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Biz vs Oxiclean: What’s the Difference

I’m sure many of you will agree with me on this:

Stains are an inevitable part of our life. Whether it’s food or grease, it doesn’t matter.

But all that matters are the ways to get rid of stains in an efficient manner.

And that’s where the argument of biz vs oxiclean comes into play.

There are plenty of stain removal options out there in the open. Each has its benefits and downsides. Still, many people often don’t get which stain remover is suitable for their needs.

But if you weigh the benefits against the minus points (just compare various products), then you’ll see that both biz and oxiclean are more suitable than any other option. In fact, their wide variety of use cases is often second to none.

And that’s what we will be talking about in our coming segments. So, bear with us to know which one’s which.

Stain remover for clothes: Why would you need a stain remover?

We believe the question at hand is very easy to answer.

Let’s say you’re having a nice little family meal with your family. In the middle of having soup, your spoon slips. The spoon, along with the food residue, lands on your lap.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing you could do about it. As a result, your shirt and pants now have blob-like stains on them.

Let’s look at another scenario.

You’re having a cup of tea with your neighbor. The sofa, with its plush white exterior, is the topic of your conversation. For no reason at all, the cup shifts on your hand. The unexpected happens.

The beautiful white upholstery is no longer white. The brown stain marks littered all over the place has left the white background obscured. And the same situation can take place to even more delicate upholstery like bed comforters, etc. 

We believe you don’t need any more examples.

Dealing with tea, soup, and other liquid stains are easy. But grease, oil, and bloodstains aren’t that easy to cope with. And if you’re dealing with upholstery, then you will need the best upholstery cleaner.

And we have the two best options right here.

Oxiclean vs biz: which is which?

It’s time to work with the real task at hand. And that is to differentiate between the two options at hand.

Oxiclean: Activate and React

Oxiclean, as the name implies, works as a reaction igniter to remove stains.

The working process is fairly simple. It’s an agent for oxygen-based stain removing, which dissolves into the part of the cloth and reacts to remove the stain. The gradual discoloration of the stain is what helps to eliminate stains.

In terms of usability, oxiclean announces its versatility by eliminating grimes and grunge without almost no visible issues.

Oxiclean pros and cons

We tested the stain removal performance of oxiclean by putting it through its paces.

During the test, we used a stain covered towel and oxiclean. We did use hot water for the test, as the stain dissolved better and quickly. And that is to be expected because of the way oxiclean works.

There was very little evidence of any dirt release. The water consistently stayed clear.

This washing soda, peroxide and detergent combo works with almost any type of fabric. Still, a slight yellowish tint is visible at times.

Cleaning with oxiclean: Clothing and upholstery

Let’s say you wanted to use oxiclean on clothes. The process of washing will take place as follows:

  • Take a gallon or two of water.
  • Measure the oxiclean powder using the included scoop (there are lines on the scoop for proper measurement). For two gallons of water, 2 full scoops are enough.
  • The severity of the stain will determine the time of soaking. The standard time is 1-6 hours minimum.
  • After that, just give the clothing a regular wash.

Upholstery cleaning isn’t as straightforward as regular clothing. Here are the steps:

  • You will need to clear our additional stains before getting started.
  • Measure to the first line of the included scoop (you’ll need 16-ounce of water for that).
  • Take a towel and apply the solution with it on the stain. Do not apply the solution directly.
  • Keep doing it until the stain becomes invisible.
  • Finally, give it a quick wash with a towel and water.

The oxiclean side effects will only be visible if you don’t take the necessary precautions. There may be skin irritation if you are careless.

One notable observation here is the hot water requirement. Oxiclean does a better job if you treat the clothing or upholstery with warm water.

Biz: An enzyme cleaner

In contrast to Oxiclean, Biz features biodegradable enzymes as its cleaning force.

The Biz stain remover breaks down the stain with its enzymes. The enzymes feed on the natural stains and grime, clearing out the stains until the clothes are back to their original state.

Biz pros and cons

We tested the Biz stain remover in the same way as we did with oxiclean.

We did see some dirt release, which is substantial in contrast to oxiclean. After a while, the water did need changing as it became stale.

Regular water offered almost similar cleaning results here. The optical brighteners, combined with the enzymes and peroxide, did not leave any unusual tint as seen in the case of oxiclean.

Still, water with slightly higher temperatures seemed to bear better results. So, we would recommend that you keep that mind.

Cleaning with biz: Clothing and upholstery

When it comes to cleaning stains with Biz remover, then there’s a simple set of steps you need to follow in terms of dealing with clothing:

  • Take ½ a cup of Biz remover with 1-gallon of water.
  • Soak the clothes in the solution for at least 4 hours.  
  • Then give it a normal wash.

As with upholstery, you do need to do things differently:

  • Apply water on the stained area.
  • Make a paste with biz powder and water.
  • Apply the paste and let it soak for 30-minutes.
  • Finally, clean off the paste with water.

As with any cleaner, if you don’t treat the chemical well, it will cause some harm.

But with the biz, as the formula is natural to some extent, there isn’t any real danger to your body. Still, you can’t be too careful.

There’s something we’d like to share here. People often seem to confuse biz and borax.

Biz is a complete cleaning solution. But borax is a cleaning ingredient derived from borate.

This boron compound isn’t as powerful on its own. But when integrated with detergents (which it is in most cases), you will find its effectiveness to be better.

Laundry stain remover products: Things you find at home

There are some stain remover products that you may find in your local stores. Or you may even have them lying around your home.

White vinegar is one of those options. It’s very soft on clothes. And it’s cheap.

White vinegar is very effective with underarm stains and mild grimes. Just add a cup of distilled vinegar to the final washing water. This will offer astounding results.

Lemon juice and baking soda are both common stain removers. Both of them are equally capable in handling light underarm stains. But with lemon juice, there is the possibility of tinting. So, be mindful of that.

Final Thoughts

The argument entitling Biz vs Oxiclean is often puzzling to a lot of users. Hopefully, our comprehensive guide sets some of the records straight.

Unless it’s more of a complicated cleaning like pressure washing, both Biz and Oxiclean have their benefits and downsides. Still, the final results and preferences will depend on the user.

Usability and performance are things that vary from user to user. And our job is to help the users to find the right product that takes care of their home clothing.

We did our jobs. It’s now time to make your decision. In the end, all we can do is advise you to choose wisely. All the cards are right in the table.