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The 7 Best Types Of Glue For Balsa Wood Models [For Strong And Everlasting Bond!]

Working with balsa wood means something will just craft out. This means you will be a happy man when the wood is shaped decoratively. You can impress your friends and family by applying the right woodworking solution.

For that, identifying the best glue for balsa wood models is essential.

7 different types of glue adhesives can work for balsa wood. The cyanoacrylate or polyvinyl acetate contents can be a good choice to ensure strong bonding. Polyurethane mixtures can also not be avoided for an everlasting compound. Any concrete mix solutions can be handy as well.

By featuring the different types of glue separately, a proper suggestion can be provided. I have a feeling you will like it after reading through the entire article.

Without stretching further, let’s begin!

Bonding Balsa Wood Models

The balsa wood comes from the balsa trees. These are popularly used for crafting modeled products. The woods that are used to make rafts or surfboards can be shaped and customized.

Chances are, you are experimenting with your stuff to feature some unique looks. In this aspect, for bonding purposes, the right kind of glue is required. This can also assist you in joining any balsa wood that is broken.

Finding the best glue for balsa wood models is not a tough job. Here I am listing 7 different options that you can have. This is to ensure a perfect bonding that lasts long.

CA Glue

The CA Glue products are glues that contain cyanoacrylate. This is a type of glue that registers one of the strongest bonding adhesives. It can be used to join or bond any type of wood including balsa.

The best glue for wood models makes things durable that are hard to break. The cyanoacrylate glue ensures such features. The glue nicely compliments any cementing drywall materials that can be used with balsa wood.

In any scenario, you can use any type of wood to join with balsa wood. Let’s say you have a broken surfboard, you can use any wood to join the surfboard. This may serve the purpose of being a bridge that connects any gap in the wood.

You can use some to stick on top or perhaps at the bottom. A perfect reshaping is done here! By using any CA Glue, you will make a strong bonding. The bonding would last forever.

Products such as Glue Masters CA Super Glue or Kraken Bond CA Glue are excellent! These items can easily assist you in ensuring lifelong balsa wood bonding.

Gorilla Glue

Gorilla glue is a very popular glue. Different types of gorilla glue products are used for different purposes. Some for plastic or some for metal surfaces.

In this aspect, you can use the most suitable Gorilla Glue for balsa wood products. This is to ensure good bonding that satisfies your needs.

In a general sense, you can ask which features of gorilla glue ensure a long-lasting bond.

The Gorilla Glue is a very fluid or water-based solution that can last a lifetime. The diphenylmethane contents of the glue account for a sharper joint between woods. As it does not dry fast, the fluid contents prevent any dirt or fungal formation. This glue is also good for filling cracks.

The particular 18-ounce Gorilla Waterproof Wood Glue can easily come to your assistance. Or perhaps you need the 1 Gallon Gorilla Wood Glue. Any of these can work for you depending on the purpose.

Elmer’s Wood Glue

It is most commonly suggested that you use Elmer’s wood glue for balsa woods. The best way to glue balsa wood together is to use Elmer’s wood glue. The waterproof, easy-to-clean Elmer’s glue is heat resistant.

Sanding or painting over the glue’s joint is easy and smooth. You can certainly provide perfect finishing to your balsa woodwork.

Elmer’s glue possesses the features of preventing the production of toxic fumes. Or the chemical smell that can be due to strong bonding adhesive. It will not make the usual scene of bleach smell when cleaned with chemicals.

A product such as Elmer’s E7310 Wood Glue can easily cater to your woodworking needs. The product is inexpensive compared to other types of glues.


The chemical compound epoxy is a very popular one. Epoxy is more commonly used in industrial settings for joining big wooden textures. However, it can also be used with balsa wood products.

Epoxy can be served for being the best glue for wood model airplanes. Such items are made using balsa wood. In case they break, the epoxy solution can easily be applied.

A product such as Bigbong Epoxy Adhesive can be purchased to suit your needs. This will further enable you to sand the wood accordingly!

There are many benefits to using Epoxy chemical bonding compounds. It has a good environmental resistance alongside the ability to go deep into the void filling.

No matter how hard you try, you won’t just be able to break an Epoxy bonding.

Tekbond PVA Wood Glue

The Tekbond PVA Wood Glue is a highly ranked product that can be used. With some proper balsa wood gluing techniques, the Tekbond can be your best friend.

The Polyvinyl Acetate contents of the glue make the mixture dry fast. This means the bonding can be ensured faster. This is going to save you a lot of time. 

The Tekbond PVA Wood Glue can easily be purchased at a lower cost. This is going to give your crafting project a naturally acclaimed good look.

Titebond Ultimate Wood Glue

A very new waterproof bonding adhesive is the Titebond product. Just like the Tekbond, it also has polyvinyl acetate contents. This features a lot of similar functions as the Tekbond.

Titebond is considered the best glue for basswood. However, it has been reviewed to be doing well with balsa wood as well. 

The content is heat resistant and waterproof. The Titebond is most commonly used for industrial or commercial purposes. It has become the number choice for woodwork bonding in recent years.

The Titebond 3 Ultimate Wood Glue product is inexpensive. This can help you with your balsa wood joining projects.

Polyurethane Wood Adhesive

Polyurethane is a synthetic resin that can be used as an adhesive. This is to join any wooden products including balsa wood. Polyurethane foaming would make any woodwork more durable. 

By using the best tools for cutting balsa wood, you can apply polyurethane mixtures effectively. This will idealize your attempts at curving and reshaping any balsa wood models. 

The polyurethane finishes in woodwork are everlasting and very elegant looking. It will give you good support in your balsa woodworking adventures.

It is important to note that certain Gorilla Glue products have Polyurethane. Other products such as Franklin Polyurethane Glue can support your projects that need proper joining.

How Concrete Adhesive Mix Make A Perfect Bonding

A concrete adhesive mix for holding and attaching balsa wood is a unique idea. The idea is not popular because it is restricted among professionals. However, as a DIY practitioner, you can do it as well.

Consider knowing how to make the strongest balsa wood bridge. The bridge is made to join two balsa wood components together. Although any glue suggested here can do the job, a concrete mix would work the best!

Here are some benefits of using cement as an adhesive mixture:

  • It provides a versatile solution with the ability to introduce any metal or plastic components into the woods.
  • Sanding and painting are easy with an output that looks modern and beautiful.
  • Can easily fill gaps, holes, and cracks with an assurance of durability.
  • Easy use of another type of wood to join with balsa wood for home decoration or furniture crafting.

A good quality product in the name of HH-66 Vinyl Cement can be used efficiently. This is to craft and shape any of your woodworking projects.


Can you use PVA glue on balsa wood?

In the most absolute terms, yes you can use PVA glue on Balsa Wood. The PVA glue is a more common choice for any professional carpenters. This is the reason why PVA glue can work for you as well.

Can I use hot glue on balsa wood?

Hot glue is a good option as long as the balsa wood pieces are thin. If the balsa wood pieces are not small enough, hot glue won’t work. You have to use the suggested glue brands outlined here.

What glue works best with basswood?

Any of the Gorilla or Titebond glue features in this article can work for basswood. Any waterproof glue can work best with basswood. 


Finding the best glue for balsa wood models has not been a tough job. Simply choose one of the seven suggested glue and see how it works for you.

By wishing you all the best, I am signing off!