Particle Board Subflooring: Good Or Bad Idea? [Answered]

particle board subflooring

You’re renovating your house. While doing so you come across a material called particle boards. This goes very well with the entire pattern of your house. So you’re now wondering if they are good to use or not.  So, is it good to try particle board subflooring? The short answer would be, no! Particle boards … Read more

How To Seal A Particle Board In 5 Easy Steps!

how to seal particle board

In recent years, particleboard has been proven to be a suitable building material. To keep it intact and strong, you need proper storage as well as a good sealing process. The use of waterproof sealant before any installation is the hidden secret behind long-lasting particleboards.  And it can be a relatively simple procedure if you … Read more

How To Space The Pole Barn Posts? [Here’s How To Do It]

pole barn post spacing

Constructing a pole barn but have no idea how far apart the posts should be spaced? That certainly sounds complicated for amateurs. For a seamless building experience and a high-quality completed product, the posts must be properly positioned. So what should be the pole barn post spacing? Posts for pole barns should be spaced 8 … Read more

DIY Guide On How To Use Expanding Foam Under Bathtub

expanding foam under bathtub

Creaking tub turning your peaceful soak into an annoying nightmare? It indicates that your tub was not positioned properly. But like any ambitious DIYer, you can fix this yourself by using expanding foam. How to use expanding foam under the bathtub?  Inspect underneath the tub first to ensure that old insulation is not blocking your … Read more

How Much Weight Can Drywall Hold? [Question Answered]

how much weight can drywall hold

Drywalls are used frequently in households due to being cheap. But they’re quite weak. Because of that, it’s risky to hang something off drywall. That’s why you’ve to be really careful before you try to hang something.  How much weight can drywall hold?  Drywalls can hold up to 100 pounds if you use the right … Read more