Can You Caulk Over Sealed Grout: The Definitive Answer

can you caulk over sealed grout

So you’ve used grout underneath your tiles and sealed them too. But alas! Out of nowhere, you notice a few hairline cracks showing up.After racking your brains, you ask yourself, “can you caulk over sealed grout?”.In general, caulk and grout don’t mix well. Due to their different textures, the two layers may separate or the … Read more

Can You Put Carpet Over Laminate Flooring: The A-Z Guide

can you put carpet over laminate flooring

Laminate flooring can help your home look super chic, without breaking your bank. What happens when you start getting tired of them?If you ever considered, “can you put carpet over laminate flooring?”, you’re not alone.There are a few pointers for you to remember.Laminate floorings are also often called floating floors. This is because they aren’t … Read more

How to Tile Around a Floor Drain: The 7 Step Solution

how to tile around a floor drain

If you’re planning to renovate your home on your own, kudos! Not everyone dares to undertake such a huge step. When dealing with bathrooms, it’s frustrating not knowing how to tile around a floor drain. Sounds like your problem? Don’t you worry.Tile placement is very important. Especially because it’s what helps the water slide down the … Read more

Grouting Between Tile and Baseboard: A Complete Guide

grout between tile and baseboard

Imagine the water from your bathroom seeping through your baseboard. Then, the water comes into contact with the wall and eventually damages it later on. I’m pretty sure we can all imagine how dreadful it would be, right?In such cases, grouting would provide proper protection. So, how do you grout between tile and baseboard?Firstly, you … Read more

How To Caulk Baseboards to Tile Floor: 6 Simple Steps

how to caulk baseboards to tile floor

Let’s suppose, in your bathroom, the baseboard and tile floor had gaps. As a result, water often kept seeping inside the tile floor. It also created a passageway for bugs! How horrible is that?That’s why a secure sealant like caulk can solve your problem.So, wondering how to caulk baseboards to tile floor?Firstly, you need to … Read more