2-Inch Well Problems [What Should You Do]

2 inch well problems

Nowadays it is pretty common to have a full-fledged well at home. It makes us more self-sufficient. Plus our water bills are less too. But your 2-inch well can stop doing its job effectively.  What to do when you face 2-inch well problems? It’s possible to solve your 2-inch well problems. Before that, you have … Read more

Want Rodent Proof Pipe Insulation? Here’s How You Do It!

rodent proof pipe insulation

Are you hearing scratching in your walls and sounds in the attic? Well, some pesky rodents might be invading your attic. You’re now worried that they could cause extensive damage to your pipes. How can you rodent proof pipe insulation?  We have some temporary solutions you can use. Tapes, dishwasher soap, dry ice, and foam … Read more

How Much Does It Cost To Build A 3-Bedroom House With A Basement

Cost To Build 3-Bedroom House With A Basement

This is one of the most common questions asked by home buyers. We will cover all costs in this article, including labor and material. It is hard for homeowners to know how much they need to save up in order to build their dream home. The price of the building varies depending on the size … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About ½” IPS

1 2 ips

Understanding plumbing jargon can be a bit complicated. As a result, most new homeowners struggle with finding the right plumbing tools. One of the most common terms used in the world of plumbing is IPS. Although it stands for Iron pipe size, it requires a bit of understanding.  What does ½” IPS mean?  IPS refers … Read more

5-Step Dishwasher Vacuum Breaker Installation Guide

dishwasher vacuum breaker

You’ve been using a dishwasher in your house for quite a long time. It was all okay till a problem took place. You suddenly noticed dirty dishwater siphoned backward from the drain. But you find online that a vacuum breaker can solve this issue.  How to install a dishwasher vacuum breaker?  If you’ve basic technical … Read more