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How Long Does It Take To Trench 500 Feet [Explained]

You might have found trenching a bit difficult while operating tools! Wanna know the proper measurements or calculations that your trench may require? I got you! 

In this article, I will try to keep you updated on each trenching type. By the end of this, you will understand exactly how much time a particular trenching may take!

How long does it take to trench 500 feet? 

Generally, it may take half of the day to dig 100 feet of trench. Then, you must be relating what 500 feet of trenching can do, right? All you need is to multiply the linear feet number by 0.12! Along with that, the timing of installing dug, pipe laid, etc., will be counted afterwards.

Got a couple of minutes? To make your time worthy, I will show you an in-depth review of the trenching!

Therefore, I’m hoping you will stick around! 

Way To Make A Trench

Before moving to the time period of trenching, let me brief you on an in-depth process. It covers how you should approach while trenching stepwise. 

Trenching can be done by hand too! But we’ll focus on the ‘via trencher’ process here.

Follow the steps for your ease-

Step 1: Prerequisites

Let me spill you a tip initially! Never forget to call toll-free ‘Diglines’ before starting digging. This one vital call will keep you secured afterwards. 

Especially, if you’re from the US or Canada, make it to ‘911’! Locating buried power lines, and other utilities is their duty. Along with that, the chances of getting seriously injured can be reduced. 

Step 2: Choosing The Trenching Size

Knowing what volume you have got for trenching is a must. You can save a lot of time in this manner. 

As a result, marking widths, lengths, and trenching routes get cleared. 

Using sandbags or other types of markers can help you understand the path’s outline. Here’s a tip-

Always check pipes so that the width of trenching can be made accordingly.

Step 3: Choosing Tools

What this step brings up is your expertise. Always try to stick with professional help. Also, it’s better to use professional machines rather than using hands.

I suggest picking a good handy machine! If you have got a big area to the trench, don’t be deciding later. 

To help you, I tried mentioning some good-quality and lightweight trenchers: 

Product 1
Product 2

Meanwhile, the budget might put you in trouble. But there are a lot of budget-friendly professional tools out there. 

A walk-behind trencher is suitable enough as it digs more than 3 feet deep. Ride-on trenchers may require a professional entity of yours.

You can ask for professional help on toilet leaks while tub drains too!

Step 4: Determining To Rent Machines

Go find your nearby stores! These hardware stores highly offer extended options for renting machines. Usually, the price of trenchers goes from $70-$200/day. 

Want less trouble? Checking out online sites for affordable trenchers can be a good option then. 

Step 5: Taking Safety Precautions

Using a trencher for the first time? If not, still I recommend checking safety precautions. Factors such as trench stability, footing techniques, soil consistency, etc., influence the process. 

Also, never forget to wear safety glasses. Soil made of rock forces gravel or grit to become airborne. And chain digging rotation may put you in danger too.

Step 6: Learning Machine To Operate

You don’t know which mechanism is inside what you’re renting. Due to the variation from model to model, you won’t get everything familiar. 

Keeping a proper idea of the basics may save you. Functions such as ignition switches, chokes, and engagement levers highly manipulate trenchers. 

Along with these, keep in mind the machine’s demonstration. 

You can also explore how to install a subpanel for garages!

Step 7: Not To Leave Machines Running

Keep avoiding running the machine while people roam around. Requiring debris to clear away? 

Do other things once you shut the machine off. That’s why I recommend not to leave it running while you are not working on it.

Step 8: Engage Your Trencher

Lastly, start pulling the engagement switch. Also, walk gradually rearward along your conspired trench path. 

Many users get themselves in danger while walking backwards. Clearing large roots or stones by hand does a lot to avoid jeopardy. 

That’s not all! Let me show you how long does it take to trench 500 feet!

Also, cleaning issues have always been there! You can see the cleaning process of mold off basement walls too!

How Much Time A 500 Feet Trench Requires

There’s no specific time that a 500 feet trenching may require. But overall, you won’t need more than 12 hours for proceeding 100 feet. 

In this manner, the amount of feet you are trenching is required 0.12 to multiply. 

Relevantly, the labor period results in 60 hours after 0.12 multiply 500 feet. You must be needing more than two days overall to complete 500 feet of trenching.

Despite this, I recommend booking more time to do that. It’s almost uncertain whether any pipe laid or stones issues will occur or not! 

For better precaution, get more time in your pocket. As a result, the labor period won’t get frustrating indeed. 

You can also keep some factors in mind while digging a trench faster!

Time Comparison Between Various Feet

I suggest you have a close look to understand its calculation. As a result, you may find foot measurement quite easier the next time.

Feet VarietiesEstimated Time
100 feet12 hours
200 feet24 hours
300 feet36 hours
500 feet60 hours

Got the trick now? With this chart, I’m wrapping up the discussion! It’s time to find frequent answers.


Question: Are trenchers worth the buy?

Answer: Yes, these tools make things a no-brainer as less effort is needed here. Especially, working on rocky or obstacle-filled places, trenchers save a lot of time. As the iterations are quite bigger here, it can keep your work more user-friendly. Mostly, these are largely available and cost-effective.

Question: Can I utilize chainsaws instead of trenchers to dig?

Answer: Though chainsaws handle varieties of work, you can utilize them in trenches. It directs users to an easy-going way to go through dirt and all. But chainsaws may lose their lifespan and performance. Also, these are less powered. And you barely find this tool as an alternative due to overpricing.

Question: On which factors does a trencher depend on?

Answer: It initially requires maintaining two things. Firstly, what soil you are about to dig. How reasonable the chain is another fact. If I consider a trencher having almost 70 HP, it can dig up to 50 inches. Operations find no struggle while having no stones, or even no below-ground pipes to cross. 

Final Words

How long does it take to trench 500 feet you feel now? Hopefully, you got the answer. That’s all that I tried to put together. 

Also, in-detailed processes, and usages of tools, are some of the things that I’ve covered.

Fixed it but still have difficulties? Call a professional and shoot your problems.

Good luck!