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Voltage Stabilizer for the TV: Should You Go For It?

It’s normal to worry about getting a voltage stabilizer for your TV. You shouldn’t worry if your TV has one inside. But if it doesn’t, your TV can get damaged. 

Do you really need a voltage stabilizer for the TV?

You don’t need a voltage stabilizer if your TV has one inside already. But not all Televisions are the same. If it doesn’t, then get one. A voltage stabilizer will save your TV from power surges and voltage fluctuations. It’ll make your TV last longer. Make sure you get a TV voltage stabilizer, not other stabilizers. 

Yd to learn more if you’re thinking of buying one. That’s why we’ve written about each part of the stabilizer. 

We hope you stick around!

Voltage Stabilizer For TV: 5 Decision-making Factors

Before knowing why you need a voltage stabilizer. You have to know what a voltage stabilizer does. 

A voltage stabilizer is also known as a voltage regulator. It automatically maintains the voltage at a constant rate. This makes the flow of electricity stable. So that our electronics don’t get damaged by an overflow of electricity. 

Now you may ask, do you need a voltage stabilizer? Especially for your TV. Well, there’s no straight answer to that. A lot of different things matter. It depends on where you stay and what kind of TV you use. 

We’ve discussed each part in depth below. 


Your need for a voltage stabilizer matters a lot on where you stay. If you stay in a place where the voltage is not stable. Then a voltage stabilizer might be a good purchase. Power surges can cause damage as well. 

A sudden change in the voltage can damage your TV within milliseconds. If you stay in the woods or in a stormy location. Lightning hits can cause fluctuation in the flow of electricity.

If that is the case, getting a voltage regulator can save your new fancy TV.   

Power Surge

New Televisions run within a voltage rate of 170 to 270V. Because of that, your TV can withstand any minor power surge. But any major power surge can damage your TV badly. Lightning can cause big power surges like this. 

Short circuits can be dangerous as well. A voltage stabilizer can which also has a surge protector can protect you. Extreme power spikes can also do damage to your TV. 

This is why a voltage stabilizer is encouraged to use. 

Voltage Level

An under-voltage is when the voltage falls below the operating range. And on the other hand, overvoltage is when the voltage is up the operating range. Any of these cases are dangerous to your TV. 

Under-voltage will cause not enough power to all the components to your TV. The uneven balance of power on your TV will cause a decrease in the performance of the TV.

On the other hand, Overvoltage will fry your televisions circuits. And a warranty might not help you out here. Additionally, you can plug your TV with an extension cord if it’s needed.


Bad wiring can fluctuate the flow of electricity throughout your house. In that case, it is not just your TV that is in danger. A lot of the appliances can get damaged because of this. 

Wear and tear in the wires can cause fluctuation of voltage as well. Wear and tear in the wire will cause a leak of electricity in the house. Which can electrocute you. A GFCI outlet will help you with this. However, these outlets often get into trouble.

And a voltage stabilizer will prevent any under and overvoltage issues. 

Type Of TV

The type of TV you are using greatly matters. Because not all TV is the same. 

New smart televisions do have voltage regulators inside of them. Just make sure your TV has it. If so, you don’t need a voltage stabilizer. Also, smart televisions can operate in a wide voltage range. 

But on the other hand, if you still use a CRT TV. Then a voltage stabilizer is a kind of necessity. A CRT television runs on a lot of power. In that case, a voltage stabilizer will retain your television’s condition.

Choose The Right Stabilizer For Your TV

There are a lot of different types of voltage stabilizers. And not all televisions require a stabilizer. So how do you choose the voltage stabilizer for your TV? There are a few things to look out for. So take a look at this-


You must understand the purpose of the voltage stabilizer. The main job of a voltage stabilizer is to regulate voltage. You should also think about why you are buying it. You are buying the voltage stabilizer for the protection of the TV. 

And since there are a lot of different kinds. You should get one that meets your purpose. Do buy a refrigerator voltage stabilizer for your TV mistakenly. 


There are a lot of different specifications in voltage regulators. 

There are some simple ones that have a feed-forward design. Also, there are some complex ones that might have electromechanical mechanisms. Or some might have displays or gauges which show the voltage. So yeah. It can be confusing. 

You should remember your television’s voltage before buying voltage regulators. Usually, smart televisions work in 170 to 270 Volts. In that case, you should get a stabilizer that stables the current within these volts. You can check the voltage of your stabilizer with the help of a voltmeter. In case you don’t have any, here are a few recommendations that will help you-

Product 1Product 2

Buying a fancy or latest model of stabilizer might not add value to your purchase. Look out for what your TV requires. Voltage stabilizers will not add more options to your TV. it’ll not make your TV more functional. 

Do talk to professionals if you are not sure about your purchase. 


There are different types of voltage stabilizers for different types of appliances. Fridges and televisions do not use the same stabilizer.

Different appliances run at different rates of electricity. So it is wise to be sure about the type of stabilizers before you buy one. Also, be sure of the rating of voltage the stabilizer can handle. 


Question: Where should you put the voltage stabilizer?

Answer: You can put the voltage stabilizer wherever you want. It just needs to be plugged. You can keep it above or below the TV.

Question: Do you need a voltage stabilizer for LED TV?

Answer: In most cases LED televisions don’t need a voltage stabilizer. But you should always look if your TV is on inside or not. Also, if you live in a place where power surges occur. Then it is a wise decision to get one. 

Question: When should you buy a voltage stabilizer?

Answer: If you are thinking about buying a voltage stabilizer. Then you should get one when you are buying the TV. see if the TV needs it, if it does, then get one. 


So that’s all from our end. I hope we were able to clear your confusion about the voltage stabilizer for tv.

Do consult professionals if you are still not sure about your purchase. 

Good luck with your purchase!