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Samsung Refrigerator Freezing Up [Causes & Solutions]

Samsung has been one of the best refrigerator brands in the world. Making a good, functional fridge and freezer with great longevity. But sometimes, there are some unwanted problems that can occur with time. Like, the refrigerator getting frozen up.

Why is your Samsung refrigerator freezing up?

Problems with internal components like a thermostat, thermistor, door seals, and dispenser flaps can cause Samsung refrigerators to freeze up. It can also affect the refrigerator coils. Changing faulty components and keeping the voltage output adjusted can prevent freezing up problems.  

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Reasons Why Samsung Refrigerator Freezing Up

Refrigerators these days do not only function as normal chilled storage machines. Rather they are also used for various functions. Samsung has been making refrigerators for over 30 years. They are among the most well-known refrigerator brands.

As their quality products are seen to be of constant popularity, there are many problems that a long-term user might face. One of the most prevalent problems with refrigerators is freezing.

It is not something commonly being a very big problem. Rather, it might occur due to a variety of factors. A simple reset can solve this problem. Just like how resetting Samsung ice makers can solve freezing problems on it too.

However, the issue may be more complex than it appears. I have discussed several causes and solutions to this problem. Get into the details.

Refrigerator Freezing Up And Not Cooling

The most typical issue you may experience while using the fridge is freezing up. The interior, unfortunately, is not as cool as it should be. Some older models are affected by this issue. Then again, new refrigerators are not invincible from it too.

Two issues can be linked to the appearance of this situation. One can be if the door seals or gasket of the refrigerator is not working properly. This is a common issue for an older model. 

Because of natural wear and tear. It prevents the inside of the fridge from properly cooling down. Causing the doors to not close properly. Which in turn, lets the outside air pass through, and thus, frost buildup happens. 

Even ice dispenser flaps can be the cause of this issue as well. This leakage causes freezing. But reduces the cooling efficiency of the fridge.


This problem has the simplest solution. If the gasket or seal is damaged, simply replace it with a new one. That will solve the issue.

If the ice dispenser flap is the problem, then fear not. You can easily find good spare flaps for your particular refrigerator model. Just go through the manual and check the component number. This will assist you in locating the specific part you require.

You might have to remove your Samsung ice maker. But that is a drastic measure if the whole unit is damaged.

Problem With The Thermistor

Thermistor is the sensor that lets the controller know the air temperature inside your refrigerator. It allows maintaining the optimum temperature in the fridge. If the thermistor is not working properly, then there’s no way to monitor the temperature inside the fridge.

A broken thermistor can lead to the fridge freezing up. Because without the thermistor, the temperature regulating system cannot regulate the power. This will lead to either warm or cold temperatures.

If the temperature drops too low, the interior will begin to freeze. That will lead to the compressor working too much. Making the situation much worse.


A thermistor may only be repaired by purchasing a new one. Repairing a broken thermistor is not worth the hassle. Instead buying one is much cheaper and more efficient. 

You can buy Samsung’s original parts. Or you can also buy some after-market thermistors. Here are a few top picks for a high-quality thermistor sensor:

Product 1
Product 2

These aftermarket thermistors are some of the best there is. Check to see if they are suitable with the model of your refrigerator.

Problem With The Temperature Control Thermostat

The thermostat of a refrigerator lets the sensor system control the humidity and cooling power. If the thermostat is faulty, then the fridge will fluctuate in its temperature.

This is a similar problem to the thermistor. However, in this scenario, freezing up isn’t the only possibility. If the fridge is used with a faulty thermostat, then it might damage the compressor as well.

A faulty thermostat can make the refrigerator build up ice. That will eventually lead to it not cooling the food items properly.


Changing the faulty thermostat sensor for a new one is the only way. It’s faster than repairing, just like the thermistor. These thermostat sensors are not that expensive to change. 

Changing a faulty sensor is a must thing for a modern refrigerator. This should keep your food fresh and prevent it from freezing. But most importantly, it will keep your refrigerator working efficiently.

Refrigerator Cooling Fans Freezing Up

Fans circulate air via the air vents inside the refrigerator. These vent fans are essential in keeping the air circulation within the fridge. As well as, keeping the cool air well distributed within all sides of the cooler.

Air vent fans can get frozen if the compressor output makes the refrigerator colder than it should. It also can happen if the vents are blocked and the airflow is not sufficient to move around. 

These problems occur when the external cooling system malfunctions. If the air vents are blocked as well, then that could lead to ice buildup too.


To defrost the fans within the air vents, you will need to turn off your freezer. Then take out all that is stored there. Keep the refrigerator open for 24 hours until the ice melts.

After defrosting, check your compressor. If the voltage ratio is high, then adjust it to the amount of cooling you will need. Also, keep the air vents clear. That will ensure the fans do not get any ice buildup in the long run.

Refrigerator Coils Freezing Up

The refrigerator coils on a Samsung fridge can freeze up. It happens when there is any leak within the whole cooling channel. If any warm leaks are there, then the compressor would work more to keep the temperature cold. This leads to the coils getting frozen up.

Refrigerator coils cannot work properly if they get frozen. Because when it freezes the channels within the coils get jammed. This hampers the flow of the coolant gas from the compressor to the fridge. This is also a problem faced on not freezing Samsung freezers as well


If the coils freeze up, then it needs to be defrosted. You’ll need to shut off the refrigerator to accomplish this. Then let it defrost for 24 hours. It can take more than a day to defrost as well. 

After the coils are free of ice, you will need to check the defrost heater. If the connection is off, then you will need to switch it on. That will ensure the frost buildup will not happen consequentially. 

But if you find that the coils are freezing up again, then the problem could be more. In that scenario, you could require professional assistance. You can also take your refrigerator to the service centre as well.

That’s all there is to say about this topic.


Question: Why does my fridge have ice build-up?

Answer: Ice build-up in the fridge can happen due to different causes. The common are problems with the door seals or hinges. Wear and tear on the seals can lead to temperature dropping. This in turn would cause the issue of excessive ice build-up.

Question: What temperature should my Samsung freezer be set at?

Answer: The ideal temperature for any freezer should be -2 degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature, the freezer works efficiently and keeps the foods of good quality.

Question: Which is colder in the fridge 1 or 5?

Answer: Every fridge has its own terminology on temperature levels. In the case of 1 to 5 standard, if your fridge is in 1 set, then it is the warmest, if it is in 5, then your fridge is in the coldest setting.


That is all I have about the Samsung refrigerator freezing up. I hope the causes and the solutions provided have helped you to fix your problem. 

If your refrigerator continues to freeze, I recommend seeking professional assistance. Apart from that, the fixes should solve your problems.

Best of luck in solving the problems.

Stay cool!