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How To Unlock A Bedroom Door Without A Key? [6 Easy Ways]

Left your key inside the bedroom and now you can’t unlock your door? You must be pretty confused as to what needs to be done. Calling a locksmith for this can be the ultimate solution. But how about you try to unlock the door on your own?

How to unlock a bedroom door without a key?

There are 6 easy ways to get this done. You can use equipment instead of keys. You can also drill your way in or use a hammer to open it. Removing the hinges or lubricating the keyhole is also an option. These might help you unlock the door but need to repair the locks again.

Just knowing the methods might not be enough to help you out. We have a guide that may fit just right for you to unlock the bedroom door.

How To Unlock a Bedroom Door Without a Key?

Leaving your key behind while locking the door can be a pretty troublesome scenario. It gets worse if you can’t unlock the door yourself and require help from a locksmith. You’d have to wait for hours though.

But today, we’ll provide some tricks that can help you unlock your door in the shortest time.

Using Different Types of Equipment

You can make use of other tools to unlock your bedroom door. Now, this may not work for all types of locks so pick your tools accordingly. 

Bobby Pins

You’ll need two bobby pins bent into a certain shape for unlocking keyholes. Bend one pin near the fulcrum so it’s perpendicular to the two free ends. Place this section of the keyhole at the bottom. Make a straight long piece with the first. Bend the second fulcrum part of the pin. 

To make a pick, slightly curve one end. Make sure to place it at the very top of the keyhole. Then it locks/unlocks the door.

Thin Wire or Rod

This method works on doors that have “privacy handles”, locked by a button pressed in the handle. On the doorknob, look for a little hole. Hammer a paper clip flat or insert a very little butter knife, thin wire, or rod. 

Push it as far as you can straight through, then twist it in different directions. Do this until it catches a groove to open the lock.

Screw Drivers

A screwdriver, small and thin, is another useful tool. It is used on internal doors or doors with privacy handles. Simply, press the screwdriver straight into the hole in the doorknob. Then, using the screwdriver, spin or twist the lock until it opens. 

You want to slide a slotted screwdriver between the bolt and the frame. Then you can open a spring lock. Then wriggle the screwdriver back and forth. Do it until the lock is pushed back into the door. 

Lock Picking Set

You can also use a lockpicking set to try to pick the lock yourself. To pick a lock, you’ll need a lockpicking set. The set also comes with a variety of hooks and rakes to reach any type of lock. 

To ensure optimum durability and efficiency, use a high-quality lockpicking set. You must know how to pick the lock; otherwise, your efforts would go  in vain. 

Here are some suggestions for lockpicking sets in case you need one:

Product 1
Product 2

There are two methods for the lock picking set to use. One is the scrubbing method and the other is the pin by pin method. Whichever technique is suitable, you can apply to open locked doors.


Knives are surprisingly good equipment to use for opening a jammed or locked door. But using a sharp knife may cause accidents. 

We would recommend using a butter knife or a spreader to avoid accidents. They aren’t sharp but thick enough to tolerate the pressure implied on them. 


It won’t work with deadbolts, but it will with spring locks (the slanted ones that are part of a handle). Grab a keycard that’s cheap and doesn’t matter to you. It’s ideal to use a flexible laminated card.

It should be forced between the lock to frame and flush with the frame. Bend it back, pressing the lock into the door. This will allow it to open.

There’s a chance that there isn’t enough space between the lock and the frame.Then wedge it between the door. Then frame above the lock. Swipe down fast while angling a thicker durable card toward the frame. 

Remove the Hinges

Wedge a flat-head screwdriver between the bottom knuckle and the pin. A hammer should be used to tap the screwdriver’s handle downward. When the head and pin are free enough, remove them. 

But remember, not all the hinges work the same way, for example, for cabinet hinges.

Carry on with the rest of the hinges not coming out quickly in the same manner. You might be able to force the pin out with a Phillips head screwdriver. 

Drill the Lock Away

But what to do when the lock is stuck,  no way left to release it? One option is drilling the lock or the area around it to open the door. You can use the m7 or m42 drill bits for this.

Start the process by drilling over the keyhole. After that, apply oil in the bits before starting to drill.

Finally, pry open the internal cylinder of the lock with a screwdriver. Insert it into the newly drilled hole. The lock will be damaged as a result of this technique. The door will not be harmed.

It’s time to drill around the lock if the door still won’t open. To loosen the wood, drill a few critical spots, then push the door open. Drilling a door may remove a jammed lock. This may require the purchase of a new door.

Use a Hammer to Break the Lock

This is your last resort. In most circumstances, you’d be better off calling a locksmith or the local fire station’s non-emergency line. If you need to get out quickly, smash the doorknob. Or lockdown repeatedly until it separates from the door.

Other than using a hammer, some prefer using clutches. You can choose whichever you like.

Lubricate the Keyhole

Lubrication works like graphite powder instead of oil. It will cause the lock to jam even more after it dries out. Pouring just a single, brief spray or squeeze into the keyhole should help. If you’re stuck in a room, use any oil you have or rub the key with the tip of a graphite pencil. 

We don’t encourage you to use these tactics though. Using a key will cost less effort and make it much easier. But, there’s a catch. In total there are 9 types of interior doors, so it might not work for all. 


Question: Is there a lock that which cannot be picked?

Answer: Only the carefully constructed key can angle its way to the shielded pin system inside the Bowley Lock system. Because of its unusual shape, which shields the pins from lock picks. The lock has also been engineered to avoid bumping especially for hammers.

Question: How can I keep robbers out of my front door?

Answer:  In 6 ways, you can keep it burglar-proof. It is critical to have security door locks.  Extra hardware can help you protect your locks.  Sliding doors should be secured with key locks. Purchase doors that are more durable.  Check to see if your hinges are exposed.  Always keep your doors locked.

Question: When it comes to electronic locks, how safe are they?

Answer: Electronic door locks are safe, but only to the same extent as, if not less than, traditional keyed locks. Furthermore, in the event of a power outage, practically all fingerprint, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth locks would stop working, although there is a backup key.

Ending Thoughts

We hope it helped you learn different techniques on how to open your locked bedroom without keys. If all the techniques fail, try consulting an expert.

Hopefully, the techniques work out in your favor. No additional effort is required too.

Until you fix your problems with the locked door in your bedroom, let’s see you later.

Best of luck!