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Convert Light Switch to Outlet [Detailed Procedure]

The number of electrical appliances is increasing as they increase our comfort. All these appliances need power outlets. But power outlets run out while using too many appliances. And we feel the necessity of an extra outlet.

How to convert a light switch to an outlet?

Yes, converting a light switch to an outlet is possible.  First, you have to open the switchboard. Then disconnect the old wires from the board. In the last step you will have to join the required wires with the new outlet. Now fix the new outlet and you’ve successfully converted an outlet from a switch.

But these are the basic procedures. There are certain steps you’ve to follow to complete the task.

So keep reading!

Is It Possible to Convert a Light Switch to Outlet?

The light switch is the device that controls the supply of power to the light bulb. On the other hand, an outlet is itself an output point. Power is supplied to any external appliances through an outlet. The first thing that comes to mind is the possibility of converting a light switch to an outlet.

And it is positive news for you. The procedure is possible. The light switch is easily convertible to an outlet. You can convert your switch to an outlet by yourself. All you need is the correct set of tools and proper instructions. With the necessary guidelines, the work will be completed in no time.

Running out of outlets is one of the usual electrical problems. In such situations, conversion is the straightforward way to solve the problem. 

How to Convert Light Switch to Outlet 

The conversion process is not rocket science. You can convert the switch to an outlet without any complex working procedure. There is also the option of adding an outlet below the switch. For doing that you will have to use a switch-outlet combo.

Let’s not waste any time. Look into the details and start the work.


These tools will enable you to do the conversion most simply. The required tools for this operation are-

  • A tester
  • Small electric drill
  • Screw Driver

Collect all of these tools before starting the work.

Step 1: Turn off The Power Supply 

Ensuring safety is a very important part of electrical work. Electricity is a strong power. A small electrical accident can cause severe injuries. The main power must be disconnected before starting the task. Turning off the Cutout from the main panel is the best way to do so. Just turn off the main cutout and you are ready to work!

There are ways to ground the main electrical panel as it controls all the supplies.  

Once you’ve turned off the Cutout, use your tester on the port you are about to work. If the tester gives any signal, electricity is still passing. Don’t start the work until you are sure about the electricity supply.

Step 2: Open The Switch Box

The next step is to open the switch box. All the cables and wires are inside it. Open it with caution. Use the screwdriver to open the screws. Then gently remove the box.

Step 3: Identify The Live Wire 

Once you open the switch box you all find a lot of wires. There will be 3 types of wires. The live or hot wire, the ground wire, and the neutral wire. Identifying this wire is very important for conducting the work.

Step 4: Discard All The Cables of The Switch

Disconnect all the wires from the switch. Do it carefully. Make sure the wires/cable are not damaged.Cap the unused wires and push them away. If there are extended heads of the wire, cut them. These heads will now be connected with the outlet input points. After doing all the steps you will have one uncapped white, one uncapped black, and one uncapped black wire.

Step 5: Connect The Wires of The New Outlet 

Now it’s time to connect the wires with the outlet. The black is wire is to be connected with the brass terminals of the outlet. And the white wire will go with the corresponding chrome terminals. There are upper and lower sets of terminals in the outlet. You can use any one of them. But if you are using a GFCI outlet, connect the wires with terminals marked as LINE.

Step 6: Fix The Outlet with Screws

Once all the wire operations are done and connected with the outlet it’s time to fix the outlet. Set the outlet on the wall. Screw-in the necessary holes. Then the process is completed. You will need good outlets for a long life. Or else you’ll have to upgrade the electrical outlets frequently.

We have made a list of outlets for you. These outlets will provide you the utmost comfort


We hope you will use these products. They will increase your convenience for sure.

These are all the steps of converting a light switch to an outlet. Follow the steps thoroughly. Also always use the right set of tools to complete your job easily. 

Safety Tips 

As discussed earlier, electricity is a very dangerous thing. It increases our convenience on one hand, but on the other, it can even cause death. So everyone must be very careful while handling electricity. The following tips will keep you safe while working with electrical cables.

Switching Off The Main Power

Always double-check that the main power is off. Use a functioning tester to check. Touching an open connection while the current is flowing will surely cause death. Be aware while working about this aspect.

Wearing Rubber Shoes & Using Insulated Platform

Rubber is an insulating material. Shoes made out of it will be insulated too. For this reason, this will stop electric current from flowing through it. This procedure will keep you safe during an accident. Also, use a wooden or plastic platform to stand on while working. 

Using Right Set of Tools 

Tools are very important in any work. Without correct tools, easy work becomes hard. In the case of electrical work, the situation is much more complex. Proper tools will ensure efficient work. The work will be good. The chances of accidents will be less too.

Keeping Outlets Away from Water 

Water sources should not be anywhere near an electrical outlet. The water will damage the outlet. Also, a short circuit can damage the full electrical system of the house. Fire can break out and cause destruction.

Hiring A Professional 

If you are uncomfortable with electrical work you should hire a professional. For example, if you did not understand our given procedures you can call an electrician. This will make the work simple for you. Since electricity is dangerous, utmost caution is necessary.

Using Good Quality Switches Outlets & Cables

Don’t use cheap cables and accessories to cut costs. Cheap accessories will get damaged. There will be problems with switches and outlets if they are cheap. They can cause huge damages like fires and death. So it is a very bad idea. Always try to avoid using cheap products. Besides, good switches and cables will be long lasting. They will be complete value for money.

Follow all these safety procedures to avoid any accident. We hope you will follow all of these tips. And thus complete your task safely.


Question: Is it possible to connect a GFCI outlet to a light switch? 

Answer: Yes, it is possible. Just connect as you would from any non-GFCI outlet. The light circuit does not need ground fault protection but it certainly does not affect it adversely in any way.

Question: Can you put lights and outlets on the same circuit?

Answer: Yes, you can. Putting lights and outlets on the same circuit will not cause any problems. Both the light and outlet will work properly. The circuit will not get wasted.

Question: Does a GFCI have to be the first outlet?

Answer: No, the GFCI doesn’t have to be the first in line. If you place the GFCI first in line, the full system will trip whenever something goes wrong. it’s better to put the GFCI at the end.


We have provided every bit of information you need to know about how to convert a light switch to an outlet. We expect all the directions are clear to you.