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Where To Buy Basswood Blocks – Finding The Right Woodworking Partner!

Finding basswood blocks near you may not be much of a problem. Still, you may look for the right store that would suit your needs. This is probably because you are exploring a whole new DIY journey. 

When you are wondering where to buy basswood blocks, I have the right solution!

The supply of basswood blocks is available everywhere around the United States. However, you can easily order the products online through various top online stores. Amazon, Walmart, Tree Line USA, Joe Pauls, and Etsy are the sites that are listed. This is to assist you in finding the right partner.

I have a feeling you will be a happy man after reading through the whole article. Carry on to explore what serves you best. 

Finding Basswood Blocks Near You

You may be wondering where to buy basswood blocks. For carving purposes, you are probably given suggestions on buying basswood blocks. It is not surprising for me to suggest the same.

This is because basswood is the best type of wood that can be used for carving. You shall definitely be considering where to buy basswood carving blocks. Simply because the surface of the wood is produced for a reason. 

This is to ensure easy carving in the best possible manner out there!

Making furniture parts or crafting new small furniture is easy. You can do it yourself by being able to curve the basswood into certain shapes. 

In a certain scenario, you can install wooden carvings throughout your house. One of the processes is making old cabinets look new

Whatever your purpose is, you must carry on looking for the perfect shop to buy. There are thousands of physical stores all over the United States that sell basswood. 

However, to make life easier, you can also order the products online. I am going to outline five dominant online stores that will give you the best service. 


As we all know, Amazon is the top online store that is operating not only in the country. It is expanding fast throughout the globe. 

There is a reason behind Amazon being the best. This is because they have almost anything in their online stores. The basswood is not an exception.

From small to large basswood carving blocks, all kinds of shapes and sizes are available. The Amazon prime free same-day services can definitely work for you. 

When ordering from online stores, you may wonder how to expect the right direction for food wood carving.

In this context, you would be advised to use the right wood carving tools. Expert opinions would ask you to carve the wood in a downward direction. Before that, you have to mark out the area precisely by using proper measurements. The markings will help you to carve across in a diagonal manner. 

You have the option of cutting both downward or parallel. Make sure you use the sharpest tool you can find. I will list down some products later in this article. 

Make sure you ask Amazon delivery if any instruction manual is available. Or else, you can simply call the basswood company for some help. 


There are physical Walmart stores all around the United States. You can just simply drive to the nearest Walmart store to buy the basswood. 

The advantage you will get is this. There will be people there who will provide you with the right instructions. This is based on how you are going to use the basswood for carving. 

Walmart will simply answer your question about where to buy basswood blocks in the USA. The number of Walmart stores is increasing every month. This means you won’t be bothered about finding the right place to make the purchase. 

As a DIY guy, you might be doing some cutting and shaping in your house. This also includes installing cement boards on drywall. A proper carving can definitely add to make a wonderful-looking exterior. 

Make sure you get what you want in the Walmart stores. To save effort, you can visit the online Walmart stores to find the right products. Buying basswood online is easy, it totally saves your time and money. 

Tree Line USA

You can always look at Tree Line USA. This is to acquire the right, perfect and best wood carving tool. The company specializes in the wood carving department. 

This company is founded for the sole purpose of providing the right guidelines. This is to comply with the code authorized by the National Arbor Day foundation. 

If you are working with Tree Line USA, you would be acquainted with the right guidelines. This is in line with the guidelines provided by national or governmental associations. 

The pricing of the basswood blocks is also very cost-friendly. 

This will make your purchasing bulk basswood blocks easier.  In many other sites, bulk purchases may involve some hassles. This is not the case for Tree Line USA.

The after-sales service comes with a variety of options to choose from. You can find any professional who can help you with the carving. 

Joe Pauls

Joe Pauls is also like Tree Line where they provide several wood products. They have a variety of wooden-shaped products listed in the online store. They are also known to take orders according to your specifications. 

Joe Pauls is basically a brand that provides crafted wooden products. Joe Pauls’s products are listed on Amazon as well. The company has specialized itself in having the finest wood carving blocks.

The good side of it is that the Joe Pauls website has many instructions. The available instructions are there for you to assist with DIY projects. 

While carving out fine home finishes, granite installation without plywood can be applied. Joe Pauls is there for you providing the right services involving basswood blocks. 

The Joe Pauls brand also has products that carry kits for beginner’s DIY projects. They provide gift sets that have a combination of tools, kits, and basswoods. This is to make your work easier where you will learn to do the job fast. 


Etsy is another company that is expanding fast throughout the globe. They specialize in selling unique items that can be bought for gifts and such. In recent years, the variety of products has expanded.

In this scenario, they are making more basswood blocks available. There are plenty of wooden products available that are made of basswood carving. 

In addition, if you want to buy small basswood products, you can do so. This is to carve out and build small items. This is such as photo frames or any items that support home decoration. 

However, there is a shortcoming associated with Etsy. It is to note the fact that large basswood blocks for carving are not available here. 

The reason why I am listing on Etsy is that you will find some unique products. Such products may not be available on any other sites. 

This means Etsy can take your orders to carve out the perfect items. This is according to your specifications. 

Tips On Making Basswood Easier To Carve

The process of carving basswood should indulge you in having fun times. If you are struggling and not finding any excitement, there is no point in DIY. This is the reason why some useful tips can assist you in the process. 

Here are some points to consider:

  • Spraying rubbing alcohol mixtures can make the wood look for cutting.
  • You can also soak small pieces of wood underwater. However, make sure you don’t do it for too long.
  • It is good to spray alcohol after you have made the wood wet with water
  • Start cutting as soon as the wood dries down. Make sure there are no cracks on the wood grain.
  • Use small scrapers to even out the on-top of the wooden surfaces. 
  • The use of chisels and mallets can help you cut in the right direction.
  • You also need to measure and mark the areas you need to cut before using the tools.
  • Removing woods can easily be done with power carvers.

By having the right tools at your disposal you can easily do the job. 

Here are some product suggestions:

BeaverCraft Beginners Wood CarvingWhittling kit for beginners
BeaverCraft Carving Kit S15Set of tools for the best cut
Walnut Hollow Basswood WhittlersSoftwood for smooth carving
BeaverCraft Carving Kit With Hook KnifeBest tools to assist wood carving journey


What is a good substitute for Basswood?

A good substitute for basswood is birch wood. Other words such as pine and softwood also have similar features. They all are good for perfect DIY projects. 

What is the best wood for carving?

Basswood is popularly considered the best wood for carving. However, the butternut and yellow pine woods are also not bad. Some awesome choices for wood carving will also be maple woods and walnuts. 

Is basswood good for crafts?

Basswood is considered an excellent choice for crafts. A wide variety of craftsmanship can be applied with basswood. For example, scroll sawing or hobby wood crafts can be done perfectly with basswood. 


After the end of this article, you can stop wondering where to buy basswood blocks. You can easily determine the best choice for your woodworking adventures.

By wishing you good luck, I am signing off!