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Which Way To Turn Vertical Blinds For Privacy [A Detailed Guide]

Vertical blinds are one of the most effective ways to ensure privacy. Keeping your blinds fully closed will give you the highest privacy. Different ways can give you different advantages as well.

Which way to turn vertical blinds for privacy?

Turning the vertical blinds fully right or left will close the view completely. This will give you the most privacy. You can keep it partially open for having other benefits sacrificing a bit of privacy. Lastly, while keeping the blinds closed, you can also make changes and get other advantages. 

Well, don’t worry if you’re still confused! We’ve got your back. We’ve explained everything about turning your vertical blinds for privacy in this article.

Without further ado let’s get started!

Vertical Blinds for Privacy

Vertical blinds are mostly used in offices and living rooms of households. You want privacy while doing an official meeting of some sort.

The same goes for a family gathering in your living room. So privacy is a must and vertical blinds can give you that while looking stylish.

They are considered classy and also very functional in everyday use. Vertical blinds offer many other advantages along with privacy. They are also very functional and practical because of their versatile and easy usage.

Ways to Turn Your Blinds for Privacy

The way you should keep your vertical blinds completely depends on your preference.

The two directions you can keep your vertical blinds are right or left. However, there are also additional factors to consider when turning your blind right or left.

You can set it up in different ways depending on your needs.

For instance, if you want heat insulation then turn the convex side inward. If you want to keep your place chilly, do the opposite.

You may set it up in various ways that involve a number of different factors.

Wondering what those are? Read along to know more.

Fully closed

Turning your blinds fully left or right will give you absolute privacy. It will close the window and won’t let any light get into the room.

Therefore, you may find yourself needing to turn on the lights during the day. This isn’t energy-efficient and can cost you more in electricity bills.

Both sides of the blind have different perks. If you want good heat insulation in your room then turn the blind fully left. This way the convex side of the blind will be inward.

This will allow more heat into your room. Or, if you get yourself a heater then it won’t be a concern for you. Trying out an efficient ceramic heater can be quite beneficial. So, this is suitable in times of winter. 

If you wish to keep your room cool, turn the blind fully right. So that the convex side of the blind stays outwards.

Since the convex side is the reflective part it will reflect light. Also, it will not let the heat come into your room that easily. 

This is very handy during the summer. So, set up your blinds following your needs at that time. This way you can have the highest utility from the blinds while ensuring privacy.

If you want privacy, this is the ideal alternative.

Partially Open or Close

You can turn slightly right from a fully closed state to partially open it. This will let the light come in and also give you a decent level of privacy.

It also relies on the types of rooms in which the vertical blinds are installed.

You can adjust the angle of the blinds to have a perfect balance. The angle determines the direction from which others can peek inside. It also determines the amount of light it will let in.

This is a great method to find a balance between exposure and privacy.

You can adjust the angle to block viewing from the outside from a specific direction. This helps you to stop the unwanted peaker while letting you see the outside.

Another thing to remember at nighttime is to adjust your blinds. Even in the daytime, you can keep it partially open while keeping privacy. At night time that is not possible.

People can look inside very easily through partially open blinds at night. Therefore, at night time it’s best to keep your blinds fully closed.

This will fulfill your need for privacy without making your room dark in the daytime.

Additional Factors to Consider

There are a few factors that you should consider while turning your vertical blind. Those are:

Heat Insulation

One of the most crucial features of a vertical blind is heat insulation. Some may even use vertical blinds just for heat insulation.

Turning blinds keeping heat insulation in mind is the key to maximizing utility.

Slat Material

The material which the slats are made of can play a vital role.

For instance, if the material is slightly or very transparent. It might not give you the privacy you are looking for. For various uses, you may select blinds made of various materials.

Mesh, for example, may provide privacy while still allowing light to pass through. Fabric slats, on the other hand, are more visually pleasing and easier to clean.

Light Adjustment

Vertical blinds are great for adjusting light into your room in the daytime.

Keeping the blinds fully open will let a lot of light come in. On the contrary, keeping the blinds closed will do the opposite.

You can also tinker with its angles for light adjustments according to your need.

Easy to Clean

Vertical blinds have the benefit of not becoming dusty as quickly as horizontal blinds. Even if it occurs, the salt may be simply removed and cleaned. You can wash them with any abrasive cleaner for stubborn dirt. 

So, these are some of the things to think about while using your vertical blind.


Question: Is there any specific kind of blind good for privacy?

Answer: Yes. There are some blinds that are made to offer the highest privacy. Blackout blinds, Venetian blinds, Roman blinds, Plantation shutters are some of them. These blinds can give you 100% privacy.

Question: How to fix vertical blinds not turning?

Answer: The most common problem for vertical blinds are slats getting stuck with another slat. This problem causes the blind to get stuck and not turn. It occurs very often but is very easy to fix. Check for any slat getting over another slat in the wrong direction. If there is any, gently push it back where it was earlier.

Question: What to do if the slot of a slat gets torn?

Answer: This is also a very common issue with blinds but can be fixed easily. Simply turn the slat upside down. Then cut out a similar size of the hole of a slat on the upper end. Then hang it up with the newly cut hole.


That’s all from our side. Now you know which way to turn vertical blind for privacy. Also, how you can adjust the blinds according to your needs.

We hope we were able to clear up all of your concerns.  If you do have any queries, do let us know in the comments below.

We’ll see you in the next one!