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Dryer Leaking Water on the Floor [5 Reasons & Solutions]

It’s normal to panic when you see water on your floor because your dryer is leaking. However, you’ve to look for the causes behind the issue.

Because if you don’t fix the problem soon, you might end up damaging the dryer more. 

Why exactly is your dryer leaking water on the floor?

Firstly, dryers can leak water if the vent line isn’t insulated properly. Then the blocked exhaust system is another cause behind the leak. Also, a faulty water collection system can be blamed too. Next, a damaged vent can equally contribute to the problem. Lastly, your dryer will leak water if the flapper of the vent pipe is damaged. 

To fix the dryer, you’ll need to know more. That’s why we’ve explained each cause with their respective fix.

Why Is My Dryer Leaking Water

Dryer Leaking Water on the Floor [5 Reasons & Solutions] 1

Now, water leaking from the dryer is a pretty common problem in most households. It happens because of a few reasons. 

But there’s a solution for every problem. So, what are the causes behind the leak, and how to fix them? 

Your Dryer Isn’t Insulated Correctly 

If the weather is cold and your dryer is leaking, this might be the reason why.

Because you see, your dryer blows warm air outside. And it must be insulated properly to avoid contact with the outside cold temperature. 

When the hot air reaches the cold pipe, it’ll condense into water. This is why you’re seeing water dripping on your floor. 


Now, the fix isn’t that tricky. You have to turn off your dryer first. Then inspect the vent pipe to see whether it’s insulated properly or not. 

If not, insulate the vent pipe of the dryer along with its entire length. While insulating the pipe, use high-quality foiled duct tape. This type of tape is also used for insulating an aluminum patio roof

Insulating the vent pipe properly will prevent the hot air from blowing outside. Thus, you won’t see the dryer leaking water anymore! 

Your Dryer’s Exhaust System Is Blocked

Dryer Leaking Water on the Floor [5 Reasons & Solutions] 2

To prevent overheating, the dryer expels warm air from the drum. This way it can maintain a continual operating temperature for drying clothes. 

This warm air in the drum is released through the dryer’s vent collar. After going through the collar, it reaches your dryer’s external vent. This vent then releases it outside. 

How does it cause water leakage? 

The air carries moisture and lint. These stay in your dryer’s exhaust system while it’s running. This makes the moisture and lint turn into a mushy paste in the system’s ducting. 

Not cleaning the exhaust vent will make the paste block the airflow. Furthermore, with time the blockage will become bigger. Hence, you’ll see the water your dryer can’t expel leaking from it. 


To fix this situation, firstly stop the dryer. Then you can clean the dryer yourself or hire a professional.

Grab a brush to remove lint and paste from the exhaust vent. Cleaning your vents with the brush will immediately solve the issue. And you’ll be able to use your dryer without water leaking from it.

From now on, remember to clean the exhaust system once or twice a year. Otherwise, the dryer will start getting ineffective. 

Your Water Collection System Isn’t Working 

A condensation water collection system is found in some dryers. The system is used for pumping away the water. 

The water collection system has a little hole in its condenser. This is where the water basically drains into. Then the water flows into a little container. Lastly, it gets pumped into the collection system. 

You’ll only see water leaking on your floor if the system malfunctions and leaks. Because the water was pumped into it. 


Solving this issue can be a little harder than the other two. 

Nonetheless, firstly, you’ll need to discard your condensate pump. After that, start cleaning all of the hoses. While doing so, you’ll have to use a brush. 

You can’t use the same brush used for painting eggshell on satin. Instead, you’ll need a bottle brush with strong bristles. 

To help you, we tried mentioning some good-quality brushes and brush kits:

Product 1
Product 2

Use the brush properly to clean all the hoses. Then inspect the level switch by checking the pressure level sensors to know if it’s working. 

Make sure that there’s no crack in your condensate tank. Lastly, confirm that your machine is level and the condenser is also cleaned. 

If the water collection system still doesn’t work, call an expert immediately. 

Your Dryer Vent Pipe Is Damaged

As you know the vent pipe plays an important role in condensation and water flow. 

If the pipe gets cracked, you’ll find water leaking from the dryer. To know whether this is the issue, you have to check the vent pipe.


The only thing you can do is call a professional. Because fixing the cracks yourself can damage the dryer even more. Plus you can even hurt yourself while doing so. 

Your Flapper on the Vent Pipe Is Damaged 

Flapper might not be present for every dryer. But some dryers do have them. 

They’re placed on the outside end of your vent pipe. This part of the dryer helps to expel the hot air. 

Thus, the flapper should be handled really carefully. For example, it should only be open when you’re using your dryer. Because during this time, you’ll see the hot air coming out from the dryer. 

To expel it you’ll have to open the flapper. Other than that, it should always be shut properly. 

Because a flapper that isn’t securely closed can let in rainwater, snow, and frost from outdoors. This causes water to leak near your dryer.


To know if this is the cause, you’ll need to check your flapper. Inspect whether or not it opens and closes correctly. 

Even if it works properly, you must have kept it open after using the dryer. To fix the issue, remember when to close and open the flapper. 

Lastly, if it doesn’t close or open properly, you’ll have to replace it. Thus, call a professional to help you out on this matter. Because it’s not as easy as weatherproofing your dog door.


Question: Why is the dryer leaking water from underneath?

Answer: Well, this can happen due to the exhaust system being blocked or clogged. Then not insulating the dryer properly can also cause the issue. These two will result in water dripping from the external vent of your dryer. Hence, you’ll see the water underneath the dryer.

Question: Can I leave my dryer outside?

Answer: It’s possible to store your dryer outdoors. Plus using it outside will help you drain the used soapy water easily. But you have to make sure the electrical cords are all protected. Because water can damage the dryer. 

Question: Can incorrect vent configuration cause a dryer to leak water?

Answer: Yes, it can. For example, your dryer’s exhaust system ducting should be straight and horizontal. Because lots of turns and bends are responsible for collecting more moisture and lint. Hence, the exhaust system will get clogged quickly and the dryer will start leaking water. 


That’s everything we had regarding your dryer leaking water on the floor. We hope the issue is crystal clear to you now. 

Contact a professional, if the problem doesn’t go away after troubleshooting.

Good luck with fixing the problem!