Wire Gauge & Ampacity Basics: Guide to Select The Right Wire Size

wire gauge and ampacity guide

While setting up the wiring of a residence or commercial entity, one of the primary concerns is to select the safest cable. But for anyone who’s new to the industry, deciphering all the ratings, numbers and conventional metrics can be pretty tough.  In this 3-chapter guide, we’ve taken a handy approach to simplify the process … Read more

Tub Drain Gasket Or Putty? [A Comparison Between Two Sealants]

tub drain gasket or putty

You installed a new tub drain and now you’re confused about which sealant to use. Generally people become confused between gasket and putty. That’s alright, we’ve got you covered.  What to choose to seal the tub drain gasket or putty?  Both choices seem rational. Putty is ideal for plumbing fittings whereas a gasket is used … Read more