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Brown Well Water After A Power Outage: Everything You Need to Know

It’s quite common to use well water depending on your residential area. And whenever a power outage happens your well water gets brown. You have to find the reason why it happens and how to fix it soon.

Why do you have brown well water after a power outage?

Your well water might get brown if there is a power outage. Because of bad weather and getting muds into the pipe anyhow, or if the pipes get rusty or because of the Iron or and manganese of stormwater. To get rid of this problem, the easiest way is to use an iron filter or water softener. Daily well inspection can be a great help as well. 

To solve the brown well water problem after a power outage, you will have to follow some guidelines. We have mentioned everything in detail through this article. Stick around and follow along!

Let’s get started-

Why Does Well Water Get Brown After Power Outage?- 4 Common Reasons

We know brown well water is a very common problem for households, especially in bad weather. But there is a way to solve every problem, correct?

Additionally, using an electric pump for a sand point well can ease up pumping problems.

Here are some common causes why the well water might have got brown.

Reason 1 of 4: Muddy Pipes

If the weather is bad, or there is heavy rain, the water pipes might pull in mud.  This is the most common reason behind water discoloration.

After finding brown well water, check the water pipes. And also check if the water pressure regulator is broken or not. Fixing these primary issues can solve the whole situation.

Reason 2 of 4: Rusty Pipes

Another reason behind this problem is rusty pipes. If you find water discoloration in the well, it is mostly caused by rusty pipes. 

Water pipes don’t last forever, so they can get damaged or rusty with time. For this reason, water could mix with mud or dirt and get brown.

Reason 3 of 4: Stormwater  

If there is a storm in your area, the stormwater gets mixed with the soil. And makes it muddy. It also melts manganese or iron-breaking rocks. The snow-melted water caused by storms is another reason behind well water discoloration.

Iron rocks contain ferric and ferrous as water irons. They mix with water and make the water orange-brown. Some iron bacterias show up in the water as red-colored slimes. That can also make the water brown. 

Reason 4 of 4: Flood

Lastly, for excessive rainfall, floods can cause water discoloration in households. Waterlogging happens a lot in these situations. The dirty water runs into the pipes and makes these pipes brown.

If you live near a river or in the sea area, waterlogging or flooding must be a common issue. It is another big reason behind power cuts

We can’t weatherproof the pipes in bad weather like saving pets by weatherproofing dog doors. It’s a matter of concern how we can solve the issue.

No need to worry! Here we have discussed the solution for you in detail.

How To Get Rid of Brown Well Water After Power Outage?- 2 Simple Methods

Brown well water can be a big problem but it can be fixed. We have curated 2 easiest methods that will help you get rid of this brown well water issue. 

Let’s dive into the depth of these methods.

Method 1 of 2: Using Filters

The most effective way to get rid of brown well water is using an iron water filter. It is the best purifier if the pH range of your water is between 6.5-8. 

There are so many filters available to purify dirty water. Iron filter, carbon filter or air aspirated filter, etc. These filters turn ferrous iron into ferric by transferring oxygen into the water. They also help to remove any kind of malodor or chlorine from the water. 

To help, we have mentioned some filters you can use to get rid of brown well water.

Product 1
Product 2

Method 2 of 2: Using Water Softeners

If the water is not that browny or dirty, then the iron level is low. In that case, you can consider using water softeners. It can remove the dirt, resins, and iron if it is less than 3.3 ppm.

However, to get rid of brown well water, using water softeners is the second-best option. Besides cleaning brown water, you can use a water softener for other purposes as well. In case you cannot go with any of these methods, you should call for professional help.

That’s all we had to offer on this issue. We hope you were able to fix your problem following our instructions.


Question: How to keep a well pump working during a power outage?

Answer: Many households have electrical well pumps, so having a backup generator in that case, might be useful. Power outages are short-lived at maximum times so you can use the remaining water during that time. This way, the well will keep working even during a power outage. But, in case of a long-term power outage, the electric pump will not work. 

Question: Is it safe to use brown well water?

Answer: No, you can’t use brown water. Neither to drink nor to shower. If your skin is sensitive it might get affected by the dirt. But in emergency cases, it is okay to use for washing something but you must avoid drinking.

Question: Should I turn off water during power outages?

Answer: During a power outage, you must turn off the air condition electronics. But there won’t be any problem if you keep turning on your electric well water pump. It will automatically adjust with the power when it comes back. 


That’s everything we had regarding your brown well water after a power outage. We hope we were able to help you find out the reason and solve the situation.

Make sure to follow our instructions properly if you’re using one of the methods.

Good luck with fixing the problem!