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Does a Toilet Need to Be Level [5-Step Guide]

You’re either setting up a new toilet in your house or your toilet has developed a severe wobble.

You might be wondering why leveling your toilet is so vital.

Does a toilet need to be level?

Yes, absolutely. After all, leveling out a toilet isn’t that difficult. And most homeowners familiar with small jobs can handle them independently. A toilet is not level and continues to sway side to side. The wax seal and flange might be damaged.As a result, there are leaks at the floor.

Do you have a few minutes to spare? To help you adjust to your newfound free time, I’ll go over everything with you in detail.

As a result, I’m hoping you’ll stay a while!

Does a Toilet Need to be Level

A toilet that is not level might leak from the base. A poorly damaged wax seal will discharge waste even if you can’t see it. 

Although the leak may not be visible, a severely broken seal will release waste. As a consequence, it’s critical to ensure that your toilet remains level when it’s installed. The following are some of the reasons why you’re leaking toilets. Which is a major source of concern in your household.

For starters, it’s highly unsanitary. Recall that the water pouring through the wax seal isn’t just water; it also includes garbage.

Aside from that, the floor all around the toilet will be ruined. And, finally, the flooring in the vicinity of your toilet. The wood may become severely weakened. As a result, the entire bathroom’s construction is jeopardized.

Furthermore, your toilet is on a floor just above the basement. While the seeping waste might harm the ceiling.

Yes, your toilet must be level in order to maintain your house warm. And also in good working order.

Why Unlevel Toilet is a Serious Issue

To keep your home secure and in excellent repair, your toilet must be level. Some of the causes why a leaking toilet is a major issue are listed below:

  • It’s quite unclean. Water isn’t the only thing seeping from the wax seal. It also has garbage in it.
  • The floor surrounding your toilet, as well as the rafters near your toilet, will be harmed. The wood might rot to the point that the bathroom’s entire structure is compromised.
  • If your toilet is located above the basement, leaking feces might harm the ceiling.

It should be leveled as well. If this is not precisely flat, it’ll rock and is more prone to leak throughout time.

Reasons For An Unlevel Toilet

Maybe your toilet was level for years and then became unlevel. Maybe it wasn’t level once it was put in. Whatever the situation may be, understand some of the possible causes of your toilet’s unleveling. Which may assist you in making the proper repairs.

Uneven Floor: It’s rather common for the flooring to be uneven. Even just a slightly loose floor might pose problems for your toilet, especially in older homes.

Flange issues: The flange must be put above the floor rather than below it. Bolts should be used to secure the flange, which should not be broken or corrupted.

Unfastened Bolts: Loose bolts cause the toilet to tilt. 

These are the most common causes of a toilet that isn’t level.

There are various designs of toilets. I’ve compiled a list of excellent toilets. These are of good quality and at a reasonable price:

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I hope this information aids you in selecting an appropriate toilet!

How to Make Your Toilet Level

Once your toilet has already been installed and begins to wobble when you use it. Finding the cause of the problem is straightforward, but it is a lengthy procedure. But don’t worry, you don’t need to be an expert mechanic to fix the shaky toilet.

You may just need to make minor modifications based on how uneven your toilet is. In rare circumstances, you may need to disassemble the toilet. If you have the required equipment, you can easily level it all by yourself.

Step 1: Examine the Toilet’s Current Level

Before you start correcting the problem, make sure your toilet is level. Also on top of the toilet tank, install a short level, including a two-foot level. Then raise the level till the bubbles are sandwiched between the vial’s two lines.

You can assess how unlevel your toilet is by calculating the length. Between the toilet and both the bottom and top of the level. It should give you a fair idea of the number of shims you’ll need.

Step 2: Removal of the Toilet

Obviously, replacing the toilet is a wet job. You might find it more comfortable to perform this while wearing gloves. Adjust the water supply and remove the tank lid. And place it in a secure spot where it won’t be broken.

Ensure that you flush the toilet to eliminate as much water as possible from the tank. Then, using an old towel or a moist super-absorbent sponge, suck any remaining water from the toilet. Shut off the water and place a bucket beneath the faucet to catch any residual water.

Unbolt the toilet first, then remove it from the floor. Two bolts should be used, on either side of the toilet. The majority of these bolts are protected by a plastic covering.

As a consequence, remove the cover and unscrew the bolts. Then carefully raise the toilet high up and away from the bolts. It’s preferable to use thick plastic sheets or waste bags to protect it.

Step 3: Examine the Wax Seal and the Flange.

To verify if the flange and wax seal has to be changed, you’ll need to replace the wax seal.

Even if wax seals are inexpensive, it’s a good idea to change them as soon as possible. If you like, you can use a foam ring instead of a wax seal.

Step 4: Replacing the Toilet

You may replace the toilet once you’ve resolved all of the concerns. With flange, loose bolts, and wax seal. If the toilet isn’t level due to an uneven floor, you’ll must use fasteners to level it:

Replacing the closet bolt with a lock washer. Set the plastic ring or wax seal in place. You might choose the foam ring over the wax ring because wax rings can be harder to place.

Connect the toilet to the bolts once again. It’s important to have a second pair of eyes to double-check. That the toilet is positioned correctly over the bolts.

If the flooring is the issue, shims can now be placed beneath the low side of the toilet. The shims must not be made of wood since they will deteriorate over time. There are shims made specifically for use beneath toilets. They’re made of plastic, are tiny, and stackable, offering them a practical option.

Step 5: Check the Toilet’s Level Once More

Examine the toilet’s level once more to ensure that any alterations made were effective. After that, the toilet should be fixed to the floor. It’s important to remember to put the bolt cover on since it tends to keep the bolt in place. Attach each side a little at a time instead than pressing one side at a time.

Replace the tank lid with its original position after removing the extra closet bolt. Restore the water supply and flush the toilet a couple of times to make sure it’s working.

Your toilet ought to be wobble-free and operating correctly at this time. After that, mop up any spills. For a complete look, you might wish to use caulk or putty all around the toilet’s base.

These steps you can follow to level your toilet.


Why would you need to shim a toilet?

To function properly, most toilets do not need to be completely level. The toilet will not be harmed by a slightly uneven floor. The only purpose to shim is to close wider gaps between the bowl and the ground surface.

How level does a toilet tank need to be?

While understanding how to regulate the toilet bowl’s water level.Look within the toilet tank for a symbol indicating the right water level. It ought to be 1 to 2 inches underneath the overflow tube and the fill valve.

Should a toilet sit flat on the floor?

Yes, it certainly should. If it is not perfectly flat, it will rock, and it is much more prone to leaking over time. Install toilet shims between the base and the toilet before securing it down. Also, the floor to keep it from swaying.


That’s everything we had regarding your toilet needs to be level. We hope the issue is crystal clear to you now. 

If the problem persists after troubleshooting, get expert help.

Best of luck in resolving the issue!