How To Remove Backstab Wire: A Step-by-Step Guide

how to remove backstab wires

Backstabbed wires can be very dangerous. They can even result in fires. Even though builders use this technique to save time.  It’s highly discouraged to backstab wire. So, if you already have a backstabbed outlet, you should remove them.You must be wondering how to remove backstab wire? You need to prepare your toolbox first. Then detect … Read more

How to Insulate Ductwork in Garage: The Perfect Guide

how to insulate ductwork in garage

Uninsulated ductwork can be a barrier to getting your cozy home. It funks up your garage’s temperature balance. And let’s not forget about the humongous bill you’re slapped with.Naturally, the question arises, how to insulate ductwork in garage?Before going for insulation, you’ve got to get your tools. Now, put some thought into choosing the insulating … Read more

Siding Directly on Studs: Everything You Need to Know

siding directly on studs

Planning whether to build an unheated garage space or not? Probably, you’re inspired by some old houses. But should you use last century’s building practices today? We don’t think it’s a wise choice.Now you must be wondering should you install siding directly on studs? No, you shouldn’t put siding directly on the studs. It can hamper the … Read more

Flashing Between Pavers and Siding [Mystery Solved]

flashing between pavers and siding

Planning to add a new high paver patio? Do your research before moving ahead. Paver against the wall siding without flashing can cause serious water damage. And if you have wood siding, spoiler alert, carpenter ants are on their way.  Pondering upon how to install flashing between pavers and siding?Firstly, pick the flashing after proper examination. … Read more

No Sheathing Under Siding: Here’s What You Need to Know!

no sheathing under siding

Most homeowners spent ages in their house without even knowing about the sheathing. It is completely okay if you were not aware that there’s no sheathing under siding until you removed it. Sheathing works as a case or cover, structural support, insulator, and more. Missing sheathing is not any structural defect. It’s possible that it was … Read more

Flashing Between Brick and Siding: What You Need To Know

flashing between brick and siding

Is water leaking from your living room wall because of your builder’s mistake? We can understand your rage and tension. But if you want to control the damage, you need to come forward and deal with it. Probably wondering, if you can install flashing between brick and siding? Yes, it’s possible. Installing flashing is considered to be … Read more