Duct Board vs Sheet Metal: Which One is Better?

duct board vs sheet metal

Ductwork is pretty important for your HVAC system. That’s why it’s essential you pick the right ducting product. Otherwise, you might regret your decision afterward. So, what are the main differences between duct board vs sheet metal?Firstly, sheet metal has more strength and longevity than duct board. Then the airflow properties of sheet metal are much … Read more

Covering Asbestos Siding with Stucco: A Complete Guide

covering asbestos siding with stucco

Are you thinking about covering the old asbestos siding of your house? It might seem like a very difficult task. As you may not have any previous experience regarding this. Wondering how you can complete the task of covering asbestos siding with stucco?The first thing you should do is checking the condition of your existing siding. … Read more

How to Find Studs Behind Aluminum Siding

how to find studs behind aluminum siding

Got a stud finder to start locating those studs behind aluminum siding? It’s not as simple as it seems. The outside wall is significantly thicker than the inside wall. Also, layers of wire mesh, insulation, and vapor barrier make it difficult for the sensor to work.The question is, how to find studs behind aluminum siding?Weather … Read more

Fiberglass Duct Board vs Sheet Metal: Who Beats Who?

fiberglass duct board vs sheet metal

Selecting the best material for your HVAC unit is quite crucial. Because a wrong decision might require you to remove the whole unit. Most people end up confused with the last two possible options: fiberglass duct board vs sheet metal. Without a proper head-to-head comparison, it’s quite tough to declare the best one.Sheet metal is quite … Read more

Which Thinset For 12×24 Porcelain Tile [Explained]

thinset for 12x24 porcelain tile

Deciding between an adhesive for your new tile can be a real headache! But if you’re already leaning towards installing porcelain tile with thinset. Then, you’re off to a good start. Thinking about which thinset for 12×24 porcelain tile?For this, firstly you’ve to pick a color that best suits your needs. After that, you can decide … Read more

Can You Use A Junction Box to Extend Wiring?

can you use a junction box to extend wiring

We know how exciting it is to install a new fixture. But it turns out you’re short on wires. We understand the chaos it can cause. Don’t worry, ‘cause we’ve got the answer to your question!Can you use a junction box to extend wiring?Yes. You can definitely use a junction box to extend your wiring. … Read more

How to Insulate Ductwork in the Basement? [+Tips]

how to insulate ductwork in basement

Uninsulated ductwork can be a hidden burden on your shoulder. It makes your utility bill sky-high. At the same time, it creates an uncomfortable environment in your basement. Insulating the ductwork will probably put an end to all your struggles.How to insulate ductwork in the basement?First, you need to grab the right gears and material for … Read more

No Sheathing Under Siding: Here’s What You Need to Know!

no sheathing under siding

Most homeowners spent ages in their house without even knowing about the sheathing. It is completely okay if you were not aware that there’s no sheathing under siding until you removed it. Sheathing works as a case or cover, structural support, insulator, and more. Missing sheathing is not any structural defect. It’s possible that it was … Read more