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What Size Toe Kick Heater Do I Need? [Answered]

There’s always that one room that never acquires the right temperature. Even if the whole house is heated nicely it’s chilly in that particular place. What’s the solution? Use a toe kick heater. 

What size toe kick heater do you need?

Firstly, find out your room’s square area. Then multiply it with 10 wattages. Because per square area of space requires 10 watts of power. Once you know the power amount you’ll know about the sizing from the product’s manufacturer guideline.

That was only a preview of the whole discussion. This post covers a detailed discussion about the toe kick heaters sizing. Keep reading to learn more.

Let’s begin!

What Is Toe Kick Heater?

A toe kick heater is a low-profile heating device. They’re also known as kick space heaters. It’s usually installed under wall cabinets. Since they’re small, it’s hard to notice them. 

That’s why relax! You don’t have to deal with insulating ductwork in your basement

Kick space heaters provide supplemental heat to the house. It’s normally installed in rooms that are unusually cold. Sounds odd?

Trust us, it’s not! Because even with normal heaters, some rooms stay chilly. This is where the toe kick heater comes into action. It supplies extra heat to the room generated by the central heating system.

By rule, the toe kick heater absorbs the cold air from the environment. Then it heats the air and releases it back to the environment. Thus, it raises the desired temperature. This heating process is done by the heating coil inside the device. 

Types Of Toe Kick Heaters & Their Sizes 

There are two kinds of toe kick heaters. They work in different modes. One is the hydronic type and another is electrical. The sizing of both types of devices is different.

The hydronic system absorbs heat from the hot water system. In hydronic heaters, hot water goes through a copper heating coil

While the coil gets hot the heater shifts the heat to the incoming air. There’s a small fan inside the device that pushes out the hot air. The usual length for hydronic heaters is 35”-94” in length. 

For electrical toe kick heaters, the heating process is done directly by electricity. Rather than the coil, these devices use aluminum heating elements. It produces heat energy from electric energy. Electric toe-kick heaters are smaller in size than hydronic ones.

Toe Kick Heater Sizing

As we mentioned before, toe kick heaters usually heat small areas. The sizing depends on the heat requirement of the house. Its heating range is determined by many factors like its design, fan power. The quality of the heating element is also very important. 

To find out what size toe kick heater you need, follow the steps below.

Step-1: Determine Your Room Size

It’s important to know your room’s square feet before you choose a space heater. It’s calculated by the room’s width x length in feet.

For example, assume your room is the length of 15 & width of 12 feet. Then your room’s square feet will be-

15×12=180 square feet.

Step-2: Calculate Wattage Power Of The Toe Kick Heater

The calculation for the power of heaters goes by wattage. The rule is, for 1 square foot of space required power is 10 watts. 

This means you can simply multiply your room’s square feet by 10 watts. This way you’ll get the required wattage power for the toe kick heater.

After calculating your room’s size, it was 180 square feet. For this size, the required power is-


It means you’d have to choose a heater of at least 1800wat power coverage. 

Step-3: Toe Kick Heater’s Size

Now you know what power coverage heater you need. The next necessary information would be the size of the heater. Because before installing the heater you’ll need to know the required space for it.

To give you an idea about the space heater sizing, we’ve added a chart. Hopefully, this gives you a clear idea about the required space it’s gonna take.

Power (watts)Heating Area(sq. ft.)Size
30.7 1505.8”(H) x 14.2”(W)
10001503.5”(H) x 14.5(W)
15001503.6”(H) x 15.4”(W)

The height is denoted by (H) and width by (W).

Toe Kick Heater Installation

Installing a kick space heater is not an easy task. You might need professional help with this one since the installation process is complicated. 

Installing it incorrectly may cause a noise issue in the heater. Then you’d have to go through the hassle of fixing the noisy toe kick heater.

The installation process is different for both types of kick space heaters. The hydronic heater’s installation is more complicated. Because it’s related to the plumbing sections as well. 

This is due to the hydronic heater’s hot water system. If you’re not well-versed in its installation process, leave it to a professional.

Wiring the toe kick heater must be done by wiring codes. This device drains only a little amount of current from the current supply line. That’s why you’ll need wire codes to build a short circuit for it. 

Toe kick heaters are usually installed on the floor level beneath. It can be installed on a floor or even in wall cabinets without studs.

Hopefully, now you can find out the right-sized toe kick heater for your home.


Question: What is the best installation space for toe kick heaters?

Answer: It’s best to install them under a kitchen or bathroom cabinet. It should be the flooring level. But you can install them on walls and other places as well.

Question: Are toe kick heaters noisy?

Answer: Toe kick heaters contain a few moving parts. Thus, it makes low noise. But if your toe kick heater is loud then maybe it’s vibrating. Maybe it has faulty parts or the installation has gone wrong

Question: Are toe kick electric heaters safe?

Answer: They’re mostly safe. But if the heater’s fan stops running when the heater is on, it’s dangerous. The device may overheat posing a threat to fire hazards.


That was all from us about what size toe kick heater do I need? Hopefully, you’ve got all the answers to your inquiries. 

And that’s it for today. See you soon in another post!