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Samsung Ice Maker Won’t Come Out: Is It Ice Age Then?

It’s a hot summer day and you are up for a chilled refreshment. Unfortunately, the ice maker is not coming out. Can make you feel very thirsty, right?

Why your Samsung ice maker won’t come out?

The Samsung ice maker won’t come out for several reasons. The ice maker might get jammed because there was an error while installing. Another common problem is, the ice maker can get frigid. The ice maker stops collecting ice and eventually gets stuck.

To free the ice maker, you need precise information.

Guess what? I am here to help you. The article has just the explanation you are looking for.

Pack your luggage and get ready. It’s time to free the ice maker!

Reasons Why Samsung Ice Maker Won’t Come Out

There are many reasons why the ice maker doesn’t come out. Your ice maker just won’t go on a mutiny that it won’t come out, will it?

Mounting error

Making mistakes mounting the ice maker can be a certain reason for sticking it. This can happen either by installing for the first time. Or, during reinstalling. 

Most of the time, the spiral blade inside the ice maker tray can get misaligned. 

When the tray is put in such a misaligned way, the ice maker gets stuck.

Freezing Issues

Another common reason for ice makers getting sucked is jammed ice. Refrigerators can easily freeze. Same for the ice maker.

Normally ice gets created and collected at the ice maker tray. 

Sometimes, the ice gets stuck inside the ice maker. 

Instead of falling on the tray, it gets clogged. Due to such, the ice maker can get stuck.

Ice Developing Issue

If there’s any problem regarding the ice supply, then the ice maker can get jammed. 

It can happen that your ice maker is not making any ice. The ice maker can then make problems if you try to pull it out.

These are some of the reasons for which you may find it difficult to pull up your ice maker.

How to Make Samsung Ice Maker Come Out

Your Samsung ice maker may get stuck, but don’t worry. 

It’s not the end of the world after all! There are ways to fix the problem.

Plan A: Use A Blower

One of the easiest ways to free the ice maker is using a blower. Ice makers often get stuck because of the jammed ice. 

Grab a blower or hair dryer whatever is available. Then blow off the air to the conduits where the ice blocked the path. 

This way, the air melts the frozen ice. The ice conduit gets cleared and as a result, you can remove the ice maker.

Plan B: Defrost

You can melt the blockage of ice by force defrost. 

Force defrost is a built-in function that comes up with the Samsung refrigerator. This is a system that automatically melts the ice barricade.

Step-01: Give Command

Go to the display panel of the refrigerator. You will find several buttons here. From these buttons, press and hold two buttons for not more than ten seconds.

After ten seconds the display turns black. Leave the finger off of the display. 

Soon, you will hear a beeping noise.  

Press the ‘refrigerator’ button approximately four times. This way the refrigerator will beep.

Step-02: Wait for It

Once the defrost process has started, you have to give it some time. 

The defrost mechanism melts the ice that clogs the maker. It usually takes four to five minutes. 

This depends on the amount of ice that got blocked. The more the ice, the more the time.

Step-03: Turn Off the Defroster

Once ice melting is done, turn off the force defrost. Press the same two buttons that you pressed before. 

Press and hold for at least eight seconds. 

You will see ‘Fd’ on the screen. 

Press the ‘Fridge’ button for fifteen seconds. You will hear a beep and after that, you will see the default display again.

Step-04: Open Up

Open your fridge. Check if the ice maker is coming out or not. 

Press the small clip at the front panel of the ice maker. Drive it up and then eject the ice maker.

This way, you can solve the icemaker blockage issue automatically. Without applying any external force obviously. 

A point to remember, different models of refrigerators have different command systems. 

The golden rule is to check the refrigerator model first.

Plan C: Put Some Force

Sometimes, all you need is just a bit of force. Since the ice maker can get stuck for many reasons. 

Try to shake the tray a bit. It can loosen up the tray. This way, you can get your stuck ice maker to come out.

Plan D: Test The Ice Maker

You can also test the ice maker. 

In testing, the system of your refrigerator runs a quick diagnosis. 

Press the big blue rubbery test button at the ice maker. In about 5 seconds, you will hear a beep. The test starts. 

From the test result, you can find out the ice maker issues and solve them. 

The test generally takes not more than six minutes. You will hear a jingle and voila! It is done!

If you are facing issues to pull out the ice maker, you can reset the ice maker. Same as resetting a refrigerator.

Identify the place of the reset button at your ice maker. Press the button and hold it till you hear any sound. The moment you hear it, your ice maker gets a reset. 

Don’t reset the ice maker frequently. Try to maintain a time limit of 24 hours per reset. 

There you go! Follow these solid plans and free your ice maker in no time.

Prevention is Better Than Cure

Whoa! You may know how to open the Samsung ice maker that got stuck. 

Things can get pretty easy if it doesn’t get stuck at the first point. 

You can keep these things in your mind and can take care of the ice maker.

Replace The Water Filter

This filter keeps the water clean from germs and contaminations. Unfortunately, at times it gets jammed. 

Try to change the water filter. Contaminated water can affect the ice maker by blocking ice-making conduits. 

Replace the water filter after five to six months, therefore.

Neat and Clean

Always clean the ice maker. If you don’t clean the ice maker, then ice gets gathered. 

Soon, you will end up with a jammed ice maker. Get the ice maker out and wash it frequently thereby. 

Try to clean the ice maker two times a month at least.

Just Use It

Don’t leave the ice maker idle. It can get overloaded. 

Samsung ice makers naturally create 120 blocks of ice per day. The less you use, the more ice will get entangled. 

Your ice maker will get blocked eventually.

One important thing, keep the ice maker off when it’s not needed. No extra ice will get created then.

Setup Carefully

Set the ice maker properly. Avoid any type of misalignment while adding the parts. Set the ice maker in the proper order. You can follow the user’s guide in this regard.

Keep them remembered and your ice maker won’t get locked easily.

You can use an ice maker repair kit if your ice maker does not come out. Here’s a few you see:

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Product 2

They are at the top of the market. You can vouch for them!


Question: Why does my ice maker make noise?

Answer: It’s the sound of the water flow. The waterfalls at the molds and ice get produced. The water passing through the line makes some ‘Hissing’ noise.You can hear “Rattling” sounds as well. This happens when the water line freezes.

Question: Why are the reasons behind the Samsung refrigerator leak?

Answer: There can be many reasons behind this Samsung refrigerator leak. Improper setup of the refrigerator can be a reason. The refrigerator can be at an odd level and the coolant ends up leaking. The water tank being faulty or cracked is another good reason.

Question: How much does it cost to buy a new Samsung ice maker?

Answer: Usually the price varies from $115 to around $300.You may find it expensive but Samsung parts are pretty costly. This explains such a large amount of money.


It’s time to put an end to the show! Hope you have answers to why your Samsung ice maker won’t come out

If you are confused, you can take help from the customer care of Samsung. They can give you some expert advice.

Till then live happily ever after with your ice maker!