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Best Stain for Ash Wood [Which is the Best Kind]

In order to increase both the protection and aesthetics of the wood, staining is a good option.

In that case, using the best stainer is the right call. 

But, what are the best stain for ash wood?

When it comes to staining wood. You have quite a few options to play with. But using a gel stain such as, General finishes oil-based gel stain is the best. The characteristic of the best stainer is it spreads evenly. Also, the stainer needs to dry quicker and to be selected as the best one. 

Even though the gel stainer is superior. There are other stains that can be best. We have provided all in this article. Just jump down and indulge yourself with the knowledge!

Best Stains for Ash Wood

There are a lot of different kinds of stains on the market. But not all are best for ash wood. And there are specific stains that are better for particular woods. But which is the best stain for ash wood?

The best stain for ash wood is no one’s best kind. But there are multiple different types of stains that are best suited. 

But there is one thing which you need to make sure of. Which is, that the undertone of ash wood needs to match with stain color. Otherwise, the wood will look bad and might seem really old. 

Check out the stains below. Go through them and learn about their characteristics. 

General Finishes Oil-based Gel Stain

This is one of the best stains you can get your hands on the market. This stain uses a complex formula. And because of that, it can sip into the ash wood evenly. 

The second best thing about this stain is that it’s gel based. And because of that, this stain can be applied evenly. You can easily control the amount and the flow of the gel. 

On top of that, it’s hard to blotch the surface of ash wood. But the gel stain makes it even harder to ruin or make any mistakes. You won’t be feeling a spec of granule using this stain. 

It takes 8 hours to dry this gel stain. Also, you can apply 1 coat of the stain for a nice finish. But if you want a richer finish, you need to apply 3 coats of the stain. Another thing, this stain is best for interior furniture and woodworking. 

Minwax Penetrating Wood Finish

For those who are passionate about woodworking, Minwax stain is really popular among them. That is because this stain doesn’t mask the wood and makes it grainy. 

Rather than that, this stainer evenly stains all over the wood surface. The stain goes deep on the wood grains and highlights them. With this stain, you’ll get a dark walnut stain on ash wood

If you are going for a deeper color, you can apply two or three coats of the stain. But if you are going for a lighter tone, you can use mineral spirit. 

This is a great stain for ash woodworking projects. But if you want the best out of this stainer you have to use a sealer with it. 

Also, this stain can dry within two or three hours. And you need to apply this sealer two or three times. This stain is best for cabinets, wooden furniture, and doors. 

Varathane Classic Wood Interior Stain

As the name says, this is one of the classic stains you can get your hands on. Like the first stain we talked about, this one is also great for an even spread. You will be getting the best rich wooden stains on ash wood. 

This stain gives the wood a slight shade but also protects them from the environment. You can also clean the Varathane stain with the mineral spirit if you need to. 

The drying time for this stain is two hours. Also, you only need to apply two coats of the stain. And it’s best for interior furniture. 

Rust-oleum Ultimate Stain

If your flooring is done with ash wood, this is the stain you are looking for. Because this stainer gives the ash wood high-grade quality. The characteristics of ash wood are slightly different from other woods. For that stains might appear differently. 

This stainer gives the ash wood a natural look. And sips onto the wood evenly throughout the surface of the wood. It gives the wood a perfect seal from the environment. The wood has slight resistance to water after applying the sealer. 

The drying time for this stainer is one hour and you only need one coat of the stain. Also, this stain is recommended to use on interior furniture, wooden floors, and cabinets. 

Ready Seal Exterior Stain And Sealer

The last but not least stainer on the list is this one. The best thing about this sealer is, that it does both sealing and staining. While this stainer can give the wood a beautiful look, it will seal the wood for protection. 

On top of that, this stainer has different colors of shades. So, you can choose the best one for the color of your project. Also, the application is much easier because you don’t need to sand or prep the wood. You can go ahead and apply the stainer. 

The stainer takes 48 to 72 hours to dry. Also, you need to apply 2 or 3 coats to get a rich stained look. This stainer is best for exterior furniture and wooden floors. 

And these are all the best stainers for ash wood. But do you know how to apply stain on ash wood? If you don’t, check down below to learn about the process. 

Process of Staining Ash Wood

In order to stain ash wood, you need to follow a few steps. And if you do it correctly, you will have beautifully stained wood. 

The process can be slightly different for staining different woods. Such as the process of staining basswood is different from staining ash wood. 

But to stain ash wood, you need to use the items listed below:

  1. Sandpaper (220 Grit)
  2. Stain
  3. Cleaning cloths
  4. Gloves
  5. Paint brushes

If you’re looking for sandpaper to use before staining, check the links below. Both of these sandpapers are perfect to use in this scenario:

20 To 3000 Assorted Grit Sandpaper Check Current Price
AUSTOR 36 Pieces SandpaperCheck Current Price

Using the right sandpaper is really important. Or else you can ruin the wood grains. 

After you get the listed items, you should start the staining process. We have explained the process in 5 easy steps. Check the full procedure below. 

Step 1: Clean and Sand the Wooden Piece

Sanding and cleaning the wood is really important. Because if there is any dirt on the wood, the stain will not stick. Also, if the wood isn’t sanded properly, the stain will not stick as well. 

Also, it’s important to use 220 grit sandpapers. Using sandpaper that is too coarse can cause damage to the wood. This means the grains will not appear properly after staining. 

Also, clean the wooden panel with a dampened cloth. So that no dust particles are on the wood. 

Step 2: Brush the Stain on

Now that the wooden panel is clean and sanded, you can apply the stain. Take your choice of stain and dip the paintbrush in the stain. And brush along the grains on the wood. 

The stain will go down on the wood grains and make the gains appear rich and darker. A thin coat of stain will result in a lighter color. The more coats you apply, the darker the grain will appear. 

Step 3: Let the Stain Dry

After you have applied the stain, you have to let it dry. The drying duration can vary for different types of stains. Although, the average duration for the stain to dry is 24 hours. And no matter what the stain type is, waiting 24 hours can be a good idea. 

Step 4: Brush a Second Coat of Stain

After the first coat of stain has dried, you should apply another coat of stain. Even if you don’t want the grains to be too rich in colors, the second coat is a good idea. The second coat of stain will make sure there are no empty spots on the wood. 

Step 5: Let the Wood Dry Completely 

This is the final step of the staining process. After applying the second coat of stain, you need to let the wood dry again. Drying the second coat will finally make the stain firmly stick to the wood. It is also recommended to let the second coat of stain dry for 24 hours. 

And this is the whole process of stained ash wood. Now all you need to do is do a great finish on ash wood


Is ash wood easy to stain?

In comparison to other woods, it is easier to stain ash wood. That is because ash wood has a much smoother surface than any other wood. So, it’s easier to sand and apply stain on. 

What stain looks good on ash?

Using darker stains looks better on ash wood. Ash wood has a lot of grains. And the darker the stain the darker the grains will look. Even if you are using a lighter tone of stain, use multiple coats for a darker look. 

Does ash wood stain well?

In comparison to some other woods. Ashwood takes stains really well. Since the surface of ash wood is smooth, the stain spreads evenly. Also, the grains absorb the stain really well on ash wood. 


So, that was everything you needed to know about the best stain for ash wood. We have given you all the information you need to pick the best stainer. 

Also, be confident while you are brushing the stain on. Simple brush along the grains. Also, brush the stain multiple times on an area for an even spread. 

Good luck staining ash wood!