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How To Wash A Mink Blanket [4 Steps + Tips]

It’s effortless to clean a mink blanket.

But are you aware of the process?

There’s nothing to be disquiet about even if you don’t.

Don’t think much. I understand it can be pretty stressful. 

How to wash a mink blanket?

You may wash your mink blanket in the commercial washing machine in 4 manageable phases, but don’t throw it in with your usual laundry. The sleek quality of the cloth will necessitate special care for the blanket. Make sure you wash the blanket in the cooling mode. Don’t wash it with harsh detergent.

To complete the process, you’ll need detailed instructions. This whole article will also lead you through the entire process.

Are you curious? Then continue reading!

Why Mink Blanket Is Special

The acrylic is braided to mimic mink fur. To put it simply, Mink blankets are made from synthetic materials, which primarily are acrylic materials. 

It is usually made up of 85% acrylic and 15% polyester. The acrylic gives mink blankets their signature smoothness, while the polyester prevents wrinkles. 

This synthetic acrylic helps trap your body heat, making the mink blanket ideal for harsh winters.

Can We Wash Mink Blanket At Home: Answered

The answer is YES. You can wash the mink blankets at home without any worries. You need detailed instructions to follow the steps. 

You do not need to pay for expensive cleaning services when you can clean your home yourself.

Cleaning Mink Blanket: 4 Easy Steps

Are you thinking of buying a new mink blanket? What happened to the previous one? It gets dirty, or you spilled the tea on your carpet and blanket? 

You’ll clean your carpet, but what will happen to your blanket? Before purchasing a new mink blanket, try to clean it for once. 

Don’t stress about your favorite mink blanket, which you want to clean. You’ll need a few steps to follow, and you’ll be done. Follow the steps:

Step 1 of 4

To wash your mink blanket, use a good-quality commercial washing machine. When wet, mink blankets become pretty heavy, and if washed in a standard household washer, they might clog up the engine. 

Your laundromat’s washing machine should be able to clean a mink blanket with ease.

Step 2 of 2

To clean your mink blanket, you must use a detergent that is gentle. Harsh detergents can shorten the life of your blanket.

While making use of this process, you’ll need mild detergent. Here are some best yet easy-to-find mild detergents for you:

Product 1
Product 2

You can use these products without any worries. You’ll find these products in your nearest shop.

Step 3 of 4

You should wash your mink blanket in cold water on a low setting—the opposite of the electrical blanket cleaning process. If passed in lukewarm or hot water, the dyes used to color mink blankets tend to burn. 

Step 4 of 4

You have to dry on the “no heat” setting in the dryer. You can line dry your mink blanket if your dryer doesn’t have a no-heat set.

If you use a heated drying process, the capacity acrylic strands will melt and become matted together.

Expect an extended drying time because mink blankets absorb a lot of water after they’ve been washed.

Now you’re happy because your favorite mink blanket is fully clean now.

You Can Go With Homemade Detergents

We offer another simple solution if you don’t want to look for a commercial deterge. 

You’ll never go back to store-bought mink blankets after you learn how to wash them using homemade detergent. 

Simply combine one-fourth cup baking soda with one-third cup white vinegar to create the ideal detergent for preserving the feel of your mink blanket. 

Here’s one for you. You can make your DIY detergent depending on the products you have.


Tip 1: It would be best to dry your mink blanket naturally by hanging them on a line. Wringing this costly blanket is not a sensible move. Avoid gas dryers. Disconnect the gas dryer from the washing machine. 

Tip 2: This is what you’ll need to tumble dry. It’s worth noting that other dryer settings aren’t suitable for mink fabric.

Keep in mind that when heated, acrylic fibers can melt. Your mink should not appear matted or tangled.

Tip 3: It’s vital to note that harsh chemicals and strong detergents aren’t an option while washing your blanket.

Tip 4: If you don’t have access to a washing machine that can handle a full-sized blanket, you can wash your mink blanket by hand in a bathtub. Make sure your bathtub is clean. 

Sometimes mink fur can clog the bathtub drain. Immediately unclog the bathtub drain and then wash again. 

That’s it!


Question: What will happen if I accidentally wash my mink blanket with fabric softener?

Answer: If you wash your mink blanket with fabric softener, it will lose some of its softness; however, you can try to restore that softness by soaking it in cold water with vinegar. We can’t give you a guarantee that this will fix the blanket’s natural feel, but it’s worth a shot!

Question: What type of detergent can we use?

Answer: When washing your mink blanket, use a detergent free of dyes, smells, and other additives. These things might make your blanket feel gummy and lead to fabric build-up over time. The safest bet is to use detergents labeled ‘sensitive skin’ or ‘eco-friendly.’ You can also opt-out of using detergent. Also, you can go for homemade detergent for your mink blanket.

Question: Is it possible to wash a double blanket in a 6kg washer?

Answer: Thick and heavy products, such as blankets and drapes, require a lot of space to be washed correctly. Cleaning a single-sized blanket effectively requires a washer with at least 6kg. 7kg is needed for doubles, 8kg for queens, and 9kg for kings.

Final Words

That’s everything about how to wash a mink blanket. You don’t need to panic from now on because you already know the solution. You can wash off any dirt or stain.

By following these 4 most straightforward steps, you’ll get a clean, soft mink blanket. Try to stick to the steps as closely as possible. Before beginning the procedure, it’s necessary to read the instructions.

Best of luck with the cleaning. Share the knowledge with others.