September List: Stylish Home Appliances

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If you are bored with the white, gray, and black colors and want to bring a little spirit to your kitchen, this list of beautiful, colorful kitchen appliances is just for you! 

From beautiful compact coffee machines, through electric pots to fabulous egg cookers, each of those appliances can make your kitchen more pleasant and cheerful.

In this list, we have selected some of the most striking examples of how kitchen appliances can bring a festive mood with their appearance.

Dash Mini Maker

This mini appliance from BRAND comes in many different design variations, and each of them is like a work of art. Apart from being beautiful and compact, this device is also extremely popular, as evidenced by the over 50,000 reviews.

Check out some of the Dash Mini Make color and design variants

Zulay Mini Blender

Prepare rich, creamy froth for your coffee with style. 

Zulay Mini Blender comes in a large variety of beautiful colors for every taste. With more than 20 000 reviews, this blender is an excellent addition to every coffee lover’s kitchen.

Check out some of the Zulay Mini Blender color and design variants

Dezin Electric Hot Pot

Want to cook noodles in no time? Do it with style with this fantastic electric hot pots by Dezin.

Dezin Electric Sauté Pan

You can also check out the Dezin Electric Sauté Pan that comes in 3 different color variations – Green, Purple, and Beige.

Check out all Dezin Electric Hot Pot Upgraded, Non-Stick Sauté Pan color variations.

Dash Compact Air Fryer

After the noodles, let’s make some air-fried potatoes. Again, we are looking not only for a great working product but also for one with style. With more than 5,500 ratings Dash Compact Air Fryer is precisely what we are looking for. You can find this beautiful kitchen appliance in 5 different colors.

Dash Deluxe Egg Cooker

Eggs are great. They are delicious and healthy. With Dash Deluxe, you can boil up to 12 eggs at the same time. Dash Deluxe Egg Cooker comes in 5 elegant colors, and it is rated more than 10 000 times.

Melissa Hawkins