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Toilet Flange Higher Than Floor [Fix-It With 7-Steps]

A toilet flange higher than the floor level can cause quite a few issues. For example, it would be rocking or emanating water in the base. This can lead to further issues if not fixed properly.

How to deal with toilet flanges higher than floor?

To fix the height level of the toilet flange, you’ve to replace it. Because the flange can’t be cut from its original size. You’ve to find alternatives to match the level. The best option is to replace the flange with a new one. For this, remove the toilet fitting first. Install a new flange to get the right height afterward. 

That was only a little part of the whole process. We’ve explained the whole procedure in detail to you.

Let’s begin!

How To Fix Toilet Flange That Is Too High?

Sometimes the flange plumbers add to your toilet is not of the right size. Over time the flange inhibits dirt. Which can lead to the flange getting higher than its original size. Due to this your toilet would be rocking or leaking water.

Fixing this problem is a must in this kind of situation. To do that there are a few steps you’ve to follow properly. We’re gonna tell you in detail how to do it. But before that, these are the tools you’re gonna need- 

  • A new flange
  • Hammer
  • Chisel
  • Wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Screw gun
  • Pipe cutter
  • Drill

Got all of them? Let’s start!

Step-1: Remove The Toilet Fitting

For changing the toilet flange, you need to remove the whole toilet fitting first. Start with removing all the water from the toilet. Use a vacuum to remove the water from the toilet tank and the bowl.

Once done, turn off the toilet water supply line. Use a wrench to remove the toilet shut-off valve. Disconnect it from the supply line pipe afterward.

Unscrew the nuts on the closet bolts with a screwdriver. If there’s a grout line, break them off with a chisel. Once all of it breaks you can lift the toilet to another place.

Step-2: Take Off The Old Flange

It’s time to say goodbye to the old flange. Firstly, take off the wax ring from the closet bolts of the flange. Check if the wax ring is with or without a funnel and remove it accordingly. Most toilet wax rings are without a funnel. So, it’s easy to remove them.

Pull out the screws that are attaching the flange with the ground. Now, try to uplift the flange from its position. 

Chances are that you’ll feel resistance to pull it off the ground. Due to rust, dirt, and other buildups it gets stuck. Use a hammer and chisel to remove the upper part of the flange.

Step-3: Cut The Old Pipe

Now that the upper part is gone,  remove the lower pipe too. Otherwise, the new flange is not going to fit in the position.

To remove the pipe,  use a pipe cutter. In case you don’t have one,  go for a Dremel. Use the same type of Dremel that cuts ductwork

Now, be careful with cutting the pipe. Because you don’t wanna damage the main PVC pipeline. Otherwise, a water leaking issue will arise. Just make sure to cut off the pipe from the old flange part.

Remove any dirt or broken parts that go inside the pipe. Use a vacuum to clean the whole area before installing the new flange.

Step-4: Attach The New Flange

After cutting off the excessive pipe, the new flange’s diameter should fit the hole. Position the flange properly. Now, you’ve to attach screws to hold it down firmly to the ground.

The screws should come with the new flange. But make sure the screws are waterproof. You can use stainless steel or decking screws. Here are a few recommendations for you-


These products are safe to use for the toilet flange. Use a drill to make space for the screws. Attach the screws tightly to the ground afterward.

Step-5: Install The Toilet

Set the closet bolts on the new flange. Now, you’ve to attach a wax ring to the flange. You can use the old one. But there are many reasons to replace the wax ring

For example, the old one can be damaged. This is why I replaced the old wax ring with a new one. You can use the old one if you want to. But make sure that it’s in good shape.

It’s time to place the toilet on the flange now. Place it properly so that it meets the ground. There’ll be a slight height difference between the toilet and the ground. 

But as long as it’s between ⅜ to ½” there’s nothing to worry about. We’re going to cover it in our next step.

Step-6: Fill The Gap With Grout

Make a grout paste to apply on the borderline of the toilet and ground. Some prefer caulk rather than grout. You can also use silicone instead of grout to make the connection waterproof.

Apply the grout over the gap between the borderline. Make sure it’s reaching the gap and is placed in an adequate amount. Or else, the connection won’t be strong enough.

Leave them for a day to dry properly. Make sure the grout doesn’t come into contact with water within 24 hours.

Step-7: Final Settings

Attach the toilet shut-off valve with the water supply line. Wrench the joint tightly to prevent any leakage.

Let the toilet tank fill with water first. Then flush the toilet to check if it’s functioning properly. Hopefully, it will. 

And that is how you fix the toilet flange that’s too high from the ground.


Question: Can I raise my flooring to match the toilet flange height?

Answer: Yes, you can. However, it’s a troublesome process that costs unnecessary money. The outcome isn’t even satisfactory all the time. It’s not a long-term solution. Furthermore, your floor might look weird.

Question: What can I use instead of a wax ring?

Answer: You can use wax-free toilet seals. They’re flexible as they’re made out of heavy-duty rubber. They’re reusable. Also, it’s easy to work with.

Question: Can the toilet flange be lower than the floor?

Answer: Sometimes, it can. If the flange is lower below ¼ inch, go for a ¼ or ½” thick PVC flange extenders. Sit it over the flange to raise it slightly above the flooring. If the flange is much less below than ¼”, use extra thick PVC flange extenders.

Final Verdict

Have you been able to fix the toilet flange higher than the floor? Hopefully, you can. Make sure to maintain safety while doing the job.

Good luck with your renovations!