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How To Unlock A Push And Twist Door Lock? [7 Simple Methods]

Have you ever found yourself imprisoned in a room for numerous hours? Yes, we’re talking about a locked push and twist door that won’t open. 

The locksmith is generally your bestie in this situation. But there’s no harm in trying to rescue yourself on your own first.

How to unlock a push and twist door lock?

If you have a spare key or substitute, that should be your first try. Otherwise, you can go for credit cards, paper clips, and metallic coat hangers. Removing door hinges and using bobby pins can also unlock a door. If nothing works for you, call up a locksmith.

This brief idea will definitely not be enough to help you through the situation. We’ve got the details in our article, so hop on!

7 Methods To Unlock A Push And Twist Door Lock

If you’re locked in your own bedroom, don’t panic! Because you can very easily get yourself out of this situation. That too by following 7 different methods. 

We’ll walk you through the process of these methods for unlocking the door, so keep reading!

Method 1: Using Credit Card

With a credit card, you may rapidly open lever-type door knobs, latch bolt knobs, and spring locks. But it doesn’t operate with deadbolt locks. This is a great technique to unlock doors if you don’t have the key!

The card has to be slid in between the lock and the door frame in the procedure. Bend it backward, and the bolt will be pushed from within.

Remember to select the appropriate card type. Stiff, flat and flexible, or laminated cards, are the best for unlocking locked doors. But try not to use your identity card, debit card, or credit card. 

Method 2: Using a Substitute Key or Screwdriver

Using a spam key is one of the most practical and quick ways to unlock a locked door. It’s quite essential if you want to install locks on bedroom doors. If you don’t have it, you might choose another option to get out of the predicament.

Your door may have a privacy handle. You’d be able to unlock it using a screwdriver. 

It’s necessary to turn the handle as you open it. On the door handle side, there is a little hole. Insert a screwdriver up to the possible point into the lock. The key lock will not accept tools with thick ends. 

You should exercise caution while doing so. Turning and twisting the device will immediately capture the grooves. The sound of a click indicates that the work has been completed effectively. And you’d be able to unlock the door successfully.

Method 3: Using Paperclip with a Tension Wrench

In the event of an emergency, a hard paperclip is an excellent tool for unlocking the door. Having two paper clips would make the process simple. And it’s a good way to break into a keypad door.

Begin by bending the first paper clip. Fold-out the second one up to the point to make it the most straight. Now, place the bent paperclip in the lock’s keyhole. Then place the straight one on top. Keep moving the second piece and gradually the door would unlock.

A tension wrench is a small hex key that can be found at any hardware shop. But if you don’t want to step out of your house, here are our suggestions-

Product 1
Product 2

The best way to build tension inside the lock is to do so this way. The wrench should be inserted into the lock’s bottom. Then rotate the lock to create tension.

The sound of a click can be heard when you wriggle the paperclip within the top lock. And you’ll notice that the door opens.

Method 4: Using Metallic Coat Hanger

A metallic coat hanger dragged over a latch bolt in a door is an excellent tool. To begin, bend your hanger into a handle shape. The hook is then given a form on the other end. 

Keep the clip in between the door and wall’s edge. Fold it around the latch bolt and secure it. Now, with the other hand, twist the knob while dragging the hanger in your direction. 

Remember that if there isn’t a space between the door and the wall, this strategy will work.

Method 5: Removing The Door Hinges

It’s a successful but forceful method of unlocking the door. A flat head screwdriver is required for this procedure. 

First, put the screwdriver between the pin and door knuckle bottom now. Then, using the hammer, press the screwdriver downward. 

Do this until the pin leaves and the head are in place. You may unlock the door by removing all of the door’s hinges.

Method 6: The Bobby Pin Technique

Like in movies you’ve seen, you can unlock a door with bobby pins. Yes, you read it right! But the only difference is that using bobby pins will take some time. 

To begin, straighten two bobby pins to use as a key replacement. Then, insert it into the keyhole’s bottom. Wiggle the pin within the lock until it clicks or you feel pressure. Then, with the pressure you’re feeling inside, put it to work. 

Now, turn the pin against it and handle it as if it were a key to complete the task. Boom! The door has been unlocked by you. It’s definitely done just like the movies other than the duration. 

Method 7: Call A Locksmith

You could still be unable to unlock the door for whatever reason. It could also happen that you have no equipment like these on hand. Then you should contact a locksmith for help. 

Although it appears to be a simple solution, it should only be used as a last resort. It can come with a high price tag that you hadn’t budgeted for. But, if everything else fails, put your faith in luck and call a locksmith.

These are the ways you can follow to unlock a push and twist door lock.


Question: How to pick up on a push lock door?

Answer: A screwdriver can be used to unlock a push door lock. Because interior doors with privacy handles to benefit from the use of a small, thin screwdriver. The screwdriver has to be inserted straight into the knob door keyhole. Put it in as far as possible. After that, twist the screwdriver until the lock unlocks.

Question: How can I unlock a push and twist door lock without making a hole?

Answer: First, grab the doorknob. If you’re right-handed, hold it with your left hand. Increase the gap the most between the door frame and the locked door. Do it by slamming the door shut. Now insert the plastic card into the doorknob’s opening. And the door will open as a result of this.

The Final Words

Now you know how to unlock a push and twist door lock! We believe the information is quite insightful.

We hope we get to assist you with your concern through this article!

Best wishes!