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200 Amp Wire Size: Everything You Need to Know

Many smart homeowners often feel that their 150 amp service is not enough for their homes. As a result, upgrading to a 200 amp service is fairly frequent. But, the tricky part of this is selecting the right length of wiring. 

What is the 200 amp wire size?  

You’ll need to get a #2/0 copper wire, #4/0 aluminum wire, or copper-clad aluminum wire to begin. Copper wires have high conductivity and are heat and corrosion-resistant. However, they are pricey and harder to install. Aluminum wires are cheaper and easier to install but not as high quality as copper wire. 

Are you still confused? Don’t worry we knew you would be. Have a look at our article and we’re certain that all your confusion will be cleared. 

Read along!

Wire Size for a 200 Amp Service: Quick Overview

Handling electrical items is always tricky. Doesn’t matter if you’re programming an outdoor light timer or looking for the size of wire you need for a 200 amp service. You’ll need to be cautious.

If you’re a smart homeowner you’ll need a good electrical panel that can handle all these. Many households are updating their networks to 200 amp service because of this.

For something like a 200 amp service, you must know what length of wire to utilize. It is crucial for ensuring that your electric system will last for years. But how can you make a decision among all the choices?

A permit and expert knowledge are required to install a 200 amp service. While you’ll need a licensed electrician, it’s better to learn the essentials beforehand.

For a 200-amp connection, you’ll need to proceed accordingly:

  • Copper wire #2/0
  • #4/0 aluminum or copper-clad aluminum wire

When choosing your wiring, you’ll need to think about the voltage drop. Also, you need to take in account the length of the cable.

You’re still confused. aren’t you? Don’t worry, we’ll go through each one in-depth below.

Wire Size for a 200 Amp Service: Detailed Overview

It’s highly likely that you’ll get the 200 amp service done by a professional. However, it doesn’t hurt to know what you’re dealing with.

Kind of like how you’d like to know about wiring the bathroom fan and light switch together, but you’ll ultimately get it done by an electrician. 

The size of wire required for 200 amp service is determined by the type of wire purchased. 

Consider the contrasts among copper and aluminum, as well as copper-clad aluminum wires.

Copper Wiring

Copper wire is perfect for wiring in every condition. This is because of its high electrical conductivity. It is also temperature resistant to corrosion. It is also pretty adaptable. 

Copper, on the other hand, is more costly and more difficult to install.

Conductivity Very High

Copper is a conductive metal by nature. And conductivity is important for any electrical item. Whether you’re wiring a rotary switch or installing a 200 amp service.

Because of its superior electric conductivity, it can be used over considerably longer distances. You can also use it with much smaller gauges than aluminum.

Really High Corrosion and Heat Resistant 

While oxidation alters the color of copper, it has no impact on quality. Copper is a corrosion-resistant metal that will last a long period. 

It also has a far higher heat resistance than aluminum. It doesn’t expand or stretch nearly as much in the heat, so it remains put.


It’s considerably easier to twist and roll copper without shattering it.

Copper is, without a doubt, the ideal material for wiring, although it does have drawbacks. So, let’s have a look at the following parts to see which one you should pick. 


Aluminum has a lower conductivity than copper and reacts to heat and rust more promptly. To cover the loss of conductance, you’ll need a larger meter. As a result, a heavier wire is required.

Most electricians, on the other hand, choose aluminum for a variety of reasons. Copper has the disadvantages of being pricey, heavy, and difficult to install. And it’s for this reason that electricians frequently use aluminum.

Aluminum is both cheaper and easier to install. You’ll need a #4/0 aluminum wire for a 200 amp service. 

If you’re confused about where to buy aluminum wire from, I have some great suggestions:

Product 1
Product 2 

You can use any one of these you like if you’re not confused.

Copper-Clad Aluminum

Copper-clad aluminum is the third alternative. And it has some advantages of both copper and aluminum.

It is less costly than copper but even more costly than aluminum. The aluminum is protected from corrosion by copper-clad aluminum wire. So this means it’s also more corrosion resistant. 

For a 200 amp service, you’ll need a #4/0 copper-clad aluminum wire. 

By now you probably have already chosen which one you’ll purchase. But don’t get too excited. There are a few more aspects to consider as well. 

Other Factors That Need to Be Considered

Before you start working on your work, there are a few things you should know. So let’s find out. 

Voltage Drop

Your circuit breaker should be set at 120 volts. By raising the gauge of your wire, you may reduce the voltage loss.


You might need electricity over a distance of more than 50 feet. In that case, you’ll generally want to use copper wire because of the voltage drop.

If you want to go over 50 feet, you’ll probably need a thicker copper wire.

Building Codes

Make sure you understand the National Electrical Code first. 

Once you have all these things covered, you’re ready. You may now specify the size and type of wire you want.

But, if you’re installing the 200 amp service yourself, be careful. I suggest you follow all the electrical safety guidelines.


Question: How much does a #2/0 copper wire cost? 

Answer: A #2/0 copper wire costs around $2.50-$4.50 per foot. However, prices can fluctuate depending on the brand and quality of the product.

Question: What would be the expense to install a 200 amp service? 

Answer: It costs between $750 and $2,000 to convert to a 200 amp electrical supply. The price range is determined by the amount of wiring required. It also relies on the scope of the change as well as other variables. A full reset with a fresh circuit breaker, on the other hand, may account for up to $4,500.

Question: How much does a #4/0 aluminum wire cost? 

Answer: A #4/0 aluminum wire costs around $0.99-$1.50 per foot. Depending on the quality and brand of that wire, the price can fluctuate. 

Final Word

If you followed us this far then you should already have a good idea about the 200 amp wire size. I tried to give detailed information about all the choices available to you. 

If you still feel confused, you can always ask a professional about it.

Good luck with your project!