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Hot Tub Clicks But Won’t Turn On: A Complete Solution Guide

Hot tubs are indeed relaxing and comforting. Yet they can give you a hard time if not working properly. 

Thinking about what to do when your hot tub clicks but won’t turn on?  

First, identify the root of the problem.  It can be an issue with your outlet or the gadget itself. After detecting the problem, follow the three possible solutions we’ve given. It includes checking the wires and pipes. Lastly, you’ve to reset the GFCI breaker. 

That was just the beginning. Gradually, we’ll dive deep into this matter. Stick with us till the end. This read will definitely be worth your time.

Identifying The Problem When Hot Tub Is Clicking

If you want to troubleshoot a gadget, the first step should be detecting the problem. 

Begin it by testing the voltage of the receptacle. You can use a multimeter for this purpose. Normally a hot tub requires either 110-120V or 220V. The required voltage depends on the tub’s power. 

If your receptacle fails to provide that voltage, your tub might click but not work. And if the required voltage is provided then your gadget is problematic. So, you’ll need to work on that. 

In case you don’t have a multimeter in your house. We would suggest you get one. To make it easier for you, we’ve added our best picks here- 

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We’ve added a more specific problem-wise solution for you in the next part. Now, let’s get in there-

Solution Guide To Fixing Hot Tub Clicking Problem

As we already know, there are two root causes. One is the problematic board, another is problems within the device. Either way, you need to resolve the issue. So, let’s start-

Checking If The Plugs And Wires Are Okay

Firstly, we’ll start with the plugs and wire. Check if your connection plugs and wires are in the right place or not. Try replugging and recheck. There’s a high chance of it not working if the wire is spiraled or twisted. 

If the plug and connection wire has dust on it, it might have a problem functioning. So, try to clean the plugs with a soft piece of cloth. Then try again. 

Also, ensure that you’re using the right wire or not. Some wires work fine with lights only. Whereas others are perfect for high voltage appliances. 

Wires obviously play an important role to ensure the gadget is working properly. So, making sure your wires are in good condition is necessary. Moreover, wires might need some replacement over time. Keep that in mind too while you’re planning to troubleshoot.

These methods might not solve your problem. But it’s better to start with checking the hardware before taking a drastic decision. We can try other ways mentioned below if this step fails to solve the problem.

Checking Whether Hose And Pipes Are Working

Now we need to check the pipes and hoses. If you have a damaged pipe, it can cause problems for the hot tub while working. Or might even turn it off. 

If your pipe is damaged, it can’t disburse the water. Moreover, contact between water and electricity can result in an accident. So, take a look at your pipes and if needed consult an expert for repairing.

Afterward, check the hose that’s coming from the switch. It turns the jet onto the top of the motor. You should make sure it’s hooked up properly by putting it back into its place.

Repairing The GFCI Circuit Breaker

If your hose or pipes are in good condition. Look into your outlets and circuits. At times one bad outlet can ruin other devices too. So, inspecting the whole circuit will be wise. 

The reason behind your hot tub not working can be the GFCI issue. Normally, outlets should have GFCI and a reset button on it. If not that, at least it’ll have a GFCI breaker.  Which might need to be fixed. 

The circuit breaker is usually around the outlet. It can be found within 6 feet around the outlet according to the National Electric Code. So, just press the red button on it with force. Finally, you’ve reset the breaker.

Working On The Receptacle 

Your power source or receptacle might even fail to provide the required current. Thus, the tub will stop working. So, you need to make sure it’s getting the required voltage power. 

This solution requires expertise in electrical work. Problems like hot tub not working or heater giving off cold air involve working with electricity. So the risk is higher. 

 Make sure you put on rubber gloves and shoes while checking the power source. And don’t take any steps without being sure about that. Call a professional to work on this.

That’s all pal. You can now start your hot tub for a relaxing soak!


Question: How do I reset my hot tub control panel?
Answer: The easiest way to reset the hot tub control panel is to turn it off. Then give it at least 10-20 seconds of resting time. Now try turning it on again and check. If it still shows the error sign then you might need to consult an expert. 

Question: How do I know if my hot tub has an airlock?
Answer: Check if the jet works when powered on. If not then it means your hot tub has an airlock. So, if nothing comes out of your jets even humming sounds that means your hot tub has an airlock. 

Question: Does hot tub heat up faster with jets on?
Answer: Yes, the hot tub heats up faster with jets on. It happens because the jet blows the hot water more efficiently. It also breaks up the cold pockets lying inside the pipes. 

Bottom Lines 

We’re finally done troubleshooting the hot tub problems. Now you can easily solve problems when your hot tub clicks but won’t turn on

Hopefully, this read will come to your help. Best of luck with your troubleshooting.