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Dark Walnut Stain On Ash Wood [The Best Finishing Solution!]

In this modern world, an expensive-looking texture on any wood cannot be avoided. You can scratch your head around researching a doable solution. As you have entered this article, you won’t be disappointed!

The best dark walnut stain on the ash wood fixture is up for grasp.

The Dark Walnut Stain carries the attributes of a rich texture finishing. Involving a proper procedure, you will need to follow some steps to apply a happy ending. This means taking some time to care for your ash wooden products. Sanding, coating, and cleaning should be done efficiently.

I am going to be with you throughout this article. I will be pointing out some real facts to help you along the journey.

Without stretching much, let us together dive deep into the dark stain wonderland.

Features Of Dark Walnut Stain

Let me help you out with a scenario. I believe it is a very common one. One of the reasons for applying dark walnut stains on ash wood is the textured look.

So, what does textured look mean? It demonstrates how ash wood furniture looks with the lighting system in your house.

You probably have invested enough in a modern-looking lighting system. This means the surrounding furniture should have a modern and elegant color. The surface of the ash wood would therefore support the good-looking lighting.

Dark walnut stains are considered the top choice to provide that elegant look. Something, you are desiring the most! This would further support the presence of heavily layered sheetrock installments.

Without stretching more, let me introduce a 7 step guide to a proper DIY project.

The Process Of Applying Dark Walnut Stain On Ash Wood

The process of staining ash wood is easier than you think. You would require some handy tools to make things happen. You may be considering ash colored wood stains for the surface areas.

The addition of any dark color alongside an ash color will make things fantastic! The glossy dark textured look is something you would demand.

A logical and usual question would arise here. This is to deal with the attributes of the dark walnut stain as a perfect finisher!

The Dark Walnut Stain can be mixed with any other supporting color. This is for a strong reshaped dark look where the chemical composition would make the wood harder. A harder wood means being more resistant to external pressure. Therefore, with such stains, you can ensure durability.

There are a few things you need to do to make the stain fit in perfectly. After the preparation phase, there is an application face. This is followed by the ending face which will make things more interesting.

Step 1: Dirt Cleaning

As you are done selecting the right color mixtures, you should prepare yourself. Keep those ash wood stain samples aside and collect some cleaning tools.

Here are the few options you can choose from to clean ash wood:

  • Mix dishwashing soap with a wet cloth.
  • Or wipe the area with soaked detergent powder.
  • Use a soft brushed installed vacuum to clear the dust.
  • The use of Isopropyl Alcohol can provide a deep cleaning solution.
  • Take some time to rub and rinse the alcohol for the best result.

There you have it! You have done a fabulous job. But, simply cleaning the wood won’t do the job in the beginning phase.

Step 2: Adding Concrete Mixtures

The next step is to look for any holes, cracks, or gaps on the wooden surface. You need to make the wood nice and even. This is so that the finishers don’t spill out.

In case you have a white ash wood stain, things will be more visible. When the dark walnut stain is applied, you can go with granite countertop installments all around. The end product will be so good that you will just be the happiest man alive.

Either way, after spotting any cracks. Use a filler or any kind of concrete mixture to fill the holes or gaps. Allow a good drying time to make things fit in. Make sure the bonding is perfect.

Next comes the sanding process!

Step 3: Sanding

Sanding is an easier thing to do than you think. After the end of sanding, you can inaugurate an ash-brown wood stain look! This will complete the dark walnut stain mixture.

Here is what you need to do:

  • The use of any sandpaper is needed. It can be either 120 grit or 220 grit.
  • Move your hand all over the wooden surface with the sandpaper.
  • Make sure you combine the effort from strong and light pressure.
  • Do this until you feel the wood has evened out.

After that, use a vacuum cleaner to remove any sawdust.

There you have it! You have prepared the wood for the next phase.

Step 4: Application Of Dark Walnut Stain

In this step, you will need a paintbrush or perhaps a rag. Make sure you get a good quality one. You will be applying the dark walnut stain on the ash wood.

After a few minutes of brushing, you will see the effect! The dark color is flaring in smoothly. On the surface, you can choose the provincial stain on ash wood. Maybe the Minwax stain on ash wood would further demonstrate a good feeling.

It is an optional idea to add other mixtures into the dark walnut stain. This will provide the wood with a diversified colored texture. If you don’t want it, you can avoid it as well.

Step 5: Allow Drying Time

After you have applied the stain sufficiently, it is time for you to wait. Allow some time to dry. Remember, any fillers of concrete mixtures inside will dry together with the stain.

After a day or two, you will see how beautiful the wood looks. In case you are working with cabinets, make sure of adjusting wooden door hinges. This is to make sure there is no over pouring of paints or stains.

When the application has dried down, you will be happy with the new look.

Step 6: A Second Coating Application

This is a very optional phase but is recommended. To make your wood harder and more long-lasting, you can apply a second coating. This means adding finishing paints or oil products.

You can use the best oil for ash wood to attract an excellent-looking finish. The use of tung oil or linseed oil is further recommended. You will see how the ash wood’s dark walnut color becomes shiny.

It will account for a durable wood that does not damage, crack or break much.

Step 7: Clean Again

When you are observing a shiny glossy look, you would think the wood is clean. It is good water to clean the surface again as there can be chemical residues. Brush off the surface and then clean with detergents or a dishwasher.

When the light ash wood stain turns dark, it will be harder to spot dirt. Do a regular every week cleaning for the first few months. Any chemical residues are hard to get rid of.

This is being a bit careful with the new ash wood color is important.

Best Advice On Taking Care Of Ash Wood Furniture

Keeping the rich and pricey look of ash wood is an essential thing to do. This is to avoid feeling disappointed after a certain time. A dark walnut color should stay with its texture and elegance with proper maintenance.

You need to make your wooden products grow forever!

The few things that you need to consider are:

  • Spray pesticides more often to prevent insects and pests intrusion.
  • Observing the environment and the external climate to see the level of humidity.
  • Proper wetting and drying of the wood will prevent moisture accumulation.
  • I have mentioned before how regular cleaning is going to help.
  • Maintain a good room temperature.
  • Re-furnish the wood after a year.

Doing these things is not hard work. If you are in love with your stuff, things should be fun and exciting.

With that, here is my product recommendation table to support your needs:

Varathane 262006 Dry Wood StainAdds dark walnut stain samples for a forever good look
Rust-Oleum 260364 Ultimate Wood StainEnhances wood grain and textures
Minwax Stainable Wood FillerGood for repairing cracks and holes
Sika White Concrete Bonding AdhesiveLatex bonding agent
Hope’s 100% Pure Tung OilNatural wood finisher and sealer


Can you stain ash to look like a walnut?

Yes, you can do so! By applying a Minwax wood stain, the effect will be penetrating enough for waterproofing the wood. This will glare a dark walnut texture on the ash wood.

What stain looks good on ash wood?

There are many products that you can use for ash wood. Any oil-based gel stain is a good application idea. Any stain that makes the wood hard and resistant is the best one.

Does ash wood stain well?

Yes, the ash does a good job in terms of the staining process. The ability to accept any color or stain makes the surface stronger and smooth. Any stain can spread evenly over the grainy texture.


I believe I have done a favorable job by designing an insightful article. The best dark walnut stain on ash wood is there for you to have!

Hope you do well with your DIY projects.

By wishing you all the best, I am signing off!