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How to Unclog A Drain Using A Drain Snake [Solved Here]

This article is for informational purposes. Always seek the advice of qualified professionals.

A clogged drain could be very annoying we all know. And what is worse is that it can deteriorate the condition affecting the surrounding. 

But unclogging a drain is easy by using a drain snake. Not everyone knows about it though.

How to unclog a clogged drain using a drain snake?

First, you make a hook on your coat hanger. Then loosen the blockage with the hanger. After that, feed a drain snake into the drain pipe. Then take on the drill machine to reach the blockage. And then you take out the blockage gradually. Finally, you may pour water to test the drain.

This gives you an idea about how you can carry on the process. But read along to operate this with all the details you need.

Get started now!

How Do I Unclog A Clogged Drain Using A Drain Snake?

A clogged drain would just put you under pressure both physically and mentally. But what would you do if you knew that unclogging a clogged drain is easy?

And that you can even do with just a drain snake. Yes, you read that absolutely right. Unclogging a clogged drain is simple just like removing bathroom tiles.

If you want to follow this, you just have to follow our processes.

But you need to get the necessary supplies before you start this. The first thing you need is a bag to collect all the debris. 

You would also need a plier, a screwdriver, a drill, and definitely a drain snake. Remember one thing: a drain snake is also called a drum auger at times. 

Do not forget the safety gloves though. Once you get all these, get started. We have got here the process in a few simple steps. Take a look now.

Step 1: Make A Hook on Your Coat Hanger

First, you need to wear safety gloves. You would get really dirty and it is obvious that you would want to cover your hands. 

Remember a person allergic to dust would be better to wear a mask too. Now, take the screwdriver and pop it off the drain. 

You just insert the screwdriver into the hole and give pressure to take it off. After that, you take the plier and a coat hanger. 

You must have got one or two old damaged coat hangers. Now, you just have to make a hook on your coat hanger. Use the plier for this but do not make the hook too big.

Just make sure the hook lets the coat hanger go through the drain pipe. Remember that a p trap is great for toilet or bathroom drain. 

And during this, you may also consider installing a p trap.

Step 2: Loosen The Blockage with The Coat Hanger

This time you take the coat hanger into the drain pipe. Try to reach the bottom of the drain pipe if you can. 

And once you reach the bottom, you need to start moving the coat hanger. Even if you do not go to the base, do it. 

Try to move your coat hanger back and forth, up and down. Keep on doing this for a few minutes. See, if you can grab anything and let it out.

Even if you can not get anything out, this would just give a heads-up. That means this is the start of the unclogging of the drain.

Remember that you may consider using warm water this time. But it is not a must though. And even if you use it, make sure it is not too hot.

Because too hot water may require the toilet wax seal replacement. It can damage the wax seal.

Step 3: Feed The Drain Snake down The Drain Pipe

Now, you need to feed the drain snake down the drain pipe. There are drain snakes in a variety of sizes. But it is enough to go with a 25-inch coil for this. 

If you do not have one of them, get one now. These are really helpful. You can use this even in installing a p-trap and drain pipe

Take a look here to have a few suggestions.

Product 1
Product 2

Hope this helps!

Coming back to the step-

Take the coil of the drain snake and put it all the way down to the pipe. But be slow while you are doing this. 

Make sure you keep about 6 inches distance from the drain lock. Keep on rotating the drain snake to keep on feeding to the bottom.

Once you feel like hitting the bottom or something, lock it. And then wait for a few seconds until you start pulling it off. 

But that would not be the bottom actually. Because that might be something clogged inside the drain pipe.

Remember that the coil of the drain snake may be looped itself at times. In that case, you rotate the drain snake to feed the coil again. 

And then you would pull it off again to resolve the loop of the coil. Go slow and do not force it in any way. 

Keep on doing this exact thing again and again. Take at least a few minutes until you think you hit a soft spot. 

And that soft spot would be the main blockage of your drain. Once you hit that spot, stop right there. 

Step 4: Take on The Drill Machine

You do not have to move your coil any further now. Now, you take the drill and attach it to the drain snake.

You can see the place like a screwdriver needle where you attach the drill. Basically, that place is to connect the drill if you want.

Once you attach the power drill properly, the final act begins. Start the drill machine to rotate the drain snake and dig the coil more.

As you keep on doing this, the coil would go past the blockage. And once it goes past, you stop the drill. Because now you need to pull off the coil of the drain snake.

Put off the drill machine and pull off the coil with your bare hands. Then you just pull it off and take it out of the drain pipe. 

You come to take out the dirt with that. If you think you have not taken the entire blockage, repeat the process.

Attach the drill and then pull off the coil to take off the dirt. Once you take off the dirt, your blockage is removed!

Step 5: Pour Water to Test The Drain

Finally, you need to go through the last stage to inspect the drain. Get some water to see if the drain overflows water. Do not take hot or warm water. 

Try to keep the water at room temperature or cold. This makes sure that the drain is unclogged completely. Because the water at room temperature can not soften any dirt.

Once you see it is alright, your clogged drain is successfully unclogged! Now, if you want then pour a few mugs of hot water.

This can make the flow of water even smoother. But this is not a must to do so. Remember to preserve the drain snake properly after you are done.

Additional Tips

Lastly, I have got here a few tips that would come in handy for you:

  • You must make sure that you know the drain snake length first. Because if you have a smaller or a longer one than required, there might be issues.
  • Do not keep the drain open for a long time if you are not working. It can get dirtier.
  • Make sure there are no children around the place where you are working.
  • You may pour a bit of vinegar into the drain. But to get a better solution, you can mix vinegar with a bowl of water. And then you pour the mixture into the drain.


Do I need to use a specific type of drain snake to unclog a drain?

No, you do not have to be specific about the size of the drain snake. You just need to make sure that the drain snake is compatible with the drain. That means the drain snake that you are using needs to fit the drain. But generally, the size of the drain snake does not matter.

Is it better to call an expert to unclog a clogged drain?

It is good to call an expert to unclog a clogged drain. But it is not a must to do it actually. Because unclogging a drain is not that hard actually. And it is nothing complex or technical to do so. In fact, hiring an expert for this would need a good budget.

Does it take so long to unclog a clogged drain using a drain snake?

No, it doesn’t take so long to unclog a clogged drain using a drain snake. In fact, the time is very less. To complete this, you would even need less than an hour. If you have done it before, it would not take even half an hour actually. And an expert takes about 10 minutes for this.

The Final Words

Now you know how to unclog a drain using a drain snake! You must not have any more confusion regarding this. 

But do not forget one thing about it. Some people do not notice the condition of the drain snake before the operation. And a damaged drain snake would deteriorate the condition of the drain.

Thus, ensure this before you get started!