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How to Take Apart a Sectional Sofa [5 Easy Ways]

Taking apart a sensational sofa can be tedious. The parts are really heavy to move around.

Also, the loose part of the sofa makes it more difficult for us. But approaching in the right way can make your task easier.

How to take apart a sectional sofa?

Taking apart a sectional sofa might seem like a ton of work to do. But it is really easy if you know how to do them. Usually, the pieces of the sofa are attached with screws or latches. First, take them off and then you can pull the pieces apart. Do remember which piece goes where. 

It’s a short overview. In this content, I’ve described every step in detail. So, keep reading!

Things to Remember Before You Take the Sofa Apart

Before you go and take your sofa apart. You should make some preparations. The first thing is, where do you plan to set the sofa? After you take it apart it is going to be a mess. But consider the type of sofa. Sectional sofas are the opposite of one cushion sofas.

You’ll be needing a screwdriver to take the sofa apart. Also, an extra pair of hands will save you a lot of time. It will also save you from back pain. Sectional sofas can weigh a lot. Moving them alone can be tough.

Other than a screwdriver, you might need a few other tools. Such as an Allen wrench, hammer, and pliers.

Every sofa is different. So I do recommend you to read the menial first before you do anything. This will make sure you don’t break any part of the sofa. Usually, there are connections between each part. It can be connected with a screw or just a latch. 

Also, turn off any electrical outlet if there are any behind the sofa. Take off any plugs. Because it can break when you move the sofa. And one bad outlet can affect others in the house. 

How to Take the Sofa Apart with 4 Easy Steps

Taking apart the sofa involves 5 steps. Each of them is really important but not too tough. Let’s get them.

Step 1: Take the Cushions off

Remove the cushions and pillows from the sofa. Otherwise, it won’t be possible for you to find the connections between the sofas. 

Each part may have different types of cushions. So do remember which part goes where. This way it will be easier to re-install them back. 

But if the cushions are permanently attached, take the sofa apart with the cushions. In that case, each of the cushions makes the full sofa. 

Step 2: Find the Connection Between Each Section

Now that the cushions are off. The connections are easily accessible. Most of the time the connections are located at the corner of each section. 

But your sofa might be different. Look for any latch at the sides of each piece. Also, if the sofa is connected with screws, look for the connections behind the sofa. 

Step 3: Take the Connections Off

Since you know now where the connections are, this part is easy. Just take them off. The second pair of hands will come in handy now. 

If the sofas are connected with screws, you might be able to do it alone. But if it is a latch system, do take help. While holding the rest of the sofa. Pick the piece which you want to remove. 

Use the screwdriver to take the screws off. If there are bolts and nuts off, use the Allen wrench and the hammer.

If you need a screwdriver to take the connections off, you can try out these screwdrivers. They are really easy to work with:


These screwdrivers have a really nice grip. With these, you can take the connections off easily. 

If the connectors are at the corner, remove the screws and push them away.

Step 4: Detach All the Parts

Now that the connections are taken off. You can easily take the sofa off. 

A sectional sofa has multiple seats. So do remember which seat goes where. Or otherwise, you’ll find it difficult to put them back together. 

Each of the pieces of the sofa will come off when you pull them upwards. If your sofa is connected through side latches, grab onto the handle or from below. Then push it upwards so that they come apart.

Normally there are 2 different pieces on two different sides of the sofa. Keep these two apart and remember which sofa belongs to which side.

Step 5: Label the Pieces

It can be hard to remember which part goes where. That’s why it is better to label each of the sofa pieces.

Number each of the parts you take apart from the sofa. You can put the screws in a box with the sofa after taking them apart.

If you are planning to keep the sofa in storage, put the cushions back on the sofa. And tie them onto the frame. But if the cushions can be attached with velcro, you don’t need to worry about them getting lost. 

That’s everything you need to do to take apart the sofa. Be careful while taking it apart. You can easily hurt your lower back while moving the sofa. 

How Not to Damage the Sofa When You’re Taking it Apart

You must be aware of a few things when you are disassembling the sofa. Don’t pull on any piece of the sofa before disconnecting the latches. Otherwise, you might break the connections.

If you break any latches, they can be replaced easily. But why damage it in the first place. The same goes for the screws. Don’t pull the pieces before taking the screws off.

Always keep the screws in a safe place. Also, remember to keep different sizes of screws separated. Otherwise, they might not fit back when you are placing the sofa back. 

Usually, the bottom of the sofa has a cloth lining. Which is stapled to the wooden frame of the sofa. It is really sensitive. The cloth is there, so that dust cannot get inside. Be aware of it. It can be easily torn apart.

Leather sectional sofas are usually really heavy. Do take help when you are moving them. Otherwise, you might damage them. Leather sectional sofas cost a lot to repair. 


Can I leave each of the pieces by itself as single sofas?

Answers: Yes you can. But only if the single pieces have their own feet. 

Can the latches be taken off from the sofa?

Answer: The latches can be taken off from the sofa. Usually, the latches are attached with screws below or behind the sofa. 

Can sectional sofas turn into beds?

Answer: Yes you can. There are dedicated convertible sectional sofas. But you can align them as a bed by yourself as well. 


That is everything you need to know about how to take apart a sectional sofa. You should be able to take apart the sofa now using this method. 

follow the instruction manual booklet for your sofa. Because not all sofas are the same. 

Good luck with your sofa!