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Know-How to Scare Possums Away [Tips & Tricks]

Possums are harmless but they can spread disease, cause structural damage, and destroy property. But It’s illegal to kill or harm them. Thus, the best option left is to scare them away.

How to scare possums away?

You can use motion-activated lights or sprinklers. Scattering predator hair around the area can scare them as well. Also, possums don’t like strong scents. The taste or smell of garlic, onion, or ammonia can keep these pests away. If none of these work, possum repellents might just work for you. 

Hey, don’t worry! I’ve got your back. Brace yourself as I am going to fill you in with all the tips and tricks.

Well, what are you waiting for? Let’s start right away!

How to Scare Possums Away from Your Property

If you have a possum on your property, you must take immediate steps to scare it away. They are very sneaky and hard to get rid of.

As a result, dealing with this menace is far more difficult than dealing with other pests. Like getting rid of rats in the ceiling. But you don’t have to worry. 

Read the following instructions carefully and you will be good to go! I’ve added 4 different solutions for your convenience.

Solution 1: Sprinklers or Lights That Are Actuated by Motion

Purchase sprinklers and/or motion-activated lights. When a possum enters the activation field, it will be splashed with water and placed under a spotlight.

If you elect to utilize merely lights, keep in mind that certain possums may be rather bothersome. They’re not going to flee that easily.

They get shocked when they are sprayed. This implies that water is both more efficient and a natural possum deterrent. Both will assist in keeping the possums at bay.

Solution 2: Strew Predator Hair All over Your Place

Examine any spots on your property where possums have been seen congregating. And scatter any dog, cat, or other possible predator hair you may find.

It’s crucial to know that leaving your dogs or cats to deal with intruders is not a smart idea. If they kill a possum, they may be hurt, and you may have another problem on your hands.

Solution 3: Strong Scents Can be Dispersed

Garlic, ammonia, and mothballs are all repulsive to possums. So go ahead and spread them anywhere you believe possums may congregate.

When garlic is smashed and used properly, it works best. 

Sprinkle a little chili powder or smoked paprika near your bushes to deter possums. Don’t forget to combine the powder with any bird seed you have in your yard’s feeders. 

The chili powder will be unpleasant for any possums drawn to the feeders.

Ammonia is not only unpleasant to people, but it is also terrible to possums. Soak a couple of towels in the foul liquid and scatter them throughout your garden on plates. 

Possums should be scared away by the scent. And the covers will protect your plantings from ammonia.

Solution 4: Use A Possum Repellent 

A possum repellent spray may come in handy. Spray it around any possible areas where you’ve seen possum activity. 

But be sure to read the labeling. You might accidentally hurt yourself if you’re sensitive to certain substances.

These are the possum repellents I hand-selected for you:

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Users have given these repellents the highest ratings. And that may be just what you’re looking for.

How Can You Keep Possums off Your Property?

You must ensure that the possums don’t reappear. Otherwise, all of your hard work will go in vain. You have options for getting rid of the pests. Making your home less welcoming for them, for example. 

If you want to keep rodents out of your house, these are pretty much what you’ll have to do:

  • Begin by securing the access point with firm materials. So that these pests won’t be able to peel off the material using their claws.
  • Consider smashing garlic pods and scattering them across the area. They even despite mothballs, both their scent and their appearance. 
  • Even though they dislike the scent of ammonia, we suggest you keep away from it to prevent any health risks.
  • Avoid piling containers outside. Cut long grass including monkey grass. Also, other plants to make your property appear less inviting to them.
  • Turn on a bright light in the roof, cellar, or wherever else you think they could be hiding.
  • Covering your garden’s fruits and vegetables with chicken wire is also a good idea. When you cut off the possums’ food supply in your yard, you’re telling them that they’re not welcome.
  • Securely cover your rubbish bins or put them a little further away from your home. You may also minimize any access to water sources. Also, get rid of any excess moisture in your lawn.
  • You may even cultivate plants that they don’t like. It will keep them from devouring your vegetables and plants. Such as chrysanthemums, mint, and geraniums.

All these precautions will be enough to keep possums from coming back. 

Alternative Options Other Than Driving Them Away

These omnivores are about the size of cats. And they can consume anything from fruits and vegetables to snails and birds. Just like spiders, possums are typically harmless. 

As a result, we must not murder them. Also, these creatures are likewise protected by legislation. 

So, if you don’t want to scare them away, there are other options available. Such as,

Option 1: Setting up A Nest

Set up a nesting location in a tree or somewhere on your property to offer them an alternative place to dwell. A box constructed of waterproof material may be used to construct this. 

All you need are some fruits, perhaps an old nest, and a few other appealing items.

Option 2: Use A Trap

Use a trap that does not injure the possums or the people. After they get caught, release them into the wild in a safe manner. 

If you want to relocate a caught possum, you should do so with the help of a qualified specialist. Make sure it’s not more than 50 kilometers from where it was collected.

Follow the guidelines thoroughly and you should be free from possums in no time. And also without harming or injuring the animals.


Question: What kind of noise frightens possums?

Answer: Tie a few colorful threads to the fan. So when it is turned on, they will fly out. The possums will be scared away by the visuals and sound of the fan.

Question: What lures possums to your property?

Answer: They are lured to odorous garbage cans, unprotected compost piles, and other outdoor containers. Make sure to get rid of them.

Question: How far can possums go in a night?

Answer: Possums are nocturnal creatures. Opossums scavenge for food at night in locations close to their present dens. They can wander up to 2 kilometers seeking food.


Now you know how to scare possums away. I’m hoping you’ll be able to do it easily now. There are professionals available to assist you if you are still unsure about anything!

I believe my information would be really helpful for you.

Good luck with scaring the possums away!