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Best Glues for Vinyl: Reviews and Guide for 2023

It feels and looks good to have a shiny, clean vinyl utensil in your living room or on the seat of your car. The same kind of feelings goes for a shiny-looking vinyl floor or wall as well. 

But when you’ve got a cracked, torn or scratched one, that’s not something to be happy with, right? 

Well, that might be the incident for which you’ve landed on this specific web page, looking for the best glue for vinyl upholstery or floor of your home. And if so, this is the right page for you. 

To help you find the right vinyl glue, we’ve hand-picked 7 of the top rated products in the market and got them on a queue to review and break down their features in bite-size chunks. 

Best Glues for Vinyl: Comparison Table

Product Amount  Pack Options
CalFlor FL49106CF VinylFix Multiple 8
RH Adhesives HH-66 Vinyl Cement Glue 8 oz 5
Gorilla Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive 9 ounce 12
Red Devil 658 Patch-A-Wall Spackling Paste 5 oz 1
Loctite Vinyl, Fabric and Plastic Repair Adhesive 1 ounce 1
HENRY, WW COMPANY 12220 6OZ Vinyl Repair Adhesive 6 ounce 3
FORTIVO Vinyl Repair Kit Multiple 1

CalFlor FL49106CF VinylFix

Best Glues for Vinyl: Reviews and Guide for 2023 1

Product Overview

The CalFlor FL49106CF has it in its name that it’s a glue formula that works on vinyl and vinyl only. What might satisfy you if you’ve got a tear or rip to repair on your vinyl upholstery or any household utilities and are looking for a solution to the problem? 

For your information, it’s not just a tube of vinyl adhesive like many of such products do. In fact, it’s a complete repair kit that would come as a 360 degree solution for such chores. 

The set includes the glue itself, a putty, a measuring board, a spatula, a stir stick, pigments, graining stick, lacquer and lacquer brush and so on. In fact, to mix them on as per the instruction there is a mixing bowl as well. 

To match the tone of your vinyl or laminate upholstery, you can try a number of mixing ratios till you get the right one. The instruction book might give you a hand in this regard. 

However, let’s warn you on a small point, which is – this product doesn’t work on hairline cracks and it has been confirmed by multiple sources. Larger cracks or rips are good to be repaired with CalFlor FL49106CF. 


  • Contains one of the recent formulations from the brand.
  • A satisfying color match with the subject. 
  • Can repair dents, dings, tears, and gauges. 
  • Allows users to do a freestyle mix. 
  • Quick drying time without delay. 
  • Free of wax and solvents. 


  • Doesn’t work fine on hairline cracks. 

RH Adhesives HH-66 Vinyl Cement Glue

Best Glues for Vinyl: Reviews and Guide for 2023 2

Product Overview

RH Adhesives HH-66 is our choice for repair works on an industrial basis. What we mean is, apart from small-end household repair works, you can use this glue to apply on vinyl cement, and the amount of the glue is also meant to be for long term usage. 

What most of the contractors are afraid of most is liquid leakage through the vinyl cement floors. Such interruption can damage the whole floor and ask for an entire rebuild. But not anymore if you seal it up with RH Adhesives HH-66. It creates a complete liquid-proof seal and that sustains extreme temperature and weather. 

Apart from vinyl cement, you can also apply this on vinyl coated and vinyl laminated fabrics, which is a plus point if you have diverse kinds of vinyl repair works. 

You might not get this product as a form of a tube(unlike many others), but let us specify again that it’s just meant for industrial and professional use. So, professional carpenters or handymen would not be unhappy with that. 

However, there is a tool with this glue that will make your application easier, and that’s the brush. With the brush, you can take whatever amount you would like and apply that as a coating on your vinyl cement or floor. 


  • Ensures a liquid leakage proof seal on the surface. 
  • Works great for vinyl cement. 
  • Contains 8oz of glue in each container. 
  • Can undergo extreme weather conditions. 
  • Comes with a brush for quick application. 
  • Clear color and doesn’t hamper the outlook.


  • Not something that a household, end-users would go with. 

