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Can Vinyl Flooring Be Installed On Stairs: All Concerns Explained

Planning to give your staircase a new luxurious look? You must know how you can install the flooring perfectly. 

A staircase is an extremely crucial part of the house. So, its installation has to be done well. 

The question arises, which flooring will work best on stairs?

Can vinyl flooring be installed on stairs

Yes, vinyl tiles or planks can be installed on stairs. Tile installation is less time-consuming but requires expertise. But the planks can be installed following a 3 step process. It includes preparing the toolbox and fixing the stair tread and rising. Lastly, installing the planks in their places. 

Now that we’ve got the gist of the whole, let’s dive into the details-

Can You Use Vinyl Flooring for Stairs And Which Type Is Best?

You can definitely use vinyl flooring for stairs. It’s strong and can tolerate heavy foot traffic. It’s moisture-resistant and extremely flexible as well.

Vinyl is becoming popular nowadays. Choosing vinyl for your home can be a good decision in general. You can use it for surface lamination or as siding on top of aluminum siding

Moreover, this has a fresh luxurious outlook and is very easy to clean. So, to keep the surface and stair flooring cohesive, a lot of people choose this. It’s kid and pet friendly because its surface is immensely comfortable. 

It can avoid serious accidents. Alongside the physical appearance, durability and easy installation have skyrocketed its popularity. 

Now that we know why vinyl flooring installation is good for your home. Let’s start the process without delay. 

Before we start the installation we need to know the types of vinyl flooring. Which we’ve briefly identified: 

  • Vinyl sheet flooring
  • Vinyl plank flooring 
  • Luxury vinyl tiles 

Even though vinyl sheets are the most economical, they’re the least used as stair flooring. Because measuring, cutting, and gluing them perfectly is a huge hassle. The other types are much more preferable. 

Let’s how we can install them-

Step-Wise Guide to Install Vinyl Plank Flooring On Stairs

The most used option is vinyl plank flooring. This is very easy to install and requires a little time. Just like other DIY ideas, you can install them by yourself. So let’s just jump into it-

Preparing the Tools and Materials

Before we start the installation, we need to prepare the toolbox. So, what are the things that we should put inside the toolbox? 

  • Jigsaw
  • Caulk gun
  • Sharp blade
  • Drill nail
  • Adhesive
  • Measuring Tape

Do you have a jigsaw at home? If not just get one. Here are some of our best picks. This should help you to choose the best quality jigsaw:

Product 1
Product 2

A jigsaw helps in many home DIY projects. You can even cut ductwork using a jigsaw. So choose one from the list. Then move onto the next step where we’ll prepare the other stuff.

Step 1 of 2: Preparing the Stair Treads and Rising

An imperfectly leveled subfloor can result in bumpy vinyl flooring. So, you’ll have to clean and trim the staircase and adjacent area before starting. 

Then make room for the stair nose using a jigsaw but you can ignore this part if you want to. This only adds a more polished outlook. That’s all.

Step 2 of 2: Installing the Flooring on the Stairs 

An interesting fact about stair flooring is you’ve to start from the bottom. Measure the stair area and the riser of the stair. Then cut the vinyl planks accordingly. The same process goes for the tread area as well. 

After taking the measurements, it’s time for sticking the planks on the treads and risers. You can use any industrial adhesive for this. Spread the adhesive on the plank and firmly press it in its place. Use screws to seal the planks tightly. 

Hurray! We’re done with vinyl plank installation. Let’s focus on the luxury vinyl tiles installation.

Step-wise Installation Guide for Vinyl Tile Flooring on Stairs

As we’re done with the vinyl plank installation. Let’s focus on installing the luxury vinyl tiles which are the most expensive vinyl flooring. 

Even though it’s the least time-consuming process of installing vinyl flooring. Still, this process has some steps just like installing tile on a concrete threshold.

Here’s a two-step process for installing luxury vinyl tiles for you-

Step 1 of 2: Fixing the Bullnose

Firstly, check if the bullnose of the stair needs any cutting or shaping. You need to make sure the bullnose fits perfectly underneath the stair treads. 

Step 2 of 2: Gluing the Tiles On the Stair 

You need to take measurements for the staircases and risers. Most importantly the top stair will need a flush stair nose. So take all the necessary measurements beforehand and cut the tiles accordingly. 

While gluing the pieces onto the stair and treads, use the glue strips maintaining 6 inches distance. Then put them into their places. Use painter’s tape to hold them into places.  

This process is a bit tough and might need expert help and machinery support. So, if you’re not confident enough, contact a professional and ask for help. 

With this, we’ve come to the end of the post. Hope this helps you to install vinyl flooring on your stairs. 


Question: Do stairs have to match the floor?
Answer: No, stairs don’t need to match with the flooring. But for a more polished-looking interior, you can use the same color palette for both. You can also try matching your floor color with the handrail of your stairs. 

Question: Is laminate on stairs a good idea?
Answer: Absolutely yes. Laminate flooring on stairs looks exactly like real wood planks. You can only distinguish it if you look closely. The natural wood-inspired printed flooring goes very well with your wood surface. This is also very good in quality. 

Question: Is it better to paint or stain stairs?
Answer: Staining is better as it lasts long and can give a more finished look. Paint might wear out easily on time and show marks. But staining is much more durable and darker than paints. So, this is the most cost-effective way of transforming your staircase. 


Here we’re at the end of our post. Hope this answers your questions about whether vinyl flooring be installed on stairs

Choose your type of vinyl flooring wisely and then install them carefully. Don’t take any drastic decisions if you lack expertise. 

Hope you have a smooth installation experience.