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Best Bar Soap for Hard Water: Review and Buying Guide

Lack of lather and soap scum, are the two most common problems people with hard water face. If we’re being honest, you probably won’t get that perfect satisfaction without the lather of soap. 

Fortunately, there’s a solution. But that’s not the end of the story. 

Among the hundreds of bar soaps in the market, it’s quite a difficult task to find out the best bar soap for hard water. But guess what? We did it anyway. 

In this in-depth review, we’ll talk about the fine products that you deserve. We’ll go as in-depth as possible so that means you’ll probably see some bad sides too. 

Nonetheless, it’s going to one heck of a ride. Let’s start, shall we?

Comparison Table: Best Bar Soap for Hard Water

Product  Price
Kirk’s Original Coco Castile Bar Soap Our Top PickCheck Current Price
Zest Bar Soap Aqua Check Current Price
Clearly Natural Glycerine Bar Soap Check Current Price

1. Kirk’s Original Coco Castile Bar Soap

Best Bar Soap for Hard Water: Review and Buying Guide 1

Would you believe us if we told you that Kirk’s has been in business since 1839? Yeah, it’s been here for that long. The founding story is interesting too. 

Two sisters started out this company to continue their soap making tradition. After a few years (well, even decades wouldn’t be a stretch) they became one of the leading soap companies in the world. 

To this day, they ensure the same excellent quality in their soaps. And the Kirk’s Original Coco Castile Bar Soap is a great example of that. 

For more than 180 years, they’ve been making soaps with premium and high-quality coconut oil for its exceptional qualities. Moreover, their products are entirely vegetable-based and don’t have any animal by-products. 

It goes without saying that these soaps do their jobs perfectly. Anyone who’s having problems with lather can use it without a second thought. 

Apart from that, the soap has no artificial colorants, sulfates, phthalates, parabens, EDTA, or gluten. So, you’ll be safe and sound after using this as your regular soap. 

Speaking of that, hypoallergenic people also go for this soap. It’s been tested multiple times at their labs. So, people with sensitive skin, this one’s for you. 


  • No artificial colorants or such
  • Free from gluten, EDTA, sulfates
  • Works great for sensitive skins
  • Comes with a classic scent  


  • Not good facial use

2. Zest Bar Soap Aqua

Best Bar Soap for Hard Water: Review and Buying Guide 2

Next up on our list, we have the Zest Bar Soap Aqua. Throughout the years, Zest has managed to gain people’s trust with their high-quality bar soaps. 

In fact, there are people who won’t use any other soap than Zest. So, you get the idea of how much customer satisfaction this brand provides. I mean, it’s every day you see people vouching for brands like this. 

From internet reviews to actual customers, you won’t find any loopholes against the Zest Bar Soap Aqua. And there are reasons-

The perfect formulation of this soap ensures that there is no scale buildup in your bathroom. Moreover, it has vitamin E in it. So, it nourishes your skin too. 


  • Perfect formulation leaves no scale buildup 
  • Creates a sufficient amount of lather even in hard water
  • Comes with vitamin E
  • Excellent fragrance


  • Some users complain that it doesn’t last that long

3. Clearly Natural Glycerine Bar Soap

Best Bar Soap for Hard Water: Review and Buying Guide 3

Finally, you’ve reached the end of our list. As our final entrant, we have the Clearly Natural Glycerine Bar Soap. Unlike the other bar soaps on our list, this one comes in a smaller 3 bar pack. 

But that doesn’t have anything to do with the quality of these soaps. The second you put the rich lather on your skin, it starts moisturizing and hydrating the skin. 

Most importantly, this product was actually for people who don’t have a fragrance in their soap. The unscented soap will protect and maintain the pH of your skin. 

At the same time, it’ll ensure that the skin is clean and doesn’t have any sticky residue. 


  • Unscented soap for allergic people
  • Nourishes the skin with its natural ingredients 
  • Comes with palm kernel and saponified coconut oil
  • Maintains the pH of the skin


  • Has decyl glucoside

When Do You Need a Bar Soap for Hard Water?

