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Wax Ring With Funnel Or Without: Which Is The Better Alternative?

Are you replacing the wax ring of your toilet? Then variations of wax rings may be confusing you. Don’t worry, this is a common plumbing problem.

Wondering if you need a wax ring with funnel or without?

A wax ring with a funnel is quite stable as well as durable. It’s easy to install but an expensive choice if you ask us. A plain wax ring on the other hand, might lack stability and durability. But it’s easier to resize and mold for creating leak-proof seals. And it’s also on the cheaper side.

Like the preview? Read our following segment to know more!

Why Is Selecting A Proper Wax Ring Important?

Wax rings mainly come in two forms. Getting the proper one for your toilet is very important. If not, it could lead to problems like the toilet leaking between the bowl and tank.

Size is a big factor when selecting a wax ring. If you install the wrong sized wax ring, it could lead to your toilet seat being unstable. And the constant wobbling of your toilet seat will damage the wax ring. This will not only cause unwanted leaks and odor problems but also raise plumbing costs.

In addition, make sure you pay heed to the sort of flange you have. Because the wrong flange with the wrong wax ring could cause major clogging problems in your toilet. As a result, you will have to invest a hefty amount of time and energy unclogging your toilet.

Without further ado, let’s see which wax ring is the best for you-

Wax Ring with Funnel Or Without: A Quick Overview!

Wax rings with a funnel and without funnel, are both great. But there are a couple of differences. To help you see the dissimilarities, we’ve prepared the table given below:

FactorsWax Ring with FunnelWax Ring without Funnel
MaterialBeeswax or petroleum and plasticBeeswax or petroleum
Durability10-20 years or more10-20 years or less
StabilityMore stableLess stable
InstallationEasier to installHarder to install
Price$4-$45 at most$2-$12 at most

Wax Ring with Funnel Or Without: A Detailed Overview!

To ensure proper comparison, we’ve portrayed all the details. This will help you gain clarity. Read along to find out which is better!

Materials They’re Made Of

Wax rings with funnels or without the funnels don’t differ much when it comes to material. Both the rings are usually made from beeswax. But this can differ from manufacturer to manufacturer as many prefer petroleum. 

The only visible difference is the funnel made of plastic polyethylene.


Durability is a key factor. A plain wax ring is far less durable than one with a funnel.

A plain wax ring is more prone to damage so it will last you 10-20 years or less.

Whereas wax rings with funnels can withstand more damage and don’t crumble with time. They can last 10-20 years or even more!

But if your toilet is loose, it can damage both of the rings equally. Remember to tighten the nuts with adjustable pliers.

Speaking of pliers, here are some great plier recommendations just for you:


Now that you know which pliers you can use to fix your loose toilet, let’s see the next deciding factor.

Stability Of The Rings

Stability varies in different rings. Wax rings with funnels are more stable as the funnels underneath adjust to the flange. This gives the toilet bowl a more professional fitting and alignment.

A plain wax ring cannot ensure stability to the toilet alone. You may need multiple rings to provide proper sealing and stability to the toilet bowl.

Ease Of Installation

The installation of both the wax rings is easy. But wax rings with funnels are usually easier as they don’t have size or height issues. They might lead to narrowing the flange’s opening.

On the other hand, wax rings without funnels are a bit harder to install. You might have to remold them to fit. Further issues can arise if the flange is higher or lower. 

Lower flanges can be fixed using thick or multiple rings. But fixing flanges higher than the floor requires more time.

Price Tag Comparison

Price is a key factor while buying wax rings. There are evident differences between the prices of the two wax rings.

A plain wax ring is inexpensive. It usually prices between $2-$12. But you could get them at cheaper prices in some online stores.

On the other hand, wax rings with funnels are a bit pricier. Their prices start from $4 and can go up to $45. But you can find mid-priced wax rings in online stores.

Final Decision

Which one will you pick, wax ring with funnel or without? If you still haven’t made a decision, let us help you out.

We believe that it’s best if you spend on a wax ring with a funnel. It’s the one for you if you want longevity and proper drainage.

Pick a wax ring without a funnel if you want something on the cheaper side. You can also choose it if frequent replacements aren’t a problem.

And if you’re still curious, you can carry out annual checks. 

We tried making this discussion as informative as possible. Now select a wax ring you like and plumb away!


Question: What can be used instead of a wax ring?

Answer: Well, you can use sponge-type gaskets or PVC flanges instead of a wax ring. You can also use wax-free toilet seals if needed.

Question: Are wax rings toxic?

Answer: Yes, but only if the fumes are inhaled. Exposure to wax fumes can also cause irritation to your eyes and lungs.

Question: Can I use multiple wax rings when installing a toilet?

Answer: Yes, you definitely can use multiple wax rings. In fact, sometimes it’s necessary to avoid leaks. You could either buy an extra-thick ring or stack multiple rings together.


That’s all we had to share. We hope the discussion helped. And you can now pick between a wax ring with a funnel or without. We’re certain that the ring that you choose will be the best.

Until next time! Happy plumbing!