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Cutting Balsa Wood Dremel [The Proper Way to Use a Dremel]

No matter what you are building with wood, you need to cut it with some things.

But using the wrong tool can ruin the wood piece. Such as splitting and breakage.

Using the proper tool can give you magnificent results. 

So, is it possible to cut balsa wood Dremel?

Yes, you can cut balsa wood with Dremel. But in order to do so, you have to use a saw blade attachment on the Dremel. Also, you need to stabilize the wooden piece with C-clamps and such. You should also wear safety goggles, gloves, and a mask to protect yourself. 

There are more things to cover when it comes to cutting balsa wood with the Dremel. And lucky for you, we have covered this whole article about it.

Why don’t you jump below and enlighten yourself?

Can You Cut Balsa Wood with a Dremel?

You can cut wood with many different methods. And among all, using a Dremel is one. You can use a Dremel to do a lot of tasks. Such as sanding, grinding, and cutting. 

Although, in order to cut balsa wood, you need the saw blade with the Dremel. There are different attachments for the Dremel. And each of them is used for different purposes.

A Dremel is really powerful. You can even cut through ductwork with a Dremel. Other than that, it’s possible to cut through plastic, porcelain, and metal. But you need the right attachment to do so. 

Also, there are different types of saws that you can use to cut. Make sure you have the right saw blade for the right wood. Dremels are really powerful if you use them the right way. So, let’s get down to how you can cut balsa wood with a Dremel. 

How to Cut Balsa Wood with Dremel?

Balsa wood is hardwood. But it’s not durable. You can probably snap a plank of balsa wood with your hands. Balsa wood is not really hard to cut with a Dremel. But there are a few guidelines you should follow. 

Otherwise, you can easily damage the Dremel or even yourself. So, follow the guidelines below in order to cut balsa wood the right way. 

Pick the Right Cutting Tool

Picking the right tool is the first thing you should do. There are different bits and saws you can use to cut through balsa wood. But the saw you need is the cutting wheel. With the cutting wheel, you can cut through wood, plastic, and even metal. 

The wood cutting wheel is a thin saw blade that you can use to cut through balsa wood. But you need to remember not to put too much pressure. Let the saw do the work. No matter how fragile balsa wood is, it’s hardwood so it takes time to cut through. 

You can use the Dremel to use the steel wool on wood. But make sure you have the right attachment to do so. There are steel wool attachments available which you can use with the Dremel. 

Another great bit is a thick spiral cutting bit. With this bit attached you can put details in your cut. With these, you can put in the details in your woodworking. 

Use Attachments to Guide you

Using different attachments can make your wood cutting process easier. Such as using C-clamps can bring more stability while you are cutting. 

There are dedicated attachments for different jobs. Such as using the Dremel line and circle cutter if you want to cut in a circle. Also, you can use the Dremel multipurpose cutting tool to drill on balsa wood. 

If you are looking for attachments to use with your Dremel, check the links below:


Both of these attachments can be used to stabilize the wooden piece. Pick the one you prefer most. 

But if you want to go all in, using the Dremel multi-vice is the best thing. With the multi-vice, you get 360-degree stationary vice. With that, you also get a standalone, clamp, and tool holder.

With these tools, you can cut through balsa wood with confidence. 

Use Safety Protectors

Protecting yourself is the most important thing to do. No matter if you’re cutting wood or plastic, using protective gear can keep you safe. Because a lot of things can happen while you are working. 

So, using gloves and protective eyewear is a smart decision. You should also use a mask. Because cutting through balsa wood can create a lot of dust particles. 

Hold the Tool with Both Hands for Stability

Using the Dremel with proper stability is important while you are cutting. And holding the tool with both hands is better than using one. 

A lot of people think about cutting balsa wood while holding the Dremel with one hand. But that is not the right way. And you also risk damaging yourself. That is why using a C-clamp or amount is necessary. 

You need to stabilize the wood piece and let the tool do its work. Putting too much pressure on the blade can cause a jumping effect. And that can ruin your wooden piece. 

Soften the Edges

There are different drill bits and attachments you can use to dull down the wooden piece. After you cut down on a wooden piece. There are sharp edges. And using the sanding attachments can dull down the edges. 

There are different types of sanding attachments you can use to soften the edges. The top three types of categories are bands, discs, and buffers. 

Using the disc will give you the most sanding power. Use the band on flat surfaces. And you should use the buffers to find a sanded area. 

You can also use the buffer to make the wood glossy. But you do need buffing cream to do so. 

And that is all the guidelines you should follow to cut down on balsa wood. But there are some other methods you can also try out. Check the other methods below. 

Other Methods to Cut Balsa Wood

Using the Dremel is the easiest and most effective way you can cut down on balsa wood. But if you don’t have a Dremel, there are a few other methods. 

Below we have discussed two other methods which you can use to cut down balsa wood. So, let’s get started on that!

Craft or Utility Knife

Using a crafting tool can give you the most precision cuts on balsa wood. But you can use this method only on thin pieces of balsa wood. 

Using ⅛-¼ inch or 0.32-0.64 cm thick balsa wood is the best thickness of balsa wood. Any thicker than this can be difficult to cut with a crafting knife.

The utility of crafting a knife has a really sharp blade. But you have to use some pressure here to dig down on the wooden pieces. 

Laser Cutting

Using a laser to cut wood pieces is really futuristic. But you do need a laser cutter if the balsa wood pieces have to be small. Otherwise, you cannot fit the pieces on the laser machine. 

The thickness of balsa wood for lasers is also similar to the thickness of a crafting knife. Because the laser is not powerful enough to cut down on thicker pieces. Also, on thicker pieces, the laser can be set on fire. 

And that was everything about cutting balsa wood with a Dremel. Don’t forget to sand your wood with the Dremel after you finish cutting it. 


Can you cut balsa wood with a Dremel?

You can cut through balsa wood with a Dremel. To do so, you need a cutting saw blade for the Dremel. Also, you need C-clamps to stabilize the wooden pieces. That is because you have to use both of your hands to cut down with the Dremel. 

What is the best tool to cut balsa wood?

Using the crafting or utility knife is the best thing to cut balsa wood with. The utility knife can make precision cuts which the Dremel can fail to do. But using the Dremel is the most efficient and faster tool to cut balsa wood. 

What bit do you use to cut wood with a Dremel?

You have to use the saw blade to cut balsa wood. You can also use a spiral cutting bit. No matter which tool you use, don’t put pressure on the Dremel. Let the Dremel do the work. Make sure to stabilize the piece of wood first. 

How do you cut balsa wood without splitting it?

Using the Dremel can stop splitting. If you put pressure on the wood, it can split. You can also use a utility knife but make sure to have a sharp blade. Otherwise, the wood can split from the pressure of a dull knife. 


So, that was everything you needed to know about cutting balsa wood Dremel.

In crafting, using balsa wood is very common. With the Dremel not only you’ll be able to make clean cuts, but also beautiful pieces as well. 

Good luck with your woodworking project!