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Pinhole Leak In Water Pressure Tank [How To Fix It]

A constant level of water pressure requires a pressure tank. But a leaking pressure tank might be an issue.

Because it certainly means that there won’t be the consistency that you would want. 

How to fix a pinhole leak in a water pressure tank?

First, identify the pinhole leak. It may appear smaller on the outer surface. But it damages a large area on the inside of the tank. You can weld the pinhole leak with sealant. Or use a ‘tee’ screw and resin to fix the pinhole leaks temporarily.

This was a quick sneak peek of the entire topic. If you want to fix the pinhole leaks, you have to know more.

Rather than wasting our time, why not dive into the details?!

Why Do Pinhole Leaks Appear In A Water Pressure Tank

Pinhole Leak In Water Pressure Tank [How To Fix It] 1

Pinhole, the word itself, defines the leak as small and often tough to identify. They usually appear on the surface of your pressure tanks and expansion tanks. Mainly on the body of old and rusty tanks. 

The main reason for this leaking is the rust on the vessel body of the tank. This rust spreads with time and damages the tank.

Pinholes may appear small on the outer surface. But it indicates hidden considerable damage on the inner surface. It can result in reduced and unstable water pressure.

Is it Possible to Permanently Fix the Pinhole Leaks in Water Pressure Tank?

Pinhole Leak In Water Pressure Tank [How To Fix It] 2

The answer is no; you can’t permanently repair a pinhole leak. All the fixing method works temporarily to seal the pressure tank.

Because the pinholes indicate rust in the inner surface, this just keeps spreading until it thoroughly damages the tank body. It is mandatory to replace the water pressure tank as soon as possible.

But temporary fixing is necessary to save water and your pressure pump. A leaking tank can make the pump run continuously. This reduces the energy of the pump, and it wears out, resulting in a waterlogged pressure tank

Temporary fixing of the pressure tank can work for 2-3 months. This will give you ample time to replace the old tank with a new one.

How to Fix a Pinhole Leak in a Water Pressure Tank: 3 Simple Methods

Pinhole Leak In Water Pressure Tank [How To Fix It] 3

Before replacing your leaking water pressure tank, you have to seal it. There are several methods to do this process. 

Before applying any of these methods, turn off the valves of your main water supply. Empty the pressure tank before fixing it.

You can follow any of these methods to quickly fix the leaks temporarily.

Method 1: Use ‘Tee’ Screw to Seal the Hole

A tee screw is a short lag-type threaded screw. It comes with a neoprene washer. Tee screws are usually around ¾’’-⅛’’ long.

Put the washer inside the screw and place it on the pinhole leak. Tighten the bolt of the tee screw to secure its position. The washer will sit on the surface of the tank immediately. The tank will stop leaking.

We have a list of industrial-grade tee screws for you:

Product 1
Product 2

These tee screws are long-lasting and durable. They come with neoprene washers, so you don’t have to buy them separately. 

Method 2: Apply Resin to the Pinhole Leaks

Resin is a highly viscous material that hardens as it dries. You can use an epoxy resin mixture to temporarily stop water leaking from the holes. Make sure the resin is non-toxic.

Remember, you need to apply the resin to an empty tank. Because polish does not get firm in wet areas, epoxy resin might take a long time to dry. You must keep the water connection off as long as the tank doesn’t dry up.

Then you must apply a small amount of resin to the leak and let it dry. It’ll work as a seal after it fully dries.

Method 3: Use Sealant to Prevent Leaking

You can use waterproof sealant caulk to seal the pinhole leaks. Make sure the sealant material is non-toxic and waterproof before you buy it. 

Before applying the sealant patch, use a hammer and knock lightly on the pinhole. If the corrosion has spread in a large area, the affected area will break. A more giant hole will appear on the surface.

Now, take the sealant, fill the hole with it, and wait for it to dry. This will make your pressure tank work for another 1-2 months. 

You can use both grout or silicone sealants of your choice. We suggest you choose silicon sealant over the grout for this job, as silicone sealants can stand under more pressure.

That’s all about how you can fix the pinholes in pressure tanks. Don’t forget all of these are temporary methods. No matter your choice, you must replace the leaking pressure tank.


How long does a water pressure tank last?

A water pressure tank can last up to 15-18 years. Maintaining the proper maintenance of a tank is the key to its long life. 

How to know if the water pressure tank is damaged?

First, look for visible damages. If you see corrosion on the body, you have to change it. Check for leaky tanks, weak pressure pumps, and low water pressure. These all are indicators of a bad water pressure tank. Take professional help if you notice these signs.

How much does it cost to replace a  water pressure tank?

A good quality water pressure tank can cost around $1,000 – $1,500. If you buy it with a pressure pump, it’ll cost you about $2,400 with the service charge.


Now you know how to deal with a pinhole leak in a water pressure tank. We hope the information was helpful for you.

Meanwhile, remember to replace your water pressure tank because none of these solutions is permanent.  

Good luck! Have a great day ahead!