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Kenmore Refrigerator Size by Model Number: Full Guideline

Overloading the Kenmore refrigerator can be a severe problem. To avoid that, you must know the size of the refrigerator. The size can be found in the fridge model number.

How to get Kenmore refrigerator size by model number?

There are some steps to find Kenmore refrigerator size by model number. First, find out the model number of the fridge. Use this number to find the dimensions of the refrigerator. These data are available on relevant websites. Finally, the measurements are to be multiplied. The result will be the final size.

To find the size of the Kenmore refrigerator accurately, you must know the entire procedure. Below I will guide you through the complete process. Please, keep reading for that!

What Is Kenmore Refrigerator Size? 

Kenmore refrigerator size means the inside space of the refrigerator. From this measurement, you can find out the volume of food that can be stored. The volume is measured in inches, like measuring threads of nuts & bolts.

Then this measurement is converted into cubic feet. The accurate formula to get the volume is:

Volume= Length×Width×Depth

So you have to find the length, breadth, and depth of the Kenmore refrigerator. Then multiply them. To find the value in cubic feet, divide the Volume by 1728. Many people prefer the volume in cubic feet rather than in cubic inches.

Besides the manual process, you can find out the size of the refrigerator from its model number. This information can be hard to find for older models. But by taking a systematic approach, you can sort out this issue. 

Below I will discuss the methods elaborately.

How to Check Kenmore Refrigerator Model Number? 

To find the size of your Kenmore refrigerator, you must know the model number. The model number usually consists of three digits at the prefix. Then after a complete stop, the rest of the number is printed.

You can find this number mainly in two ways. Let me show you these ways for your convenience. 

From The Warranty Card 

The easiest way to find the Kenmore refrigerator model number is from its warranty card. The warranty card often consists of the model number. This number is used to find the size of various appliances like the dishwasher size.

The warranty card is given while buying the Kenmore refrigerator. The seller writes the model number there while making the bill. You might find the model number in the cash receipt too.

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From the Refrigerator 

If you have lost the warranty card and the cash receipt, don’t get all worked up. I know the required method is for you! You can also find the model number from the refrigerator body. But for that, you have to look at the accurate part of the body.

There are two labels on the refrigerator that have the model number. The first one is situated at the lower left of the refrigerator’s exterior. Look at the frontal part to find this label. The other label is attached to the refrigerator. 

Simply open the refrigerator to find the model number. The number is located near the top shelf. Check on the sidewall of the top shelf. You will indeed find the model number there!

By following these methods, you can find the model number of your refrigerator. There are some precise steps to know about the size from the model number. Below I will discuss these steps.

How to Find Kenmore Refrigerator Size by Model Number?

A right-sized refrigerator is necessary for any basic interior design of the house. Below I will provide you with a three-step guideline for this purpose. Follow this guideline to find the size of your refrigerator successfully. 

Identify the Model Number 

The first step is to find the model number. Above I have mentioned the ways of finding this number. You must be careful while finding this number because a wrong model number will not give any results. 

Sometimes the wrong model number can also give the dimensions of another refrigerator. This will cause miscalculations. Any decision based on this miscalculation will be wrong and can cause hassles.

Search in the Website 

The next step is to search for your refrigerator on the internet. Several internet sites provide this data. You can also look at the website of Kenmore refrigerator. Be sure that you don’t make a typing error while searching.

The model numbers of different refrigerators are very close to each other. After searching, you will have to choose the accurate refrigerator from the list. Then you will find three dimensions based on your refrigerator. 

The three dimensions are the refrigerator’s height, width, and depth. We will use these dimensions to find the overall size of the refrigerator.

Multiply The Dimensions 

Once you have gathered the necessary refrigerator dimensions, we will start the calculation. The calculation process is straightforward. I have discussed it in the previous sections. You only have to multiply the three dimensions to get the volume.

The result will come out in cubic inches. If you need the size in cubic feet, divide the cubic inches by 1728. And the process is completed!

These are the steps for finding the Kenmore refrigerator size from its model number. Issues like the Kenmore refrigerator not properly cooling require the correct size for fixation. So you have to be very cautious while finding the size of the fridge. 

Example of Finding Size by Model Number 

To make your work easier, I’ll show an example of finding the size by model number. You will get rid of all your doubts once you see this example. 

Suppose we need to find the size of the Kenmore refrigerator with model number 253.7031921. First, let’s look at the websites for the dimensions.

From the website, the following dimensions are collected:

Height = 69 ⅞ inches, Width = 35 ⅝ inches, Depth = 33 1/16 inches.

Therefore, Volume = Length×Width×Breadth = 69 ⅞×35 ⅝×33 1/16 = 82302.40 cubic inches=47.63 cubic Feet.

Follow this example properly to find your refrigerator size without errors.


Are Whirlpool and Kenmore the same?

No, Whirlpool and Kenmore are not the same. Kenmore is a different company, and it does not belong to Whirlpool. Some Kenmore products are made by Whirlpool but sold under Kenmore tags.

Is Kenmore still a good brand?

Yes, Kenmore is still a good brand. Kenmore is an old brand with a history of hundred years. Kenmore is famous for its electrical appliances. Kenmore products come with good specifications at a reasonable price.

Who makes Kenmore appliances now?

Many other factories make Kenmore appliances. The Kenmore ovens and cooktops come from the Frigidaire factory. Washers and dryers come from Whirlpool. LG and other brands also make Kenmore products.


I hope you understand your query: Kenmore refrigerator size by model number. 

Contact the customer care of Kenmore if you are having difficulties in the process. They will help you to find the size easily in a short time.

Best of luck! Have a great day!