AquaPEX vs PEX: Which One Should You Choose?

aquapex vs pex

Wondering which pipe would build the best leak-proof piping system between AquaPEX and PEX? Then proper research is a must, especially if you’re new to plumbing.  It’s not your fault if you confuse AquaPEX and PEX.It’s quite obvious as their names also give out a vibe of similarity among them. That’s why we’ve come to … Read more

Can You Use Redgard Instead of Liner? Finally Answered!

redgard instead of liner

Waterproofing your shower is a massive task. If the shower isn’t waterproof, it remains wet for too long and becomes slippery. Also, it causes mold to grow faster. Shower pan liners are commonly used to make your shower waterproof. It acts as an additional layer between the tiles and mortar. Thus preventing water from seeping … Read more

Setting Up A Fusan Anti Siphon Valve: In 4 Steps

fusan anti siphon

If you’re working on a plumbing system, you’ve probably heard about anti-siphon valves. Most plumbing codes make it mandatory. But, we often tend to overlook them. In the world of valves, Fusan is a household name. They’re one of the leading manufacturers in Taiwan. And their anti-siphon valve is one of the best.  How to … Read more