Are you facing difficulties with your shower valve handle and then finding your water is extremely cloudy with no bubbles? Yes, it means your shower is releasing hard water. Many people have been suffering from hard water for a long time. Although there are people who don’t even know that they have hard water. So, here are the symptoms- 

  • You’re needing more soap than usual. Moreover, your clothes now require more fabric softener. 
  • You’re having a hard time getting the soap curd off the bathtub and shower stalls. 
  • There is scale buildup all over the items of the bathroom such as sinks, tubs, accessories, and faucets. 
  • The laundry is getting stiffer and stiffer. 
  • You’re noticing mineral layers on the dishes. 

Buying Guide – Things to Look Out for

Now that you have a good idea about good bar soaps, it’s time to get deeper. Yes, you got that right, it’s time for the buying guide. 

No matter how you see it, you always need to know the key considerations of a product before buying it. And we’ve got bar soaps covered for you along. Let’s start:


It’s more of a different ingredient than a type. The thing is manufacturers use many different ingredients to make bar soaps. Different people have different and specific problems.

So, it’s obvious they’ll need that exact type. That’s you should find out your purpose in using it. Then, you’ll have a clear idea about what type you need. 

All of them are meant for hard cleaning jobs like cleaning cloths. Remember, these are NOT meant for disinfecting intentions


Let’s face it. No matter how wonderful a bar soap smells, you won’t buy it if it doesn’t do what it says. Whether it’s about buying lighting for a walk-in closet or a block of bar soap, you have to consider the quality. 

 Suppose you’ve got yourself a new bar soap but it doesn’t remove any of the soap scum or it’s lacking later. 

So, you get the gist. Quality is something you can’t really avoid. 


We get that not everyone cares about fragrances in their bar soaps. In that case, you can go for an odorless soap. 

On the contrary, bar soaps come with various fragrances. But don’t get lost choosing a fragrance. Figure out which one will suit you the best and go for that. 


Unlike tools used for cutting plaster, designs don’t really matter in the case of bar soaps. So, our advice would be to choose something that you like. 


Bar soaps have a lot of different colors. In fact, they also come in neutral colors, if that’s what you wanted. 

Sometimes, manufacturers use artificial colors while some soaps have a naturally attractive color due to the ingredients used. The best bet would be to select something that matches your bathroom. 

Water content 

As you already know bar soaps have a different set of ingredients. That’s why before you buy one, you should test your waters to find out the minerals. 

This way you’ll know exactly which soap will work best for you. 


When manufacturers use special ingredients, the price obviously goes up. But that’s only for some bar soaps. Most of them aren’t that expensive. 

In fact, chances are high that you’ll find the perfect bar soap for you in your budget range. However, it’s always better to do a little homework beforehand. 

Availability and accessibility 

It’s better to not go for products that are hard to find. We know there are some discontinued bar soaps many people like. But what’s the point of looking for those if you can’t find those?

So, we’d suggest you look for something that’s available in your area. You might order something from another state. 

But why would you go through that much trouble for this? There are plenty of good bar soaps that you’ll find in your area.   


Question: What happens when soap is used in hard water?

Answer: When you use regular soap in hard water, a substance called scum appears. As you’ve already guessed, scum isn’t something you’d want on your clothes, accessories, and items. 

Question: How can I protect my skin from hard water?

Answer: While you can use water softeners, that isn’t possible all the time. So, the best thing to do is to use a bar soap that’s specifically made for hard water.

Question: Is hard water bad for your teeth?

Answer: Well, calling it bad and harmful would be a stretch. But it’s true that after years of using hard water on your teeth, your teeth might become yellow.

Question: What is the best bar soap to use in hard water?

Answer: Our choice would be to go for the Kirk’s Original Coco Castile Bar Soap. It has exceptional qualities that’ll go perfectly with hard water.


So, that’s a wrap for the best bar soap for hard water in the market. We tried to include everything we could in here. But there might’ve been some mistakes. 

That’s why as a bonus gift we have a piece of advice for you. Before you buy a piece of bar soap, make sure it’s the perfect fit for your water.

Good luck!