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Replaced Moen 1222 Cartridge Still Leaks [Reasons & Solutions]

Got yourself a Moen 1222 Cartridge and it was leaking?

You must have replaced it only to see it leaking again.

Now isn’t that a frustrating issue?

Chances are, it could be faulty. 

Why does your replaced Moen 1222 cartridge still leak? 

The Moen 1222 cartridge could be defective. The faucet might be brassy, or the seal of the faucet might be damaged. The o-ring might be fractured too. 

Getting frustrated over this and not doing anything is not a solution. We’ve written in detail about what you can do if the Moen 1222 Cartridge leaks. Read along! 

Why Is Replaced Moen 1222 Cartridge Leaking

Your replaced Moen 1222 Cartridge could be leaking again for several reasons. We can name a few very common ones- 

Faulty Cartridge 

First of all, it can be a possibility that the reinstalled Moen 1222 Cartridge is faulty too. This might cause the leak. 

Corrosive Brass Body

Calcium and other minerals in the water are responsible for making it corrosive. Water can chip away at flaws in the brass body of the faucet over time. 

Brass may wear away at little bumps and soft areas. This enables the formation of rivulets in the brass. It’s ideal to use abrasive cleaners to wash the body. 

Damaged Seal 

A ceramic, brass, or rubber seat may be installed in the faucet to seal the cartridge hole. Using the seal can get damaged to the point that allows water to leak.

Fractured O-ring

It’s also possible that the O-ring will fracture and produce a leak. It’s best if you replace the elements inside the faucet alongside for the o-ring to seal correctly.

Solution for Moen 1222 Cartridge Leaking Again

As stated before, if the Moen 1222 cartridge leaks, replace all the elements as needed. The good thing is Moen gives a lifetime guarantee. If you contact them, they’ll send you a free replacement. 

Now, let’s get into the step-by-step process of replacing the Moen 1222 cartridge- 

Step 1: Take the Necessary Precaution 

Closing the handle firmly might add to the problem. That way the valve may be harmed in the process.

You can put any cloth underneath the tub or faucet to avoid damage to the floor. This will help collect any small parts that may fall during the process.

It’s ideal for turning off the water supply before turning on the shower valve. Make sure your main shut-off valve is turned off the water

Step 2: Unscrew the Escutcheon Plate

Pull the rubber cover off the top of the control valve with a Phillips screwdriver. Then release the screw in the knob’s center. Unscrew and discard the two screws that attach the escutcheon plate to the wall.

If required, gently pry it open with a flat-bladed screwdriver. Keep hold not to scrape the surface.

Remember to match the screwdriver with the screws. To do that you can select a screwdriver from below- 

Product 1
Product 2

Step 3: Remove the Cartridge Clip

Using pliers, remove the U-shaped cartridge retaining clip from the valve body. Remove the little spacer washer from the shaft with the retainer clip and set it aside.

Lift the stop tube straight out of the cartridge and slide it off.

Step 4: Remove the Cartridge 

The replacement cartridge should come with a white plastic nut-like tool. Slip this plastic nut tool over the shaft and into the cartridge to secure it. Then, using pliers, move it back and forth to separate the cartridge from the valve body. 

Loosen the nut, grab the cartridge’s stem with pliers and yank it directly out of the valve body.

Step 5: Place the New Cartridge

Push it directly into the valve body until the new replacement cartridge seats. Insert the plastic nut tool into the cartridge. Then align the cartridge’s ears with the valve body’s top and bottom edges.

Snap the U-shaped retention clip back into place on the valve body. The cartridge is not placed correctly in the valve body if the retention clip does not click into place properly. Adjust it with the plastic nut tool.

Step 6: Restart the Water Supply

Now restart the water supply. Install the faucet knob on the shaft for the time being. Turn on the hot water and ensure that you get hot water at the faucet. The water may take some time to heat up, so keep an eye on it.

If the water does not heat up, re-adjust the cartridge with the plastic nut tool.

Step 7: Finishing of Replacement

Reinstall the tiny spacer washer on the shaft. Reattach the stop tube to the valve body. Now, replace the escutcheon plate and tighten the two screws clockwise until it is secure. 

Replace the plastic knob, screw it in place, and conceal the screw with the cover plate. 

Before you replace the valve, clean it with sandpaper lightly on the inside of the valve body. That way, you’re ensuring you’re not placing a faulty valve. 

Well, now you know how you can fix this issue. You may face such problems with Moen as well as Glacier. Knowing how to fix it will help you in this case.


Is there a difference between Moen 1222 and 1222B?

There is no difference between the Moen 1222 and the Moen 1222B replacement cartridges. The only variation is in the packaging and model number.

How does my shower head keep leaking?

A leaking shower is almost often the result of a problem with the faucet stem and/or valve cartridge.

How does a Moen 1222 work?

The 1222 cartridge does not include a volume control. Turn the handle counterclockwise to open the water flow and reach your chosen temperature.