Why Do Kitchen Cabinets Not Go To The Ceiling? [Explained]

why do kitchens cabinets not go to the ceiling

You may have noticed that most kitchen cabinets don’t go to the ceiling. It’s quite natural to have questions about this.  Actually, kitchen cabinets do reach up to the ceiling. Some modern designed kitchens have long cabinets that go up to the top. It provides more space and a better outlook.  The question arises, why … Read more

How Far Should A Dishwasher Stick Out From The Cabinet: Answered

how far should a dishwasher stick out from the cabinet

Knowing about the proper placement of your kitchen appliances is very important. Otherwise, it can lead to serious kitchen hazards like glass appliances breaking. Especially the dishwasher because it carries all the glass dishes.  Do you know how far should a dishwasher stick out from the cabinet?  Ideally, a dishwasher should stick out 1.5″ from … Read more

Best Rollers for Painting Kitchen Cabinets: Painting Done Right!

Best Roller for Painting Kitchen Cabinets

From childhood, I’ve always had a knack for painting. I used to grab my father’s paintbrush and mess up the garage.  But one day, he brought something called a roller. And I can’t express in words how happy I was with its performance. Compared to a brush, it was like the king.  I shouldn’t get … Read more