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What to Do When Your Toilet Sprays Water: A Full Guide

Having your toilet tank spray water can be really hard to deal with.

Because most of the time, it can result in a bigger problem if it’s not fixed.

But with the help of some knowledge, you can fix it yourself! 

How to fix a toilet spraying water?

Toilet flappers can get dirty or broken over time. When that happens, you’ll have to clean or replace the toilet flapper. A damaged fill valve can also cause your toilet to spray water. In that case, the fill valve has to be replaced. Finally, replace the water supply if you notice holes or cracks. 

That was only the brief answer to the entire topic. I have a lot more to add, elaborate on, and explain to you. 

Stay with me if you want to know further about the toilets spraying water and its fixes. 

Troubleshooting A Toilet Tank That Sprays Water: 4 Problems & Solutions

Unlike most problems, toilets spraying water can have multiple reasons. This is unfortunate for sure. But it can still be dealt with through the means of identification. 

Problems like a toilet running water every 5 minutes are pretty common. That’s why identifying the problem is the first step. 

Here, I have listed multiple problems and given elaborate answers on how to fix them. Simply go through the possible problems one by one and check which one matches. 

If there are multiple problems, you can deal with them too!

Problem 1: A Dirty Flapper Often Disrupts the Water Flow

A toilet flapper helps your toilet drain water from the tank to the bowl. It has a contraption mechanism with a chain that can be pulled. 

In simple words, without a well-functioning flapper, there won’t be smooth water flow. It can also get jammed due to extensive dirt around the contraption. Besides dirt, there can also be mineral build-up around the toilet flapper. 

Because of that, your tank may overflow. It can also spray water depending on the situation. That’s why you’ll have to check your toilet’s flapper first.

Solution: Check & Clean the Toilet Flapper

Checking the toilet flapper is really easy. But I’ll still guide you through this. You can start the process by taking off the tank lid. This will expose the tank. 

After that, locate the toilet flapper. It’s a rubber device that covers the flush valve. It’s also attached to the tank handle via chain. You’ll be seeing the device right away. 

The chain has to have the perfect length to let the flapper close the hole. A longer chain may sit under the flapper. This will leak water. 

Flush the toilet and see if the flapper functions properly. It should lift off completely and after the flush, it should sit nicely. But sometimes it’s possible to have your toilet flapper not closing at all

If the flapper is overwhelmed with dirt, these functions won’t be smooth. Cleaning the flapper can be a temporary solution.

You can use a brush or a vinegar solution to clean the toilet flapper. But first, you’ll have to shut the water supply off. Flush the tank and let it become empty. 

When you’re done, get a pair of gloves and start brushing. Doing so will get rid of dirt from the toilet flapper. You can also brush the flapper with vinegar. 

But sometimes, brushing isn’t enough to make the flapper work again. 

Problem 2: Broken Flappers are Culprits Behind Toilet Tank Malfunctions

Sometimes if you’re really unlucky, you may find your flapper broken. It’s not uncommon since it gets used almost every day.

Broken flappers are a prominent reason behind leakage between the toilet tank and bowl. If this is the case, there’s only one possible solution. 

Solution: Replace the Broken Flapper

If the toilet flapper is broken then you’re unlucky and out of options. You could try to make it functional again but it’s quite futile. 

Fortunately, flappers are super easy to install. Turn off the water supply and get all the water out. Remove the flapper by unhooking it and then take it to the nearest store. They’ll give you a similar one right away.

You can also order a toilet flapper online. Here, I have recommended some of my best picks- 

Product 1
Product 2

Simply choose whichever you like and you can get started. They’re compatible with most of the toilets, so it’s not a problem.

Problem 3: Damaged Fill Valve Can Make Your Toilet Spray Water

A fill valve brings water to the tank after you empty it by flushing. Without a doubt, it’s crucial for a toilet’s functionality. 

Your toilet can spray water during a flush if the fill valve is damaged. 

Solution: Replace the Toilet Fill Valve

Take the tank lid off and check if the fill valve is damaged or not. If it’s damaged, you’ll have to replace it. 

First, turn off the water supply. Afterward, flush all the water out. When you’re done, find and disconnect the water supply line. 

To remove the fill valve, you’ll have to remove a lock nut screw. It’s connected to the fill valve. You can unscrew this nut with a plier or a wrench. After unscrewing it, remove the fill valve. 

Take the new fill valve and screw the fill valve into the system. You may have to adjust the fill valve a little bit. If it’s not done correctly, it may stop the tank lid from closing. 

Speaking of fill valves, here are some of my best recommendations-

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You can choose whichever you like more and get it to continue your installation.

Problem 4: Broken Water Supply Ruins the Waterflow

Water supply line is a necessity for a toilet to be working perfectly. Your toilet may spray water if there’s a crack in the supply line.

That’s why you’ll have to consider this a possibility and you can’t rule it out. Luckily, checking a water supply line is pretty easy.

Replacing the water supply line is a little tricky but it’s manageable. 

Solution: Install a New Supply Line

Like the previous solutions, turn off the water supply and empty the tank. After that, you’ll need to get your wrench to begin the replacement. 

There are two hex nuts connected to the old supply nut. Use the wrench to turn the hex nuts counterclockwise. Remove both screws and you can take out the old supply line easily. 

When you’re done, take the new supply line to begin installing. Attach one side of the supply pipe first. Remember to align the supply line before you start screwing it back. 

After that, connect the supply line with the toilet tank and screw the hex nut. This time you’ll turn the screws clockwise. 

When you’re done, take the wrench to tighten the screws. And with that, your supply line is successfully installed. 

Speaking of supply lines, here are my best picks-


You can either choose a stainless steel or plastic supply line as the replacement. But stainless steel is easier to use. 

But the plastic supply lines need to be cut for better adjustments.

These are some of the quick fixes that you can try. These will surely fix your water spray problem. These are quite easy to execute and take little time. 

But if they seem bothersome to you, you can hire an expert. Especially if you haven’t done any plumbing work before, it may seem hard. In such a case, simply call your nearest service!

They’ll send a specialist to your place for inspection. Upon inspection, they’ll tell you what the estimated cost is going to be. 


Why does my toilet sound like water is trickling?

Water trickling sounds are mostly caused due to an old overflow tube. After a long time of usage, it may develop into a crack in the body. When it reaches the fill line, water will start dripping into the bowl. Replace the parts with cracks and it’ll solve the problem. 

How much does it cost to replace a toilet fill valve?

It usually takes between $60 to $150 to replace a fill valve. They can be found everywhere and are easily affordable for everyone. If you replace the fill valve by yourself, it’ll cost less. Because you’ll be skipping the replacement cost.

Do toilet flappers wear out?

Yes, toilet flappers can wear out over time. When it happens, the seal will get weaker and it’ll result in a leakage. It can also wear out due to high mineral deposits or corrosion. When it happens, the old flapper must be replaced. 

Take Away

That was everything I could gather and elaborate on toilet spraying water. I hope that my explanations were enough to solve your curiosities. 

Your toilet may also have a float problem. They’re not as frequent as others but it’s still possible.

In that case, take out the old float and install a new one. It should fix your problem right away. 

Finally, have a nice day!