Gorilla Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive

Best Glues for Vinyl: Reviews and Guide for 2023 3

Product Overview

This odorless and non-water based adhesive acts fine on almost any kind of hard surface, let alone the vinyl. Being made of imported chemicals, it induces strong and durable bonding for your appliances or upholstery. 

The amount of time that an adhesive takes, quite shows how good it is as a product. The good news with this adhesive is, it takes only 30 seconds to bind surfaces that it stays within. That’s good news for construction or home improvement chores if you think about it. 

That brings us to our next question- is it for indoor or outdoor use? Well, firstly, it’s the best for both worlds. And even if you use it outdoors, it will sustain all seasons and all kinds of humidity in the air. 

In the picture, you can see only one piece of tube. In case you need them in multiple or even in bulk, there are packs of 2, 3, 4, 5 and even 18 tubes. This is a perk for construction workers who often need to work on vinyls whatsoever. 


  • Made of imported, strong chemicals. 
  • Odorless and non-water based adhesive. 
  • Suits vinyl, leather, and many other surfaces. 
  • Takes only 30 minutes to adhere to surfaces. 
  • Suits both indoor and outdoor environments. 
  • It comes as a VOC-compliant adhesive.
  • It has plenty of options in terms of a number of tubes in the pack. 
  • A balanced price-quality ratio.  


  • The topmost part of the tube dries up after months of idleness. 

Red Devil 658 Patch-A-Wall Spackling Paste

Best Glues for Vinyl: Reviews and Guide for 2023 4

Product Overview

The product that we talked about moments ago, was a 9-ounce tube. In case you need an even smaller quantity of vinyl adhesive for small-scale applications, you keep our next product- the Red Devil 658 in mind. 

Let’s specify the kind of tasks it’s designed for in the first place. This spackling paste is specifically made of vinyl floor tiles only. To be more specific, if you have to seal between the vinyl floor and the wall, this is the right adhesive it can go for. But merely as an adhesive, we’re afraid that it won’t work well. 

Red Devil 658 is a water resistant compound that can also be used to take care of cracks on ceramic and mosaic tiles. Also, it adheres to masonry, wallboard, and wood as well. Such diversity of applicable surfaces is one of the reasons we’ve loved this product. 

This product has the term ‘EZ squeeze tube’ in it. This implies that you can somehow squeeze it up to ensure a constant supply of the adhesive. But in practice, this is made even easier with the squeezer that comes with the tube itself. 


  • Take care of loosening up, damaged or cracked surfaces. 
  • Works for vinyl, mosaic, ceramic and masonry. 
  • It can be also applied on wooden walls as well. 
  • It contains a squeezer to ensure a constant supply. 
  • Easy and smooth to apply.
  • A perfect tube for short term spackling tasks. 
  • Very affordable price.


  • Not something that you can use on a continuous basis. 

Loctite Vinyl, Fabric and Plastic Repair Adhesive

Best Glues for Vinyl: Reviews and Guide for 2023 5

Product Overview

Right from tiles and walls, we’ve moved into vinyl and fabric upholstery repair stuff. And the adhesive we’ve got in our hands now is a maestro for that. At least the way people love and appreciate it’s perks is worth a place in this review of best glue for vinyl. Let’s check it out- 

This Loctite vinyl adhesive is a 1-ounce tube that works on repairing or adhering vinyl, fabric, plastic and other similar upholstery. It’s transparent in color, and therefore, doesn’t leave any mark-able spot while applied. Even, it leaves an extra shine on the spot if that makes you happy. 

So, what kind of damage does it take care of? As long as your item is made of a material that can go with this adhesive, it can repair all sorts of rips and repairs given enough time. By the term ‘enough’, we mean ‘30 minutes’, which can be found quite long to some people. And we can’t disagree on that with them. This is indeed, a major drawback of this tube. 

Lastly, it’s about the amount of the tube, which some of you had already noticed to be 1oz only. Well, this has both its merits and demerits. In case you need short term use, you can just unpack one of these tubes and get done with the purpose. But in case of constant and large repair works, it will run short.


  • 1 oz, small tube for short term use. 
  • Applies on vinyl, plastic and fabrics. 
  • A perfect repair glue for upholstery. 
  • Transparent in color and leaves a shine. 
  • Takes care of rips and tears.


