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Best Wood for Under Kitchen Sink: All You Need to Know

Choosing wood for under the kitchen sink can be tricky. As it is a sensitive place you will want to use the best wood. But it’s not easy to select the best wood from the market. 

How to choose the best wood for the kitchen sink?

There are many criteria for the best wood. The best wood will have the best sheen. Also, it should have even edges. The wood should be easy to upkeep and come at a reasonable price. Solid unfinished plank, prefinished plank, engineering plank, and reclaimed plank are high-quality wood for the job.

Best Wood for Under Kitchen Sink: All You Need to Know 1

This is only the tip of the iceberg. To select the best wood you will need more knowledge. Keep scrolling for more details!

How to Select The Best Wood for Under Kitchen Sink

There are some important requirements that the wood under the kitchen sink must have. Because the kitchen is a more messy place than other rooms of the house. It can suffer from sink leakage issues.

You must choose the best flooring under the kitchen sink. Below I will present to you the factors that you should look into the wood.


The term sheen is used to refer to the gloss level of the wooden floors. This is a very important aspect of these floors. Wooden floors are known for their shiny presence. They lose their attractiveness when the surface becomes dull.

It’s important to check the sheen of the floors before finalizing your deal. The wood can have a matte or satin finish. You have to choose based on your preference. This is essential for the aesthetics under the kitchen sink. 


Best Wood for Under Kitchen Sink: All You Need to Know 2

The space under the sink will not be covered by a single piece of wood. You will have to install several pieces side by side. So the edges must be uniform for a smooth assembly. Otherwise, the wood boards will have gaps between them.

The gaps are not preferable because you might need two drains under the sink. That’s why to ensure a better appearance make sure that the edges are more rounded.


Any flooring needs regular maintenance. And kitchen floors, especially the space under the sink, need extra care. You have to keep this in mind before selecting the wood. Sensitive wood boards will require more of your attention. 

Make a wise selection to reduce your labor. 

I have some suggestions for wood cleaners for you. Have a look at them:


These cleaners work very well in removing any sort of marks. Use them for your convenience.


This is another very important factor that you have to be aware of. The price of the wood you want to use under the sink. Woods come in different price ranges. For that you have to fix your budget before deciding on the price. 

The best products indeed come at a high price. But the situation can be

different for flooring woods. Because lots of new options are emerging in the present era. It is possible to buy high-quality wood at a low cost. 

But you have to search the market attentively for that.

Now you can easily choose the wood after observing all the factors. In the next section, I will show the different types of woods available in the market. 

What Are The Best Wood for Under Kitchen Sink

To make your work easier, I will discuss the best wood planks here. Read the discussion carefully to get rid of any doubt.

Solid Unfinished Planks 

The solid unfinished plank is a great choice to use under the sink. The setup process of unfinished planks can be time-consuming. But they provide excellent quality and a long-lasting lifetime. Unfinished planks can even last up to a hundred years.

Unfinished planks are first installed on the floors. Then finishing and staining is performed. To waterproof the wood a  layer of sealer coating is applied to the plank. The cost of this flooring is between $3 to $15 per square foot.

The solid unfinished planks are a tested and reliable solution for flooring under the kitchen sink. These planks are in use for a very long time. If you have a high budget, the unfinished planks will be the best option to go for.

Solid Prefinished Planks 

The prefinished planks are an upgraded version of the solid unfinished planks. These planks are sold after completing most of the work. Still, some work is needed on the wood while installation. The finish of these planks is more durable.

Nowadays prefinished planks are taking the place of unfinished planks. The price of these planks is higher than the previous one. You will get one square foot of prefinished plank for $18 to $20. 

Still, there is a downside of prefinished planks when used in the kitchen. The edges of these planks are often beveled. This can be a serious issue while using it in the kitchen.

Engineering Planks 

As the name implies, the engineering planks come with some modifications. These planks are very easy to install. You can install these by yourself without any external aid. The engineering planks come in the prefinished form. 

These planks are made by attaching a thin piece of hardwood with plywood or medium-density fibreboard. They are attached by an interlocking system. Engineering planks also come at a low price. Per square cost can be around $2 to $10.

You will be able to save some bucks by using the engineering planks. This option will also enable you to do the job without a professional. Thus the installation cost will be saved too.

Reclaimed Planks

The wood planks which come from previously used planks are known as reclaimed planks. This type of plank is getting popular everywhere. The cost of these planks is very less. They are also durable and easy to install. 

All these benefits have made reclaimed planks a very fascinating option. The reclaimed planks mainly come from bowling alleys, factories, and office buildings. If collected properly, the users will not face any problems. 

The reclaimed planks are available at a rate of $5 to $7 per square foot. But they must be sealed properly with coatings before using them under the sink. Only then these planks will give a good and long-term performance. 

These are the best woods for under the kitchen sink. You can see that choosing the wood is not as simple as installing GFCI under the sink. Must be very careful while doing the task.


Question: How do you waterproof under a kitchen sink?

Answer: To waterproof under a kitchen sink you will have to use coatings on the floor. Various types of waterproof coatings are available in the market. You can also use under sink mats for this purpose.

Question: What is waterproof plywood?

Answer: A waterproof plywood is plywood that can resist water. It does not get affected by the water and remains undamaged. Waterproof plywoods are very useful in wet places and outside weather. 

Question: How do you cover a large hole under a sink?

Answer: You can cover a large hole under a sink by filling it and sealing the hole. Steel wool or copper wool is used for filling the hole. Then use caulks to seal the hole. 


That’s all I have on your query: best wood for under kitchen sink. You’ll be able to choose the best wood easily.

Make sure the drainage system of the sink is completed before installing the planks. Or else you’ll have to uninstall the planks again to work on the drains.