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How to Turn A Samsung Ice Maker On and Off! Rise of The Planet of The Ice Maker

Sunny day with chilled refreshment, a perfect combo! 

Sadly there’s no ice and you don’t know how to turn on the ice maker. The pain and thirst, I can really feel for you.

How to turn a Samsung ice maker on and off?

Turning a Samsung ice maker on or off is a systematic process. For the Samsung refrigerator, there’s a control panel right beside the door with a button. You can press that button to activate the ice maker. Different models of refrigerators have different procedures in this case.

To turn the ice maker on or off, you need to know more precisely. At least, I would’ve needed a bit more knowledge.

Guess who’s here to help you? Me! I have explained the procedure explicitly in this article, just for you.

Shake a leg and start the party!

Unboxing The Procedure

It may sound like flicking a switch, but turning an ice maker on or off is a bit more complicated than that. 

It’s a combo of procedures that you have to go through.

Bring It On

Let’s look at how to get the ice maker alive. 

Technically, it’s almost the same for all Samsung refrigerators. Get to the control panel. Look for the activator button, then press it. That’s it! 

Here’s the catch. Based on the position of the control panel, this can be different.

When the Panel is Beside The Door

If you have a french, even side by side Samsung refrigerator, you can follow this procedure. 

Open the door. You will find a control panel right beside the door. There are several buttons. Press the lock button and hold it for 3 seconds. 

This unlocks the control command for you. You will find a button labeled, “Ice maker”. 

Press and hold it for 3 seconds. If the ice maker was off, it would get on.

It’s A Top Mounted Refrigerator

The procedure is for any top-mounted refrigerator. In this case, press the “power-freeze” button. Hold it for three seconds. 

This way, a light beside the button lights up. When such happens, the ice maker of your refrigerator gets on.

These are the common ways you can turn the ice maker on. Applicable for almost all Samsung refrigerators. 

An Alternative Approach

There is another way to turn on the ice maker as well! 

Every ice maker has a separate display panel. This display helps to select the ice type, “cubed”, “crushed” or “No Ice”. These are the options you will find usually. 

You can activate the “cubed” or “crushed” ice mode. The ice maker rises thereby!

How to Shut Down The Ice Maker

You have opened the ice maker, but it’s time to turn it off. Relax! You don’t need to pull off the plug and turn off the refrigerator

It’s kind of the reverse, compared to the process of turning the ice maker “on”. Here’s what I got for you.

Refrigerators with Side Panel

This is exactly the vice versa of the activation. 

Hold the lock for approximately 3 seconds. In the same way, use the “ice-maker” button.

If the ice forger will shut down immediately. You will see the ice maker button showing “off” notation.

Speaking of Top Mount Refrigerator

Hold the “power-freeze” button and hold it for 3 seconds. Just like the way you turned on the ice maker. If the ice maker is on, it will turn off and your work will be done.

Another thing you can do is while using the ice maker, cycle through and select “no-ice” mode. This way, your ice maker will turn off. Once and for all!

There you go! If you are concerned about why your ice maker is not turning off, you know how to, now.


You know the steps to wake your ice maker. You know how to shut it off. 

This is not the end actually.  

You must keep a thing or two in your mind about the activation or deactivation of the ice builder. 

Watch Out for The Lock

Samsung refrigerators normally come off with a lock button. This is given usually to avoid anything going wrong and your refrigerator stops cooling

You may wonder why the ice maker is not operating even after pressing the button? 

Check the lock if you have pressed it or not. If not, then press the lock button first.

Check The Connection

Check if the ice maker is connected with your refrigerator or not. There’s a wire to connect the ice maker with the refrigerator. 

You can remove the ice maker wire for various reasons. Put the wire back once your work is done. 

If not, you may push the button but the ice maker won’t get on.

Press and Hold

Not only press but also hold the button. You have pressed the button but you did not hold it. The ice maker won’t operate. 

Press and hold the button. If you only press the on or off button, there is a high possibility that the button may work for a different function. 

What if it resets the ice maker?

Remember to both press and hold the button, therefore.

Once you are aware of these things, you don’t need to give it a second thought.

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Question: Will my ice maker stop if it gets filled?

Answer: Ice maker stopping if filled depends on the type of refrigerator you are using. For most refrigerators, there’s a sensor that automatically gets the ice maker turned off. No need to do anything manually. Beware! Some cheap refrigerators may not have such functions. 

Question: Is it necessary to shut down the ice maker?

Answer: To save both your space and energy, always turn off the ice maker when not needed. Ice makers consume energy to produce ice. Unnecessary usage of the ice maker can be a waste of both time and energy. You can save the space of your ice maker as well by using the ice maker only when necessary.

Question: Is there any way to test the Samsung ice maker?

Answer: Yes, you can. It’s a built-in process for testing ice makers. There’s a button for a reset at the cover of the ice maker. Press and hold that button for some time. You will hear a beep sound. That’s when the testing of the ice maker begins!

Final Countdown

End of the journey it is! If you came this far, then you know how to turn a Samsung ice maker on and off. If your head is gobbled up with the fact, seek professional advice.

Till then have a blast.

The ice maker is on, how about some cold beer?