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What Does SPL Mean On A Motor: Things You Need To Know

Starting a motor requires precision and enough knowledge. Lack of knowledge while starting it can be dangerous. And one important term that is often seen on motors is SPL.

What does SPL mean on a motor?

SPL refers to the power rating. SPL can be the short form of SPECIAL or Split Phase. The elaboration of SPL is dependent on the type of the motor. For a compression motor, SPL means Special. And for an induction motor, SPL is Split Phase. The significance of these two meanings are different. 

This is only the beginning. There is a lot more to learn on this topic. Please keep reading!

What Does SPL Mean on A Motor

The term SPL can mean two different things when it is written on a motor. The exact meaning is dependent on the type of the motor. For that you must identify the motor at first before deciding on the definition of SPL. 

One must know all the meanings of the writings on a motor before working with that. Because these markings indicate the specifications of the motor. And tasks like wiring a two-speed motor to switch depend highly on the specifications. SPL is such a specification. 

The sense of SPL is not the same for compressor motors and induction motors. They are completely different. In compressor motors, SPL stands for SPECIAL. Whereas in induction motors the full form of SPL is Split Phase. 

Below I will discuss the meanings of Special and Split Phase for you. Keep scrolling!

SPL Meaning in Compressor Motors

The motor that increases the pressure of the gas is called a compressor motor. The compressor motor works by increasing the density of the gas. By creating a vacuum the motor decreases the air volume and thus the density increases. 

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This increased density enhances the pressure of gas. The more quickly a motor increases the pressure of gasses, the more is its power. The power of the compressor motor is expressed in terms of Horsepower. 

And SPL is used to modify the power estimation. This is a type of trick that motor manufacturers use.

The highest power at which motors function without damaging themselves is its peak power. This power is penned on the motor. But that’s not always the case. Sometimes the peak power of the motor is less than what’s written. 

And at that time, SPL is curved on the motor. Because the peak power calculation was done under some special circumstances. Thus the result was high. But when used practically, the motor will not perform like the calculation. 

This is the meaning of SPL in compressor motors. Below I have presented the denotation of SPL in induction motors.

SPL Meaning in Induction Motors

Here let’s see the meaning of SPL in an induction motor. The role of SPL is very significant in fixing any damaged dryer motor. SPL in induction motor stands for Split Phase. To understand that we have to know how the induction motor works. 

The induction motor is an AC motor. It works on alternating current to produce mechanical energy. There are two main parts of the induction motor. The rotor and the stator. A varying magnetic field is produced in the stator. 

And from this magnetic field current is generated in the rotor. In the Split Phase induction motor, the stator has an auxiliary winding. This winding is also known as starting winding. The auxiliary winding has a displacement of 90 degrees from the main winding.

That means it is important to know if your induction motor is a Split phase motor or not. Simply look at the body of the motor. If there is SPL written on it, it is a split-phase induction motor.

After reading all this you should know the meaning of SPL in compressor motors and induction motors. By identifying the motors’ internal specifications you can work with them more conveniently. 

Importance of Knowing the Meaning of SPL

Besides knowing the meaning of SPL you must know why you should know it. Otherwise, there is no use in learning the meaning of SPL. In this section, I will try to elaborate on the importance of SPL.

Motors need current supply for working just like the electrical demand of a mini fridge. To make them perform without any problems it is important to supply adequate current. And the current required depends on the motor’s peak power.

The motor will underperform if it gets less amount of current. On the contrary, if the excess current is supplied, the motor can burn out. That’s why the job of supplying current is done very carefully. And the SPL ratings come in handy during the job.

The current supply varies according to the power rating. So if SPL is written, there will be a change in the supply. It’s very essential to make these changes for the safety of the motor. For that before running any motor you must know about the SPL and act accordingly. 


Question: How many amps do a 3hp motor draw?

Answer:  A 3hp motor typically draws 34 amps for a single-phase and 10.6 amps for three phases. The drawing amps depend on the phase. Because the voltage of single phase and three phase motors are not the same.

Question: How strong is a 2 hp electric motor?

Answer: A 2HP motor is more than strong for normal household chores. One HP is equal to 746 watts. So a 2HP motor will deliver 1492 watts. For a medium-sized building, a 1HP motor is enough. 

Question: What is NEMA motor size?

Answer: The NEMA motor size refers to the size of the mounting face of the motor. NEMA means National Electrical Manufacturers Association. The guidelines given by NEMA make sure that quality is maintained in manufacturing.


This is all I have on your query: what does SPL mean on a motor. Now you can make your decision after observing the SPL on the motor.

Be careful while connecting the motor with the supply line. Because wrong and oversupply will damage the motor permanently.