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How to Get Slime Out of Carpet: Step-by-Step Guide

Slime is fun to play with, right? You can squish the little guy and mold it any shape that you want. But once it slips out of your hand and slashes onto the carpet it can create a stain. However, in situations like this, you don’t need to panic. Because there are several ways to get that stain off before anyone notices it.

How to get slime out of carpet before the squishy toy gets you in trouble?

All you need is a vinegar mixture and scrub brush to get the slime off of your carpet. A few sprays of the acid-based mixture and good scrub will do the trick. However, you also have to remove the mixture itself and then use Oxiclean to clear off the stain.

Don’t worry if this seems confusing. Let’s take a look at it in more detail to have a better understanding.

Why is it crucial to get slime out off the carpet quickly?

We are humans so it’s natural for us to make mistakes every now and then. It’s a part of our life that we can’t get rid of.

At times, slime can slip onto the carpet and create a mess. And it’s super important that you get it out as soon as you can.

Otherwise, the sticky monster will stain your carpet. Then you’ll have to waste hundreds of dollars to get the slime off of your carpet.

Or in the worst-case scenario, you’ll have to throw away your beloved carpet. And we all know how much time and effort it takes to get a new one.

So, to avoid the extra expense follow the steps below. And you’ll save a few bucks and not get scolded from anyone for messing up the carpet.

Things you’ll need

Now that you know why it’s crucial to get the slimy toy out of your carpet let’s take a look at what you’ll need for the process. Gathering up all the items will make things easier for you.

So, why don’t we have a look at the items at one glance? Here is a list of all the things you’ll need:

How to get slime out of carpet like a pro?

Disasters can happen at any time. Like if you were enjoying a cup of hot chocolate and it fell on the carpet. It would immediately result in stains and you would want to remove the hot chocolate, right?

So, the same thing can happen with slime. However, there are ways to tackle this. And we’ll show you exactly how you can do this.

Are you ready? If you are, then let’s get started.

Step 1: Take out the excess slime

First things first, you have to get off all the extra slime you can from the carpet as soon as it hits the carpet. You see, the more slime you have on the carpet the harder it’ll be for you to actually sort out the mess.

So, it’s wise to get rid of the excess slime while you can. But wait, how do you do it?

It’s easy. To do this you have to scoop out all the slime with your hand. Now, make sure while you do this it doesn’t fall on new places and create more stain.

If you’re not careful you might end up with more work than before.

Step 2: Apply the vinegar mixture on the slime

Are you done removing all the excess slime? Then take out a bowl and pour out some vinegar.

This magic ingredient can not only clean your carpet but also perform other tasks that you never imagined it can do.

So, use it to create a mixture to wipe off all the slime stain for your carpet. Once you’ve done that, transfer it to a spray bottle. From there you can easily spray it on the slime stain.

Now don’t worry if the mixture finds its way to some other part of the carpet. The vinegar mixture won’t cause harm to your bare carpet.

So, take a deep breath and spray until the stain is drenched with the mixture.

Step 3: Scrub the carpet 

Thirdly, you need to get a scrub brush out of your closet. That’s because it’s time to scrub the area covered in slime stain.

Otherwise, a sticky feeling will linger around and you won’t feel comfortable. And we all want to get rid of that sticky feeling from our carpet, don’t we?

Now while scrubbing it’s super important that you go in a clockwise motion. If you follow a zigzag pattern the puddle of mess can increase and make things harder for you.

However, you don’t have to worry about your poor little hands. A few scrubs are enough to get the slime off the carpet.

Step 4: Remove the mixture

Once the scrubbing session is over, you need to remove the mixture. Don’t worry because this is an easy task.

All you need is a dry cloth and some hand power and you’re set to go. Then you have to press it on the carpet where you splashed the slime. See that doesn’t sound too hard now, does it?

So, clean off the mixture and then head over to the next step.

Step 5: Repeat the process

After you’ve cleaned up the mixture you need to do all of the steps again. Now, this might sound a bit daunting but it’s for the best.

You see, the slime stains are very stubborn. They don’t want to leave the comfort of your carpet so soon. That’s why you have to do the process one more time.

This way the stain mark will be gone once and for all and you’ll have a clean and beautiful carpet again.

So, for that shine on your carpet do the process again.

Step 6: Vacuum the carpet

For this step, you need a vacuum cleaner. With the help of this handy tool, you can wipe off all the residue from the carpet.

The best part is this will not only remove all the mixture but it’ll also clean off all the dirt. So, at the end of the day, it’s a win-win situation.

Step 7: Apply OxiClean to remove stain from carpet

For the last step, you need a chemical called Oxiclean. Now before explaining this step let us inform you that this will be optional. However, we recommend you to follow it for better cleansing.

You see, OxiClean has the power to remove a lot of stains. So, if your slime left any last traces this product will make it disappear in second.

Hence, grab a bottle of OxiClean and apply a few drops of it on the carpet. You’ll find that it automatically did its magic. You won’t have to work too hard for it.


Question: How do you remove dried slime?
Answer: The trick is to gently scrape the dried slime off the surface. Then you can use a vinegar mixture and follow the steps in our article to get rid of slime once and for all. But make sure that you’re not forcing the knife. You want to take things nice and slow.

Question: Can you clean slime with water?
Answer: The water can remove slime off of most surfaces. But the problem is that it leaves traces here and there. So, if you don’t want to leave behind any evidence then make a mixture of baking soda and vinegar and use that to do the job. You’ll see a huge difference in the work.

Question: How do you clean slime off concrete?
Answer: To get slime off of concrete you need baking soda and water. Mix them up together and then add a few drops of dish detergent. Once the mixture is ready spray it on the concrete and then let it do its magic. After exactly 30 minutes scrub everything off with a scrub brush.

Question: How does baking soda remove slime from carpet?
Answer: Baking soda has some chemical property that does wonders when it comes to removing stain. Baking soda is an  expert when it comes to removing stains. So, even if you assign baking soda to tackle slime it can do the job well.

Question: Does rubbing alcohol stain carpet?
Answer: If you’re worried about your carpet being stained from alcohol then give yourself a break. That’s because rubbing alcohol will not harm your carpet in any way. Rather it’ll clean off your carpet and give it that amazing glow it once had when you first bought it.

To wrap up

That’s all we have on how to get slime out of carpet. Sounds easy right? Well, it really is. So, give it a try and see what happens. 

Once you’re done don’t forget to share it with us. We’ll love to know how it turned out.

With that being said we’ll say our goodbye here. Hope you have a good day. Take care. Adios.