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How To Stop A Tree From Growing [2 Easy & Effective Methods]

Have you ever felled a tree only to see it sprout new branches within a month? Yeah. I’m in the same boat.

How to stop а tree from growing?

To kill a tree stump permanently, cut down the whole tree from the ground level. Then, as quickly as possible, paint the stump with a herbicide like 9 percent Triclopyr or 20 percent Glyphosate. The tree will expire in 10 minutes if somehow the stump is repainted swiftly. Also, no fresh sprouts will appear.  

This isn’t enough right? You need a detailed procedure and here it is!

Let’s solve the mystery case together!

2 Effective Methods To Stop Tree From Growing

It is really hard to figure out how to keep the remaining part from sprouting. Particularly when a tree keeps resurrecting after repeated cuts.

I’ve made a complete guide to teach you how to permanently remove a tree stump-

Method 1 of 2: Cut and Paint

This  is the easiest method of doing any log work. All you have to do is cut the stump and spray it safely with herbicide

But you’ll need to arrange some tools. These will be the main heroes of your story. Hence, I choose them carefully. Here are the things you will need.


  • A brush for painting
  • Small jug
  • Gloves (latex or protective)
  • Herbicide
  • Chainsaw 

While selecting the chainsaw, you must pick well-maintained equipment.

Stumps usually are very big. Sometimes, It is hard enough to cut an entire stump just by one person. 

Hence, the well-maintained chainsaw will make the work easy.

Now, follow the process as said. This is all you have to do. 

  • Safely, cut as much of the remaining stump as you can. 
  • Alternatively, if you’ve previously cut it, create a new, fresh-cut. As a result, a fresh cut absorbs the herbicide more effectively.
  • Put on your safety gloves before you cut down the tree with a chainsaw
  • Fill a small jug halfway with herbicide. Enough to submerge your paintbrush to a depth of 25%.
  • Within fifteen minutes of cutting the stump, spray it with herbicide. Spray a layer of herbicide on the newly cut stump with the foam paintbrush.

The safest and most environmentally friendly approach to use chemicals is to softly apply a pesticide with a disposable paintbrush. 

Here are some affordable paint brushes available in the market:

Product 1
Product 2
  • Return any extra pesticide to the bottle and discard your latex gloves gently. 
  • Toss the foamy brush and plastic bottle into the garbage after wrapping them in the newspaper.
  • Don’t touch the stump, keep it like that for 2 days. 

This is an extremely successful approach for permanently removing tree stumps. 

The sooner you repaint the stump after chopping it, the better.

Method 2 of 2: Remove With Homemade Remedies

Before you get your hands full with direct extraction, here are a few options for disposing of a tree stump.

Epsom Salt 

This is a frequent DIY method for destroying tree trunks. It speeds up the breakdown process from 3 to 7 years to six to twelve months. Epsom products are good for plants but fatal in big doses.

Epsom salt takes out all the moisture off the tree. It kills the tree and makes the decomposition process fast.

Here’s how to decompose a tree stump with Epsom salt:

  • With a power tool, drill an inch-wide hole into the stump.
  • After coating the stump using Epsom salt, wash it down.
  • To prevent washing away the substance, protect the stumps with a tarp.
  • To guarantee that this method is successful, repeat it every few weeks.
  • The stump will expire in 2 to 3 months if this procedure is successful, and will be near full disintegration after a year. 

This is a terrific option for homeowners looking for a more natural way to get rid of their tree stump. 

Epsom salt works like magic in such log works. You can also get rid of rat holes in your yard using Epsom salt.

Plastic Bag or Tarp

Stopping the exposure of sunlight on a tree stump is one of the simplest ways to kill it. 

The tree stump would perish if it is not exposed to sunshine.

 In 2 to 3 months, the rotting process should begin.

Here’s how to use a carrier bag or sheet to remove a tree stump:

  • Cut the stump with an available jigsaw, hatchet, or handsaw, near you.
  • Using a black trash bag, cover the stump.
  • Fill the sack with large rocks or bricks to make it heavier. If the stump is small, use a dark-colored container to cover it.

Although this procedure needs almost no effort, it is slower than manual removal methods.

Boiling Water

This cure does not necessitate the acquisition of any item or solution. All you need is hot water.

  • As much of the root structure of the stump as feasible should be exposed.
  • Drill holes in the roots and at the end of the stump. Allow the scalding water to cover as much from the bottom system as possible. It’ll effectively kill the roots using heat.
  • Pour hot water over all of the roots once they’ve been exposed. The root system will be badly damaged and killed as a result of the water’s heat. You can also try using this method on roots similar to the pine tree root system

That concludes our discussion. Now you’ll not have to worry about an unnecessary mess in your yard. 


Question: How do you stop tree roots from growing?

Answer: Before the roots get to the concrete, install root barriers. To prevent further growth, cut the roots and cover them with root barriers. Cut down the tree to restore a smooth surface.

Question: Which trees damage foundations?

Answer: Oak, poplar trees are the trees that cause the most damage to house foundations. Their root systems are the fastest-growing of all tree crops in residential settings. The most destructive trees are oak trees.

Question: How do I keep tree roots from sprouting in my lawn?

Answer: Rock salt is a fantastic option. Dehydrating tree roots can prevent them from growing in the lawn. Keep dogs away from rock salt since it can be a significant health concern.


I hope you’ve got your answers regarding how to stop trees from growing. Use one of the ways listed above to get rid of a tree stump in your yard. 

I recommend DIY techniques if you’re not in a rush. But renting a machine or paying a professional to remove the stump is the quickest option.

Keep growing!