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Vikrell vs Americast: Which One Should You Get?

The name of Vikrell and Americast is always on top of the list. But they have a lot of differences. That’s why you have to go deeper and find out the positives and negatives yourself. 

What are the differences between Vikrell vs Americast? 

Vikrell bathtubs are a mix of fiberglass and polyresin. On the contrary, Americast uses enameling steel with a porcelain coating. Because of this, Vikrell offers more designs than Americast. Vikrell is also lighter than Americast but harder to install. Last but not least, Vikrell is cheaper and more affordable.

These aren’t enough to compare complex things such as these bathtubs. That’s why we’ve compared each of these aspects one by one. 

Let’s not waste any more time and jump right in- 

Vikrell vs Americast: Key Differences

Before we start a full discussion, let’s get to know the basics first. Knowing key components always makes the comparison easier. 

For instance, comparing Mansfield 210 with Mansfield 211 is impossible without knowing basic differences. 

This is why we’ve come forward and made a short table for you- 

Aspects VikrellAmericast
MaterialFiberglass & PolyresinPorcelain & Steel 
Price Point 400$ to 600$900$ to 1000$
StrengthToughExtremely Tough
Available DesignsPlentyLimited
Stain ResistanceHigherLower
Durability10 Years15 to 20 Years

Which one are you liking more after going through the table?

Vikrell vs Americast: Head to Head Comparison 

It’s time to discuss each of these points thoroughly. Sit back, relax and go through the entire comparison and you’ll surely find your answer! 


You can always buy a fancy bathtub if you want. But that won’t do any justice if the materials used are poor. That’s why materials are always the first priority. 

As mentioned above, Vikrell bathtubs are made of fiberglass and polyresin. Because of this, Vikrell bathtubs are good soaking bathtubs. 

But material-wise, enameling steel with porcelain is stronger and bulkier than fiberglass. Because of this, Americast bathtubs have fewer problems.

Winner: Americast takes the lead in this category. 

Price Point 

After materials and appearances, it’s time to discuss the price points. A product may be really solid but an absurd price can make it unjustifiable. 

The average prices of Sterling Vikrell bathtubs are around 400$ to 600$. They are great mid-range bathtubs. 

On the contrary, Americast bathtubs are available for around 800$ to 1000$. It’s because porcelain is hard to produce and enameling steels are expensive. 

Winner: Vikrell takes the crown and equalizes the competition. 


Installing a bathtub can be pretty hard sometimes. It’s an important factor when choosing a bathtub. 

Installation of Vikrell bathtubs is harder than Americast. Because fiberglass is fragile and prone to scratches. 

On the contrary, Americast bathtubs are easier to install. These bathtubs don’t require mortar beds. But you can always create a mortar bed underneath for a safer approach. 

Winner: Americast takes back the lead. 

Available Designs

It’s not always about the price or strength. Sometimes, we need a little bit of fanciness. A well-designed bathtub can enrich the look of your bathroom. 

Since fiberglass is easier to shape and bend, Vikrell bathtubs come with more designs. There are a lot of options to choose from. 

Unfortunately, Americast doesn’t provide too many designs. It’s because porcelain and steel are harder to bend and give a shape. 

Winner: Vikrell wins this round. 

Stain Resistance

Over time, bathtubs can catch stains if not well maintained. But you can always lower the chances from the beginning. 

Vikrell bathtubs are more stain-resistant than Americast. Materials used in these bathtubs are tighter and denser. Because of that, it’s less likely to get stained. 

Unfortunately, Americast doesn’t provide any advantages in stain resistance. They are as good as any other normal bathtubs. 

Winner: Vikrell secures this round. 


You can’t just buy a mid-range or cheap bathtub. You’ll also have to consider the durability too. 

In terms of durability, Americast has no competition. Its enameling steel is super strong and can last for 15 to 20 years. 

But don’t be too frustrated with Vikrell bathtubs. They also are quite sturdy and have 10 years of warranty. 

Winner: Americast scores the final round. 

To help you out we’ve recommended bathtubs of both types-

Product 1
Product 2

Just choose whichever you like and get started!

Our Verdict

Now, we are going to pick Vikrell bathtubs as our overall winner. Because there’s a lot to choose from and they are all under budget! 

But if you’re looking for long-lasting toughness, be sure to choose Americast. 

By the way, whichever bathtub you choose, you’re bound to run into problems. One such example is bathtub drains not lining up

That’s why make sure to hire a professional when installing a bathtub. Because it requires a lot of calculations and planning prior to the installation. 


Question: Is Vikrell easy to clean?

Answer: Vikrell bathtubs require mild cleaners and are quite easy to clean. Since they are glossy, be sure to avoid using abrasive cleaners. Otherwise, they can get scratched and it ruins the overall look. 

Question: Can Americast tubs be repaired?

Answer: Americast tubs often have their own repair kits. Apply some acetone using a cotton ball. When it has dried out, put some filler on the area using a putty knife. 

Question: Is Vikrell better than acrylic?

Answer: Acrylic bathtubs are slightly stronger than fiberglass ones. Because of that, acrylic bathtubs tend to survive longer than Vikrell. They are also more expensive than fiberglass bathtubs. 

Final Words

That’s all we could gather on Vikrell vs Americast. We hope we were able to answer the questions you had in your mind. 

Last but not least, good luck with your bathtub and happy bathing!