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Why Is Your Toilet Water Yellow: 3 Reasons and Solutions

Everyone likes hygiene. That’s why everyone likes to maintain a hygienic life. Also, they like the environment around them to be clean. 

And for everyone, most importantly the toilet has to be always clean. But sometimes, you might notice that your toilet water has become yellow. 

Why is your toilet water yellow? 

Well, there are many reasons why your toilet water could be yellow. Such as your toilet tank could be rusty. Or if you leave your toilet unused for a long time. Another reason could be that the water in your area is contaminated. That’s why, after flushing the toilet, your toilet becomes yellow. 

Now, we are going to discuss this issue in more detail. As well as, we are going to know how to get rid of this problem.

Why Is Your Toilet Water Yellow?

Sometimes we might see the toilet water turn yellow even after the toilet gets cleaned regularly. 

It doesn’t look clean if our toilet has yellow water sitting in there. So, we would think “why is my toilet water yellow all of a sudden?”

We already know there are a lot of reasons why sometimes you might see yellow toilet water. But why would toilet water be yellow? 

Some of the reasons are written below. 

Reason 1: Toilet Tank Became Rusty

Toilet tank can become rusty if it’s not getting cleaned regularly. So, if I don’t clean the toilet tank, I might start seeing yellow water in the toilet. 

Suppose, a toilet tank built up rusts in its wall. If that happens, the particles of the rust will come out with every flush. And these particles will make the water yellow. 

That’s why we will see yellow water in the toilet bowl. Sometimes you might see some brown stains on the bottom of the toilet bowl as well.

Reason 2: Water Standing in the Toilet Bowl for a Long Time 

Suppose, we left a toilet unused for a very long time. That means, the water in the toilet bowl won’t be flushed and will stay right there. 

And if that happens, bacteria will start to grow in that water after a certain time. As well as the dust will start to accumulate in the water.  

All these things will make the water really dirty. These things might make the water smell bad as well. And also, the water will change its color and will turn yellow. 

So, if we start using the toilet again, we might see yellow water in the toilet. 

Reason 3: Water Became Contaminated 

Sometimes we might see yellow water in the toilet bowl even after everything is fine. In that case, the reason might be water contamination. 

Well, water contamination can happen in many ways. And this contaminated water can enter the pipe through which we get the water. This usually happens if the pipe has any leakage in it. 

If the pipe water becomes contaminated, we get that water whenever we turn on the tap. As this water is contaminated, the water turns yellow sometimes. 

And that’s why whenever we flush our toilet, we see yellow water in the toilet bowl. 

Now, we know what yellow toilet water means. But, the problem is, nobody would like to use a toilet which has yellow water. 

Because it looks dirty. And it’s very important to maintain a clean toilet. We have to fix this problem. 

Now, we’re going to know what to do if toilet water is yellow.


Discolored water in the toilet bowl doesn’t look clean. You might want to know how to get rid of yellow water in the toilet.

Here are some things in this table that we will need for removing the yellow toilet water:

Types of ReasonsTools We Need
Rusty toilet tank solutionRubber gloves, old toothbrush, nylon sponge, detergent, toilet cleaner, toilet brush
Standing water solution Rubber gloves, detergent, toilet cleaner, toilet brush

Here are some ways to fix yellow toilet water.

Rusty Toilet Tank Solution 

Suppose I’m noticing yellow water in the toilet bowl. And the reason behind it is the rusty toilet tank. 

In that case, I have to clean the rust of the toilet tank. It can also help to remove the brown water in the toilet

I have to follow some steps to get rid of the rust on the toilet tank. 

Step 1: Gathering Tools That I Need

In the first place, I will need a pair of rubber gloves. And then I will need an old toothbrush. After that, I will need a nylon sponge as well.

Here are some best nylon sponge in the market:


Next, I will need detergent. Either it could be a liquid detergent or powder detergent. Then, I will need a toilet cleaner. And lastly, I will need a toilet brush. 

Step 2: Turning Off the Tank’s Tap 

First, I will wear gloves on my hands. Then I will turn off the tap to stop the water from filling the tank. After that, I will lift up the lid of the toilet tank. 

Step 3: Rubbing Off the Rust with Toothbrush 

Then I will take the old toothbrush and rub off the rusts with it. There might be rust on the wall of the tank. 

Also there might be rust on the other particles of the tank as well. I have to rub all those places gently to remove the rust with the toothbrush. 

Step 4: Cleaning the Tank with Nylon Sponge

Then I will take the nylon sponge. After that, I will rub on the rust a little bit harsly with it. It will help to remove the rust properly. 

Step 5: Cleaning the Tank With Detergent

Lastly, I will either take the liquid detergent or the powder detergent. Then I will clean the tank with it. And then I will wash off the detergent with water. 

Step 6: Turning on the Tank’s Tap

After I’m done cleaning the tank, I will put the lid back on the tank. Then, I will turn on the tap of the tank. 

Step 7: Washing the Toilet Bowl

Meanwhile, I will wash the toilet bowl with the toilet cleaner. Also, I will need the toilet brush for scrubbing the toilet bowl. 

And then, when the water will fill the tank again, I will flush the toilet. Sometimes it might happen that the toilet won’t fill with water.

It should remove the yellow water from the toilet bowl. 

Standing Water Solution 

Here are some steps to get rid of the standing water from the toilet. 

Step 1: Turning Off the Tank’s Tap

First, I will have to wear rubber gloves on my hands. Next, I will have to stop the tap of the water tank of the toilet. 

Then I will have to flush so that all the water comes out of the tank. 

Step 2: Cleaning the Tank

When the tank is empty, I will have to clean the tank properly. 

Step 3: Turning on the Tank’s Tap

Then I will turn on the tap of the tank. This is when the tank can be filled with water again.

Step 4: Washing the Toilet Bowl

In the meantime, I will have to wash the toilet bowl with the toilet cleaner. Also, I will need the toilet brush for scrubbing the toilet bowl.

Step 5: Flushing the Toilet

Lastly, when the tank is full, I will flush the toilet. This will make the yellow toilet water go away.

These are some different types of solutions which we can try. If we follow these steps, we might get rid of the yellow toilet water.


How can I whiten my toilet without bleaching it?

You can whiten your toilet by using a homemade spray. In that case, you won’t have to bleach the toilet. You can make that homemade spray with the same amounts of water, baking soda, and vinegar. This spray will whiten your toilet. 

Why is my toilet water orange?

Your toilet water might be orange because of rust. Maybe you’re using water which has a lot of iron in it. That’s why your toilet particles got rusty. So, your toilet water got mixed up with the rust and turned orange. 

How can I make my toilet water clear?

You can make your toilet water clear by cleaning the toilet tank. Just put some white vinegar into the tank. The vinegar will get mixed with the water which will make a solution. Leaving the solution there for 11 – 12 hours will do the work.  


Hope you know why your toilet water is yellow. So, you just have to find out the reason why it’s happening. 

Then you just have to follow the particular steps for solving the problem. After that, you can get rid of the yellow toilet water very easily. 

Good luck!