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How to Use A Mobile Home Fireplace [All You Need to Know]

Mobile homes are getting popular day by day. Probably you are also planning to shift to your newly constructed mobile home. 

Now, you are planning to build a fireplace at your home. But you’re confused if it’s worthwhile to place one in your new residence.

How to use a mobile home fireplace?

A mobile home fireplace is easy to control if you follow certain rules. Firstly, read out loud the whole manual and test the functionality of your fireplace. Keep the door closed in off-seasons. Check out the safety measures and call the professionals once a year.

Think you need more than that? We’ve got a lot more in the upcoming segments. Keep on reading!

Suitable Fireplace Options for Mobile Home 

In chilling winter seasons, nothing can beat the warmth and comfort of a fireplace. You all can relate to the joy of the brisk winter evening right beside a fireplace. 

Family members sit around the fireplace and try to generate heat.

Usually, you can find two different types of home fireplaces. One is known as a “vented” fireplace. The vented fireplace is manufactured with an air intake and a chimney. 

It can be either gas or wood-burning.

The second type is a “ventless” fireplace that stands alone. Ventless fireplaces usually pipe out natural gas or propane into a gas-burning unit. 

A ventless fireplace and lit-up propane heaters release hazardous gasses into the room. 

I highly recommend using a vented chimney to keep your living environment safe.

How to Use A Mobile Home Fireplace?

If you use your fireplace with proper maintenance and guidance it can elevate the performance. There are some easy and simple hacks. These hacks will guide you to use your mobile home fireplace correctly. 

Without any further ado, let’s hop in!

Step 1: Preview the Manual

Depending on the home building facility, there are 3 types of fireplaces available. Those are- gas, electric, and wood-burning fireplaces. You can choose any of these according to your preferences.

But sometimes, you won’t get the preferable one. Mostly, if you are buying a pre-manufactured house you will get whatever fireplace was pre-built.

Nevertheless, each kind of fireplace requires different lighting, maintenance, and operating procedure.

The ceramic heater is efficient just like your fireplace. Thus, the best way to understand their requirements is to go through the manual collectively.

Previewing the manual will definitely bring benefits as it will guide you to control every small detail. 

Step 2: Test the Functionality of Your Fireplace

I always suggest my clients to test the functionality of the fireplace. You should test it before lighting a full fire. While testing, you can simply open up the flume and try lightening a few pieces of wood. 

If everything goes perfectly, the smoke should go up through the chimney. Rather, you may also notice the smoke isn’t going towards the chimney. Instead, it’s coming in the direction of the room. 

In that case, do not light a full fire. Immediately call a professional to clean and inspect the chimney.

Step 3: Smelling Odd Odor?

While using the fireplace for the first time, you may notice a slight burning smell. It may frighten you, right?

Well, nothing to be worried about. The burning smell is coming from the fireplace because the fire is burning the preservatives. This odor will vanish after a few uses.

But, if the odor persists in your room for a couple of days, call your fireplace manufacturer. They will assist you to resolve the issue.

Step 4: Never Touch the Exterior vent!

The exterior vent of your fireplace allows combustion air into the fireplace. It is usually placed somewhere within reach, still, never touch it!

Also, make sure nobody in the house ever puts anything inside the vent by mistake. It can lead the fireplace to problems with functionality. Keep the vent open before lighting the fire.

Step 5: Keep the Fireplace Closed

Unless it’s winter, we don’t usually heat up the fireplace. Right after the winter season leaves us for a year, we barely turn on our fireplace. 

Therefore, you must keep your heating platform clean and tidy. You can close your fireplace by using a damper or glass door. The door will keep the platform from any dust and debris.

You can install a damper for the fireplace to control the airflow.

Step 6: Always Practice Safety 

If you have newly bought a wood-burning fireplace, it will need proper maintenance. More than that, it requires practicing safety. 

You have to be 100% sure that the fireplace is cold before performing maintenance. Then ensure self-protection. Like, wear gloves while removing ash.

Besides, you should hire a professional to clean the chimney once a year. If you use your fireplace more frequently, you may hire them more than once.

Advantages of Having a Fireplace in Mobile Home

In winter times, a fireplace becomes an essential part of your day-to-day life. It gives you warmth and helps you to survive in an adverse situation.

Therefore, let’s focus on the advantages of a fireplace:

  • A fireplace provides us with utmost comfort and closeness in cold weather. 
  • It’s energy independent and runs on its own fuel. Thus, it saves electricity bills.
  • Even if load-shedding occurs, you will still stay warm.
  • It can heat a large space of your house with minimal effort.

If confused about the best fireplace options, you can count on my pickups:

Product 1
Product 2

You can pick any of these fireplaces. All of them are equally effective to serve your purpose. This is as easy as blocking up your mobile home if needed.


Question: How can I get rid of fireplace ashes?

Answer: You don’t need to clean your fireplace so often. Only clean the ashes when they start stinking and get in the way of a fire building. Use a shovel to remove ashes and pour them into a disposable bag. Then dump it in the trash can. 

Question: How to clean my mobile home fireplace?

Answer: First, get up to the roof using a ladder. Further, insert your chimney brush along with a long rope. Push it down toward the fireplace. Now, shake the brush back and forth so the creosote, soot, and debris get loosened.

Question: Is it safe to vacuum ashes from fireplaces?

Answer: No! You can’t vacuum ashes from your fireplace. Household vacuums are not capable of sucking ashes from fireplaces or wood stoves. 

Final Verdict

Now you know how to use a mobile home fireplace! Hope you have no confusion about your concern now.

If you notice any unusual behavior in your fireplace, seek professional help. The fireplace might need some fixing.

That said, it’s time to part our ways. All the best!