How to Insulate Ductwork in the Basement? [+Tips]

how to insulate ductwork in basement

Uninsulated ductwork can be a hidden burden on your shoulder. It makes your utility bill sky-high. At the same time, it creates an uncomfortable environment in your basement. Insulating the ductwork will probably put an end to all your struggles.How to insulate ductwork in the basement?First, you need to grab the right gears and material for … Read more

Can You Use A Junction Box to Extend Wiring?

can you use a junction box to extend wiring

We know how exciting it is to install a new fixture. But it turns out you’re short on wires. We understand the chaos it can cause. Don’t worry, ‘cause we’ve got the answer to your question!Can you use a junction box to extend wiring?Yes. You can definitely use a junction box to extend your wiring. … Read more

How to Cut Asbestos Siding? [2 Simple Methods]

how to cut asbestos siding

Cutting asbestos siding might seem a bit difficult for you. To be honest, it isn’t easy if you aren’t experienced enough. However, beginners can still give it a try.How to cut asbestos siding properly? You can use a utility knife/blade paper cutter to cut the siding. It’s the safest way. However, you might lack the … Read more

How to Seal Siding to Concrete in 10 Simple Steps

how to seal siding to concrete

Sidings are a great way of protecting your home from rain, heat, and snow. Moreover, some good siding makes the exterior look attractive and increases the house’s value. However, it’s important to seal the siding properly.How to seal siding to concrete?Before sealing siding to concrete, choose the best siding option. Afterward, you’ll need to clean … Read more

How to Remove Shower Riser Rail: The 5 Step Guide

how to remove shower riser rail

Renovating your bathroom but just can’t seem to remove your shower rail? Then you may want to learn how to remove shower riser rail. Well, it’s quite simple.A shower riser rail may get stuck due to rust or a damaged grub screw. To remove it, you’ll need to unscrew the joints first. Then, apply WD40 to … Read more

Dutch Lap vs Clapboard Siding: Your Questions Answered

dutch lap vs clapboard siding

Bought a new home and confused about what siding material to choose? We get the pain. Choosing between Dutch lap vs Clapboard siding can be quite a challenge. But, we’ve made things easier for you. Dutch lap sidings are modern and more durable. Also, they’re a little more expensive than Clapboard. However, Clapboard sidings are traditional. They … Read more

Shower Cable Overheating: 3 Things You Can Do

shower cable overheating

Showers are one of the greatest inventions of mankind. And electric showers? Don’t get us started. The instant warm water is enough to melt all your worries away. But that doesn’t mean, you have to struggle.For instance, your shower cable overheating can quickly steal your joy away. But it need not be so. Shower cables mainly … Read more

Shower Isolator Switch Not Working: What You Can Do

shower isolator switch not working

Just can’t wrap your brain behind why your switches keep getting damaged? Well, we’ve all been there, bud. If you struggle with your shower isolator switch not working, we totally get you. A shower isolator switch may malfunction when you turn it off frequently. Also, overheating and using a low-quality switch are all to blame. In case … Read more