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How To Store Linens Without A Closet? [9 Smart Hacks]

As mothers, we’re always worried about keeping our homes neat and tidy. We even have to worry about keeping our linens when we don’t have a linen closet. It starts to itch at the back of our heads to store those linen clothes. That’s when we start to wonder-

How to store linens without a closet? 

Baskets are the most appealing option you have. Door backs and overhead shelves are creative hacks. Étagère, ladder, hooks, and underbed space all make the right use of unused space. Ottoman and salvaged furniture are great options if you have them. 

We’ll show you 9 different ways to store linens. Interested in knowing about all those amazing ways you can keep your linens?

Just scroll down and read our article! 

9 Smart Hacks To Store Linens

We’re not bragging about the number of ways you can store your linens. You’ll be surprised to know about all the useful ways you can store. 

Let’s not waste any more time and get right into it!


Baskets are an aesthetic choice for keeping your linens. Wondering how can baskets give off an appealing look? You should try rolling your towels instead of folding them. 

Both baskets with and without lids can be used for keeping the linens. If you’re using large baskets, you can keep them on the floor. You can store blankets, sheets, and towels as well. 

If you keep a small basket of rolled-up towels inside the guest room, it’ll look beautiful. It’ll also make the guests feel at home and give them a feeling of hospitality. 

If you have a double vanity sink, you can keep a small basket of towels there. 

Back Of The Door 

The back of your bedroom or bathroom door is an amazing place to store your linens. You can use racks to hang them on the door. No one ever thinks about using the back of their door. 

The disadvantage of that is, there’s a chance of damaging the racks as it’s unexpected. When opening the door, one might open it completely and damage the racks. 

You can use these racks to store mostly towels by rolling them up. But you can also do sheets if they fit. 


Étagère’s are open shelving units designed to store lightweight objects. You can place it anywhere inside your bathroom or your dressing room to store your linens. 

You can even use it to store other items as well. But be careful not to keep any heavy objects there. Some even modify their étagère and fit them over the tank of their toilet. It maximizes the use of that unused space in the best way possible. 

You can make your étagère attractive by placing small climber trees on it. 

Étagère’s have a lot of uses. If you have no clue then look up how you can style your étagère like a designer.

Door Overhead Shelves

The space above your bedroom or bathroom door is always vacant or unused. You can put that to good use by building a shelf there. 

You can keep towels and bedsheets there. If you want to get a little extra creative, you can use baskets or cases. It wouldn’t look bad at all. In fact, it might look attractive if you can pull it off. 

If you plan on building the shelf yourself, keep the weight factor in mind. If you keep more weight than you made the self for, it’ll break. 


Yes, even a ladder can be used to store linens. All you need is extra wall space and a ladder that you won’t use at all. You can just drape your linen towels or sheets on the ladder. 

You can even use this method to showcase those amazingly beautiful quilts you own. Keeping those linens over on the ladder can make it easy for you to access. 

You can even try putting up plates of wood on the ladder and making a shelf. Then you can use that ladder as a shelf and get some extra space. 

Salvaged Furniture

Did you know that you could use old furniture to store linens? As long as furniture is still usable, you can always salvage them and find a purpose. And here we’ve given you another purpose to salvage old furniture. 

You can use furniture like dressers, bookshelves, or even armour. You can even use open shelves for keeping your linens. You might have to know the ways to adjust old cabinet door hinges for these old furniture. 

Just fold them neatly and place them on the shelves. And if these shelves have drawers, it’s an advantage you can use to the fullest. 

If they’re open shelves, you can put the linens in cases or decorative bins. It’ll give off an aesthetic look to your home. All you need to do in the end is find a nice spot to keep that furniture. 

Underbed Space

The underbed space is what we all have but almost never use. Kids sometimes hide under the beds because there’s nothing there usually. 

You can use that space to store a lot of things other than just your linens. People sometimes store their luggage and extra pillows under their beds. 

If your bed has a built-in compartment underneath, that’s great. But, if it doesn’t, you can use cases to place the linens in them. 


Hooks are a great way of utilizing empty wall spaces. The best part about hooks is that you can even fit them almost anywhere. If you don’t wanna attach a rack behind your door, you can attach a hook. 

You can try using a shepherd’s hook just for the aesthetics. But these hooks tend to lean to one side. Knowing how to keep a shepherd’s hook from leaning will help you in this case. 


It’s wise to keep your linens in a place where you can get them easily. Storage Ottomans are an easy solution for this. 

Also, if you want to hide your linens, you can do that easily using a storage Ottoman. Ottomans are mainly used for sitting when you’re tying your shoelaces maybe. But you can also use them to hide your linens in plain sight if you want. 

And that’s a wrap. These were the hacks that we followed in order to store linen. We hope this will help you out!


Question: Is a linen closet necessary?

Answer: If you have a separate closet for linen, you’ll be able to organize a lot better. Some insects like moths tend to be attracted to linen. You can use linen disinfectants in linen closets. 

Question: Where should I store my fresh linens?

Answer: The first thing you need is a dry space. You should try avoiding plastics and store them in closets or baskets. And make sure they’re organized. 

Question: How can I keep my linens from smelling?

Answer: You can try keeping a box of soap inside the closets or baskets. Scented candles do the same trick. Some people spray perfumes or essential oils on a handkerchief and keep them there. And if you don’t want any scent, keep a box of soda slightly opened. 


These are 9 smart hacks on how to store linen without a closet. Use whichever you like the best. You can try one by one and see which one goes best with your home as well. 

Hopefully, you’ll be satisfied with our guide.

Good Luck!