  • Takes about 30 minutes to settle down. 

HENRY, WW COMPANY 12220 Vinyl Repair Adhesive

Best Glues for Vinyl: Reviews and Guide for 2023 6

Product Overview

When it comes to non-commercial vinyl glues, there is a common complaint that they don’t contain enough of it in the unit. Often it ends up within 4-5 oz. To end the crisis, the 12220 vinyl repair adhesive is here from the inventory of Henry WW company. It comes as a tube and it contains 6oz of the glue, which is enough for long term usage. 

Digging down more, we have found this product to be a very durable and high-end one. It’s made in the USA and therefore, meant to be way better than those China-made cheap glues. 

The squeeze bottle is easy to grab in palms and easy to apply, and it’s designed to reach narrow, small targets as well. So applying it to places where hand struggle to reach won’t be an issue anymore. 

Apart from vinyl floors, you can also use it on vinyl tiles, vinyl plants, cushioned backs made of vinyl, felts that are backed by vinyl and so on. So, it

‘S a 360 solution for all of your vinyl stuff repair works. Period. 

The tube contains 8oz of the glue, as we have said. But in case you are needed to get more work done with it, there is a pack of 2 tubes and another pack of 4 tubes that you can order online. All you need to do is to be careful about the application. That’s all. 


  • Made in the USA, with a high end manufacturing process. 
  • It comes as a unit of 8oz. 
  • Durable and very easy to use. 
  • Reaches hard-to-reach places for hands. 
  • Works on any kind of vinyl surfaces and upholstery. 


  • The tube gets leak-prone sometimes. 

FORTIVO Vinyl Repair Kit

Best Glues for Vinyl: Reviews and Guide for 2023 7

Product Overview

You have seen products in his list to be good with both floors/tiles and upholstery. But what if you want something that’s meant to be for upholstery only? Are there any glues for that? Well, the answer is right in front of you, called the FORTIVO Vinyl Repair Kit.

Apart from vinyl, this glue works on leather as well. Together, it can be applied for repair purposes of your sofa, car seat cover, couch, seat-back etc. And the types of damages it works on are- tears, cracks, tatters, and scratches. 

Unlike many products in this list, the FORTIVO Vinyl Repair Kit is not colorless. It has got a number of shades of brown, considering that most of the leather and vinyl upholstery comes with a browning color. 


  • A complete set of glue for vinyl and leather upholstery. 
  • Can repair cracks, tears and scratches and more. 
  • Usable with easy to follow steps. 
  • It comes as a whole set to find the right match from. 
  • 40ml and 20ml convenient tubes in the set.


  • A very high price point, which might satisfy basic users. 

Buyer’s Guide

Check Out the Applications

With every product, there is a list of what kind of vinyl surfaces it works on. For some of them, it’s vinyl upholstery. Where for some others, it’s the opposite. Our first buying advice is to check that out based on what situation you have with your vinyl item. 

Keep the Bottle Size In Mind

There are products that are as small as 1oz in size. On the other hand, there are products in this list that are up to 10oz in size. Based on how much repair works you have to do, you have to choose the right one for your purpose. 

The Nozzle and Tube Shape

If you have a hard to reach space where it’s impossible to reach by hand or by the means of a brush, you might go for the products that come with a bottle with a nozzle on top of it. 

In case you are using it on the vinyl floor for regular sealing, that would be quite unnecessary we would say. Regular container bottles will do good in that case. 


Question: When would I need a tube with a head-nozzle on it?
Answer: When you are about to apply the glue on a hard-to-reach place, then you would need that.

Question: Do these glues repair hairline cracks on vinyl items?
Answer: Most of them don’t. For hairline cracks, you better go with a patch or putty.

Question: What size of vinyl glue is ideal for household use?
Answer: Bottles or tubes that come within 5-7oz are good for infrequent household uses. Otherwise, you can choose from bigger units.

Bottom Line

Alright, this had been the review of 7 of the best glue for vinyl picks of the market. By the means of what tasks you have to do, and what size you need, we are hopeful that you have already picked up the right one for you.