leaks in the Ice Box Chamber

First, look for any signs of a leak in the chamber. Examine the interior with a torch to check if there are any glaring reflections. 

If this is the case, it indicates that there are gaps in the chamber surface that must be filled.

For this take out the ice container and ice maker. After that, remove the auger motor part from the compartment. 

Then, using an adhesive sealer, enclose the chamber along on the sides and the backside.

Leave the sealer to cure for at least 24 hours. After that, in that sequence, restore the auger motor, ice machine, and tray.

If there is a leak in the compartment, cool air will readily pave inside causing frost to form around the cooling system.

The ice maker not working can be caused by many other reasons as well. Look out for them or contact a professional.

Ice Bucket Gasket Problem 

Remove the ice container from the fridge to check the gaskets. Substitute it as quickly as possible if it is rusty or loosened. 

This is because a faulty gasket affects the temperatures surrounding the ice maker. It allows warm air to enter the container, allowing ice to form easily.

There are many gaskets in the markets. Let me recommend you two best gaskets you can get:

Product 1
Product 2

Hopefully, this will help you decide the best kind of gasket replacements for your refrigerator. 

But be careful of the false beeping alerts. You might confuse a problem with another. This will cause you more trouble. 

Drain Malfunction 

Freezing may also happen because of the Samsung refrigerator drainage malfunction. There are very few things you should look into:

  1. The very first action you need to do is check the drainage line. A drainage line may be identified by a short metal strap linked to the defrost heater.
  2. Checking if the drain strap is properly attached to the outlet. You can always look at a reference photo to see how it will be placed. 
  3. If the drainage trap is not straight, adjust it. The drain should then be tested to check if it is operating properly afterward.

If the freezer drain is still clogged, see if it has a drain warmer. But here’s a catch. Not all Samsung freezers include a built-in drain warmer. 

But yours most likely does. If yes then confirm that the drainage warmer is properly positioned.

A drain warmer is essential to prevent frost from forming within the drain and ice compartment. For this, you can try using a meter. 

At last, check to determine if the drainage warmer is operating properly. If you don’t see any current, it’s better to upgrade it.

Things To Remember 

After figuring out the main issues causing this problem. There are some other factors to remember as well. 

Like looking at the air damper control. If it is indefinitely in the open position, it is damaged and should be removed.

The open position will indicate that there’s no restriction. The quantity of cool air flowing from the freezer to the compartment results in over freezing.

Although it is possible for the temperature central control panel to fail. This will create frost issues which are uncommon. 

Additionally, we can also connect the ice maker to the washer if all the connections are fine. This will help you put your refrigerator and washing machine side by side. 

As a result, don’t be hasty in checking and replacing any of the boards. Make sure that all of the other elements are in good functioning condition.

There could be many more alternatives to your problem. Reset the whole refrigerator if nothing works for you. Let’s look into other factors too now.

Keeping the Temperature in Check

Examine the freeze temperature settings often if this problem persists.

If the temperature has reached below 0° F, modify it by raising it to a degree where it does not freeze too much. Likewise, keeping it below 12° F might lead to freezing too.

This is a fact that high temperatures induce the compressors. This makes air blowers work harder. 

As a consequence, the storage turns overly cold. This causes anything within to freeze, such as the ice machine box.

You should not alter the parameters frequently as this wears the compressors and may be damaging to your freezer. 

Examining the Water Inlet Valve

There can be a malfunction with your ice machine’s Water Inlet Valve. To accomplish this, unscrew the valve’s screening filters and clean up it with hot soapy water.

Next, use a meter to see the ice maker’s actuator. If the meter displays no measure, this indicates that the valves have failed. 

Also, check to see whether it still is drawing current. Replace the valve if there is no electricity to the actuator since it is faulty.

This can also happen if there’s a water pressure regulator problem. This will cause over-freezing on its own. 

A faulty valve might allow water to overflow, causing the ice machine to freeze. If that’s the situation, contact operation, and maintenance support.

Defrosting Water Line 

When your Samsung ice machine continues to freeze, check the water pipe to check if it is blocked. If it is frozen or has frost caught in it, defrost it by splashing boiled water over it.

A defective filtration system and insufficient water flow might cause frosting.

Disentangle the water connection from the freezer and defrost the frost in your sink if available. When you’re finished, reattach them.

The frozen water signifies that there is no source of water to the ice machine. If the ice machine continues to operate, it will ultimately freeze, even if it is producing almost no ice.


Question: How long would it take a Samsung freezer to defrost?

Answer: Every 800 hours, Samsung refrigerators defrost themselves. The freezer defrosts warmer and is powered by the central control board on the rear.

Question: When the ice maker is full, does it halt producing ice?

Answer: Yes, it is. The tray is replaced, and the process repeats till the ice bucket runs out of ice. Over most low-cost freezers, a wire extends into the container. This is pulled by the ice as it develops, activating a valve that pauses the ice-making process.

Question: Will ice defrosting cause water to leak?

Answer: No, it won’t. Because the water defrosted from the ice will drop into the drainage pipe. Alternatively the water might also drop in the ice container. It is best to throw that water out. 

Final Words

Got the answer to why your Samsung ice maker keeps freezing up. I hope that the guide brought you value.

If you’re still unable to find out the problem, do reach out to a professional. 

Wish you all the best and hope to see you at the next one!